The errors to which sight is liable diminished its value in her eyes.

ex Denis Diderot, "Addition" to the Letter on the Blind for the Use of Those Who See (1749, 1773).
and here (Jourdain translation, 1916)

more to come. for now, these —

I should read all things like braille in this season
Gwendolyn MacEwen, "Poems in Braille,"
ex A Breakfast for Barbarians (Toronto: The Ryerson Press, 1966)

When a machine breaks, it changes its mind.
W. Ross Ashby, and writing cam designed and built by George Jepson

Willem Boshoff
blind alphabet
and Boshoff monograph by Ivan VladislaviÄ‹ (2005), Taxi–011, wherein this:

The Blind Alphabet ABC consists of 338 wooden sculptures, each representing a word related to form, structure or texture. The sculptures are contained in caskets of steel mesh. Attached to the lid of each casket is a sheet of aluminium embossed with a text in Braille, giving the word, its meaning and derivation, and examples of its usage. The texts and objects thus explain one another.

Xu Bing
Book from the Sky 1987-91, and
brailliterate 1993