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here are reversible derivations of those derivations, in progress.
because of the (imperfect) way I have set up the lines in groups (stanzas?) of five, the ABC order of the phrases comes into view only by scrolling down.
this is an experiment in progress.

468 continuing the dilution still further  
467 from one side to the other  
466 with a tendency, blindness  
465 and then and the and this  
464 water, this hitherto unknown  
463 picture emotions whole  
462 islands, shadows, not necessarily a sign  
461 galvanic currents, osmic vapor  
460 sleeping theory, guesswork excess  
459 a breeze on the skin  
458 eponyms  
457 old age, old truths about  
456 like chalk  
455 of twists or kinks divided  
454 adjustment of the eyes  
453 exceptional instances  
452 quickening, quickening  
451 on the whole  
450 a jumble, anomalies of form  
449 four ways in which, ten questions only  
448 all the ’ologies how  
447 a standard blank  
446 and antecedents, or  
445 minor notes, open air  
444 on the, from the  
443 effusions done  
442 become, the essential points  
441 and of and other matter  
440 from the effects of (it is believed)  
439 of the air unknown  
438 over the edge, aviating again  
437 and nomenclature whether  
436 only windows, with letters  
435 by the side  
434 ventilation  
433 with regard to birds  
432 largely a compilation  
431 moving picture  
430 wells and springs  
429 Metaphysical Healing Home  
428 a tent-house Cosmos from abroad  
427 of the kind now in mind, its special field  
426 and the thousand and one things  
425 a mild current, a hitherto unknown  
424 a new theory of sorrow, more  
423 idiosyncrasy there may be, bluish given, slowed  
422 induration of the heart, the whole heart for a day or two  
421 leaves, these active principles of  
420 whirr, and backward  
419 and in the course of time  
418 somewhat indistinct, at times distinctly purring  
417 art, I can only say  
416 to say nothing of habits of life, his habits of life  
415 will never be seen  
414 under proper circumstances  
413 of known value, of doubt  
412 for they melt and only slightly detonate  
411 a sort of soliloquy, in an unknown tongue  
410 a scattering fire, a few matters  
409 in this they rarely fail  
408 no single cause, or some new  
407 idiosyncrasy, possibly  
406 could not walk  
405 found, showing  
404 no machine at hand. no machine at hand.  
403 of doubtful value, difficult to draw  
402 more baffling other  
401 shrunken too large  
400 direction, anchor, teeth  
399 at a loss to know  
398 theory of linen thread  
397 law of compensation  
396 the same pattern  
395 first the thickening  
394 wall, rather diffuse  
393 a slow one  
392 a hand, a place  
391 deeper than usual, being at a loss  
390 etc., last indexed  
389 affections the same way  
388 emanations local  
387 local syllables, later water  
386 at the first signs  
385 sudden, in the legs  
384 blues in the open air  
383 sound, so prolonged  
382 whose wall gave way  
381 the brighter side  
380 or even no  
379 if the opening is carefully made  
378 a thickening, a better term  
377 in all directions other words  
376 day to day, if not before  
375 in the morning exploration  
374 a broken compensation  
373 familiarity with bee-life  
372 with the exception of a few interpolations  
371 reciprocity  
370 intermediary islands  
369 o. details, abstract  
368 more, and the width of curves  
367 refractions of some idea  
366 a fire in its wake  
365 that is to say  
364 blind, appearing as  
363 dilation of the heart. driftwood.  
362 a life otherwise  
361 colors, of the remaining  
360 after eight days  
359 one part of the mind being contemplated by another  
358 grappling with the task  
357 elsewhere entirely  
356 an icy walk and a sun-parlor  
355 practical and theoretical lines  
354 relics of a more careless age  
353 specific affinity, the new régime  
352 noise and devastation, properly directed  
351 the only safe means  
350 echoes, drawn  
349 hypnotics, iron  
348 and photophobia, this was the beginning  
347 Don’t use glass pearls in the mixing jar.  
346 but a few words, a deep blue-black  
345 blue and other stains  
344 removal of a sewing-needle  
343 the practice of these figures, the combined action  
342 of the work that body made clear  
341 the abandonment of the idea  
340 an index needs but the simple  
339 from which the lingual springs  
338 gave rise to working backward  
337 on one side, on one spot  
336 from one to the other, but  
335 that the fall a rise, in the evening  
334 so perfectly a cure  
333 floating, failure of transition  
332 two or three grams of  
331 nothing  
330 so mingled these figures  
329 even this amount, a great wave  
328 by long usage small  
327 of other ways  
326 or in early days, the price  
325 sudden bursts of causality  
324 in curiosities known  
323 analogy more  
322 of the flow of, what is there left  
321 chance in a word  
320 in some, too  
319 or even in the hands  
318 so slight a doubt, but I have learned to rely on them  
317 any one of these  
316 the whole number, in a word  
315 rise and fall, the loss of  
314 isthmus persists  
313 a change in the voice  
312 scarcely any but the parts  
311 to obtain light  
310 tender points, movements of  
309 its source of origin, e  
308 best when early  
307 modern ideas, index of  
306 from before, and certain changes  
305 acquired barrier, passing practices  
304 so atypical as to go  
303 to walk about  
302 that cannot be brought into place  
301 various forms, the lesser curvature  
300 the lesser curvature again  
299 and out and back  
298 through and through, obscure cases of  
297 light of, in the light of  
296 whether it was real, stay  
295 leaves, in a minute’s time. so perfectly clear.  
294 hinged leaves and the like  
293 distinct lines a stage of latency yet  
292 wasted in useless description. only regrets.  
291 and 10 failed under, and 1 failed through  
290 eye, ear, reduced to the inorganic form at the proper time  
289 dose and value, the suddeness of onset  
288 no matter, changed by his surroundings worse  
287 writing it seemed, a few drams of water  
286 at his home in Bliss, at his home in Barren Fork  
285 of shore, or sweating in a small area, night work too  
284 the forward movement, that the labor is not harmless  
283 three out of eleven, one out of the twenty, habitable asphalt  
282 of open-air, in closer touch  
281 nuisances, with none of its past affiliations  
280 and the women warned  
279 for incurables, in the lower part  
278 of special rooms  
277 south. bend.  
276 the question of upkeep the old adage, drawing  
275 reading pages, as a rule, as before  
274 this one, the several, a cruelty rather than a kindness  
273 of any sort, as little is known  
272 notably two, found among found  
271 will often, of course, not  
270 with broken heart, in other words  
269 dimly drawn, a not infrequent cause  
268 a few lines, where lines of  
267 a tracing, the thought suggested itself  
266 as before. Lines as before.  
265 at least two. a series.  
264 in other words, a loopful  
263 once or twice, by accident more  
262 I feel mighty queer, and can hardly see.  

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16 April 2023