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This page will eventually introduce (and index) my asfaltics tumblr posts, that began on 9 April 2011 and — as of 25 March 2018 — total 1,790, not counting several made private, and other posts on subsidiary tumblrs, including shedone (69 posts) and jama262468 (207 posts).

The laborious process sometimes stalls. I am now at :
0729 / streaks and marks (10 March 2014)

In the manner of boring a tunnel from both sides of a mountain, I have also begun to archive posts from most recent, back :
1597 / of which the subject is usually not aware (9 October 2016), through
1543 / foreign material (23 July 2016).

(It remains to be seen if the numbers align when both sides meet.)

I undertook this HTML backup for several reasons —

  1. so that I can more easily bring my haphazard tagging into some consistency;
  2. thereby facilitating development of an index;
  3. to guard against the day that tumblr (or asfaltics) suddenly vanishes; and
  4. to facilitate production of a printed version of asfaltics (this is no longer an ambition).

As I labor through these older — two and three four and five years old — posts, I see changes in my formatting, provision of "metadata" (e.g., whose copy of a Google Books scan), and the nature/content of my posts. Maybe it's becoming more poetic?.

I have been making small adjustments — updating links, adding and subtracting tags, &c. — to the HTML archive (but not to the tumblr blog). I have been adding dates (sometimes approximate) of original postings in the more recent backups, and will go back to do the same in older ones.

3 April 2018