Telegraphic Cipher compiled by Murray, Vass & Co., Commission Merchants and Dealers in Baling Stuffs and Western Produce,
No. 64, North Commerce Street. Mobile, Alabama
Cincinnati, Ohio: Pounsford & Co. Printers, 1876

4 1/8 x 6 1/2 inches; 54pp (some blank interleaved sheets)

Index (TOC) on unnumbered page 2 :
Index. Articles of merchandise 40; Character and Responsibility 46; Condition of Sales or Purchases 26; Coveyance or Route 28; Day of the Month 12; Despatches 17; Drafts 23; Insurance 25; letters 19; Market—Inquiry 42; Market—Report 42; Miscellaneous 50; Names of Firms, Banks, Individuals, etc. 53; Numbers 4; Offers 30; Orders 30; [Packages ?] 40; Purchases 30; Quantity and qualifications 46; Quotations 5; Remittances 21; Route or Conveyance 28; Sales—Reports, etc. 26-30; Shipments 32; Shipping Orders 32; Stocks 44; Terms 35; Time 35; Traveling [missing] espatches To and From 48

actual page headings differ from Index


Examples are probably the best instructions for use of this (or any) code.


pp 40-41; blank sheet interleaved between these two. Page 40 gives packaging materials; page 41 is for produce (not sure what iron, arrow, lock and pieced ties are).


pp 46-47, aso interleaved (blank side not shown); phrases for quality and qualifications of produce, and character and responsibity of individuals and firms.

The volume contains three penciled additions next to codewords :
Desperate : Send this despatch to — (p18)
Despicable : Show this despatch to — (p18)
Hypatia : Lucy E. Murray Mobile Ala (p54)

and the penciled example facing title page :
Chyle : Your despatch of 18th recd
Dram : to be shipped
Drifting : at yr discretion
Durability : Cheapest route includ Ins[uran]ce

The example is correct.