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This page provides overall instructions for using Figure Codes Nos 01 (lard) through 99 (bacon and hams). Moving counterclockwise from upper left, we have

  1. Preface to Figure Codes, emphasizing translation of each 8-figure group using the Vocabulary at end of the book.
  2. No. 01 Figure Code in its entirety, for Combined Steam Lard Quotations (New York to U.K.), allowing for three different quotations (e.g., of Prime, Middle and City grade lards) in one 8-figure code message.
  3. No. 01 Figure Code (U.K. to New York), blank
  4. The Index to Figure Codes 01 through 99. Note annotations and assignments of blank codes.

Page 253, ex C. W. S. Private Cable Code Book
For Messages between America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
Manchester: Co-operative Wholesale Society’s Printing Work. Longsight. 1907
15h x 16w inches; [8]; 1-320.

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Page 253, ex C. W. S. Private Cable Code Book (1907)


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