Harvey's A. B. C. Domestic Code, with Appendix.
1881, this the second edition 1885.

This somewhat dilapidated copy annotated throughout; seems to have been used for bond trading by C J Coffin. 216 155 Gresham House, London E.C.

Phrase language is excessively polite, even literary : That seems to us a pretty STEEP figure / showery, Patience now ceases to be a virtue / lozenge.


5 x 7 7/8 inches; 420 pp.

The appendix pp363- 420 contains additional phrases (presumably not included in 1881 edition), blank code, sterling and dollar figures (the latter using blanks).

Also one tipped in and one loose sheet, the former containing "Code Words for Temporary Use. June 18th 1888," the latter "to be used in cablng to De Friese only"; and three pages listing users of the code, through January 1885.