cloudy, showers, 70s
and abt svc's "small" install, a
memoir of circuitry, the (flea circus) diagram misplaced
(shadows of some remain, or pencil may), and
here we are, heathkit leavings of
abandoned industry - errant wires, spoors, an
intimidation of ungrounded trails and lost accounts,
rot, wireworks, waterworks plumb
"where she maintained her gardens
(plural)" there's
not avoirdupois art (to have weight, habere the right weight=poise) but
s.t. like Mondrian, I don't want pictures I just want to find things out.

findings & leavings.

fuzzy architecture.
it's said that gardens structure want (in winter most) -
plinth here, folly there, path a knot a room,
the joints of speech, an and and but, as and yet.
and flesh.
but here it's winter all
ways most proper tide.
here we scarify our grounds,
sparse plant in unglazed cold frames,
'vite mutabilitie in and leave off.

maintenance slight.

wait, allow (leave

this isn't cagework nor
hortus conclusus (intact virginity!) but
a lost eden? where ruin wasn't known as such.

ca 94