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This shed — of potentially two? — has been reserved for posts that were insufficiently inflected or poetic, or were too odd, or dry or, in some instances, too close or difficult. What was and wasn’t too this or that was inconstant, or evolved. With the exception of some of the medical portraits (about which I remain conflicted), any one of these might have (or might now) fit in asfaltics.

Shed one started on 10 March 2013; it has gotten inactive of late.

Numbers at left are links to their respective posts. Each archived post indicates its original (GMT) date, and its tumblr URL.

as for the name
There were two sheds, behind Miner’s Hardware in Culver City. They were used for storage, boxes, rental paint sprayers... for warehousing extra stock perhaps... I was a kid then, remember them as lumber rooms, and where boxes were accumulated for eventual move of the business.

26 April 2023

1 danger inherent to work or misadventure diagrams; assignment of blame; A. H. Fay, “Mine Accidents and Uniform Records” (1917)
2 wandering boy cross faults diagrams; displacements; faults; J. E. Spurr, Geology of the Tonopah Mining District, Nevada (1905)
3 skiagraphy, 1 innocence; lithography; skiagraphy; typos; R. Abbe, “Illustrating the penetrating power of radium” (1907)
4 the difficulty of representation color; whiteness (absence) / Highest Intellect; A. Besant and C. W. Ledbeater, Thought Forms (1905)
5 it’s complicated acoustic experiments; The Invisible Lady; The Invisible Girl; M. Charles and others...
6 the unreliability of all the safety-explosives dust; mining; A. C. Kayll, Report of the Proceedings of the Flameless Explosives Committee, Coal-Dust (1896)
7 well-watered dirt; imperialist fiction; telegraph; offen; C. N. Buck, The Code of the Mountains (1915); G. W. Gage
8 in the survey of rivers, creeks, and coasts dots; mud; spoil bank; G. G. André, The draughtsman’s handbook of plan and map drawing (1891)
 9 are thus held in proper place posture; correct sitting; John Harvey Kellogg, The Art of Massage (1895)
10 fast motions, slow motions unhappy subject; B. F. & L. M. Gilbreth, “Chronocyclegraph Motion Devices for measuring achievement” (1919)
11 writing, and the penetrating screen ambiguities; grid; writing; B. F. and L. M. Gilbreth, “Chronocyclegraph Motion Devices” (1919)
12 coffee roaster coffee; Tokyo; Ueno
13 night blue, etc. D. Paterson, Colour-matching of Textiles (1901)
14 what powerful chains of circumstances chains of circumstance; deafness; elocution; the face; Lillie Eginton Warren, The Warren Method (1898), &c.
15 there takes place from a series of centres cleavage plane theory; islands; slowness; J. O. Arnold, “Factors of Safety in Marine Engineering” (1908)
16 pneumatic steppes rock drills; Mt. Wilson; San Gabriels; vm
17 no guessing and no dodging movement of the head or book; Priestly Smith, “On the Etiology and Educative Treatment of Convergent Strabismus” (1898)
18 writing across a fold questions of vital importance; A. S. Osborn, Photography and Questioned Documents (1907)
19 arose from tho and, indeed, next numismatics; neoclassical symmetry; and recreative science; J. Newton., “Money and Moneyers” (1862)
20 nothing left but Margaret Abigail Cleaves, Light Energy: Its Physics, Physiological Action & Therapeutic Applications (1904)
21 and is loaded directly ye olde new topographics; W. W. Bradley, et al., The Counties of Fresno, Kern, Kings... (1916)
22 while under the influence of light retina; rods; optics; L. Luciani, The Sense Organs (1917)
23 in order of decreasing consonance contradictory indefinite character; curves; melancholia; tuning; L. Luciani, The Sense Organs (1917)
