Peterson International Code, 3rd Edition (New York, 1929) pp 204-05
8 1/4 x 10 3/4 inches; i-xii, 1-760, 1001-1136

Above scan is cropped from full page sizes around all outer and inner margins, but omits no printed matter.

pages 730, 1002.

Several features stand out : (1) the authoritative quality of the phrase selections — notably those under the heading "endorsements" — presumably sourced/extrapolated from a corpus of actual messages (this is admittedly a subjective judgement); (2) the list of endings, unusual in this form, which lends itself to so-called "verbatim" coding where required (what is lost in compressive power is gained in precise phrasing); (3) entries are not numbered (which does not mean the code cannot be used with a condenser), but a second section pp 1001-1136 is numbered for special uses; (4) good alliterative/ruminative potential in the phrase sequences, as seen under heading "end."