John H. Flagg
engineer (Mass, Maine)
mill engineering, foundations & power train;
personal ready reckoner

W. S. Forwood
physician, local historian (South Carolina)
citations to medical, philosophical & historical texts

Mary Gilman
Salem (New York)
some citations, diary 1857-78, extracts of poetry, pressed flowers


John W. Hossler/Hassler
Lutheran minister (Pennsylvania)
index to Rollins & a few other religious texts; personal memoir & a draft Church History;
some loose items, including pressed flowers

William H. Kimball
New Hampshire?
literary, inspirational extracts, in three different hands




George Edin Moore
minister (Ohio?)
extensive index to religious, moral, historical texts; three pages of extracts (20 passages) from Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter

William D. & Ella E. Morton
New York, Chester (Connecticut)
husband indexes, his widow extracts from spiritual and other literature;
some autographs, carefully cut postmarks, &c.

John Q. & A(nnie) Leland Scammon
extracts from literary and other reading; loose drafts of poetry, &c.

C. W. Stockman
physician (Maine, Mass, N.H.)
index to medical texts exclusively

E. W. Colton
land operator?
recipes, ready reckoner, newspaper articles loose & attached


N. Somerville Rulison
Episcopal bishop (New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania)
index to church history, doctrine (under 68 heads altogether)
Harvard copy

John Fothergill Waterhouse Ware
(Unitarian) minister in Baltimore (briefly) and Massachusetts
religion; plus 34 pages of germs of thought
Harvard (Houghton) copy


See also

  • the mostly blank copy of Index Rerum available via Google Books, from the Gutman Library at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. This edition was published in 1883, and was received as a gift in 1941, from the library of Professor Herbert Weir Smyth (1857-1937, class of 1878, philologist, author of Greek Grammar among other works). Three or four entries only (on accent, education, utopia).

    This edition includes preformatted pages for noting Author; Title; Publisher; etc.; Date; and Price under those respective heads. My own copies do not provide this.