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Patent No. 165,530, July 13, 1875     H. R. Bellamy, Pavement

U.S. patents

A few early asphalt patents include

77,565 (May 5, 1868)
Charles P. Alsing, "Improved Asphalt Pavement"

97,983 (October 14, 1869)
Julius Edmund Dotch, "Improved Concrete for Paving and Other Purposes"

103,581 (May 31, 1870)
Edward Joseph de Smedt, "Improvement in Laying Asphalt or Concrete Pavements or Roads"
See a "Famous Belgian" for more information on this patent and inventor.

106,717 (August 23, 1870)
James O'Friel, "Improvement in Treating Bituminous Substances for Pavements, &c."

165,530 (July 13, 1875)
Henry R. Bellamy, "Pavement"

The UPSPTO "current classification" under which asphalt road surfaces can be found is :
404     Road Structure, Process, or Apparatus
with particular attention to these two subclasses :
404/17     Pavement
404/82     Sequential construction of diverse layers

These and related classifications can be found via "tools to help in searching by patent classification" at www.uspto.gov/patft/index.html.
Search for patents by classification via patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/search-adv.htm.
In the entry field, you would write, for example, CCL/404/17, taking care to specify immediately below that you are searching "1790 to present [entire database]"
Click on the patent number, then (for the earlier patents) click on "view image" to see TIFFs.

Class numbers and titles are at www.uspto.gov/go/classification/selectnumwithtitle.htm