24 and between the two, a valley almost destitute of grains classification; graphical plot; heaps; hindered settling; R. H. Richards. Ore Dressing (1903)
25 to each compound belongs a surface curves; boundary curves; models; solids; G. W. Morey. “The Ternary System H20-K2Si03-Si02” (1917)
26 as an index of index; melancholy consequences; A. Henderson, “On the speed & other properties of ocean steamers” (1853)
27 through slips occurring with itself deformation; iron; plasticity; strain; J. A. Ewing and W. Rosenhain, “Experiments in Micro-metallurgy” (1899)
28 Here we pass the night in solid comfort. desert; Oak Grove; C. F. Lummis, “The Exiles of Cupa” (1902)
29 katagami textile stencil 型紙; mulberry; persimmons; stencil; textiles
30 but the paralysis was of short duration paralysis; passion; tangents; H. Cushing, “On preservation of the nerve supply to the brow” (1906)
31 considerable time was lost rivers; certain rivers; J. J. Casey, his improvements to the Louisville and Portland Canal, Kentucky (1899)
32 dredging T. L. Casey, Improvement of Mouth of Yazoo River and Harbor at Vicksburg, Mississippi (1900); cotton
33 in extremis sadness; George A. Zeller. “The Spread of Pellagra throughout the United States” (1911); J. Goldberger
34 atlas and epitome lithography; seas; waves; H. Dürck, Atlas and Epitome of General Pathologic Histology (1904); L. Hektoun
35 states of hand; inhalt; T. S. Clouston, Clinical Lectures on Mental Diseases (1904)
36 which was the fashion in the early designs curves; drawing; fashion; machinery; red; L. D. Burlingame, “The Universal Milling Machine” (1911)
37 seat of usual (and paths of unusual) pain R. Catlin, Relations of Pain to Weather, studied during eleven years of A Case of Traumatic Neuralgia (1883)
38 the history of lace-making is most interesting. 1 Adelaide V. Hall; lace; The Woman Picking up Apples; A. B. Evarts; E. J. Kempf
39 the history of lace-making is most interesting. 2 Adelaide V. Hall; lace; The Woman Picking up Apples; A. B. Evarts; E. J. Kempf
40 since the eye is more sensitive to errors of treatment aesthetics of technical images; H. E. Ives, “An Experimental Study of the Lippmann Color Photograph” (1908)
41 certain refractory substances aesthetics of technical images; mantles; materials; V. B. Lewes, “Theory of the Incandescent Mantle” (1905)
42 with its usual abandon abandon; Homestead Works; Section ‘Q’ men; valence
43 anything but a blur, and whether blur; doubt; imagination; metallurgy; J. W. Richards, “The Söderberg Electrode” (1921)
44 anything in the pill line another anything; under the thumb; Rx; rounds; The Upjohn Pill and Granule Co.
45 came under my care cancer; the face; pain; presence; N. B. Carson, “Excision of the Clavicle” (1904)
46 mit besonderer Berücksichtigung care; the face; presence; W. Ebstein, “Zur Lehre von den nervösen Störungen beim Herpes zoster” (1895)
47 altar, hearth, place of fire ἄλλος; τρόπος; focus; Kathleen E. Bingham, “The Allotropy of Zinc” (1920)
48 the habit of signaling becomes automatic signals; manual vocabulary; E. H. Pool and F. W. Bancroft, “Systematization of a Surgical Service” (1919)
49 aslide blind; swimming; swimming pool; water
50 such as vacancy, the letters of a first-class swimmer alphabet; mechanisms; figure skating; signs; W. L. Hildburgh, Improvements in advertising machinery (1908)
51 on this plan, well-defined shadows method; tools; xerography; proto-xerography; S. P. Thompson, “Electric Shadows and Luminescence” (1896)
52 in various ways, and tested by drifting. arc-welding; drifting; metallurgy; steel; welding; S. MacCarthy, “Steel Steam-Pipes and Fittings” (1896)
53 ὑπό + φύειν drawing; pattern; topography; W. S. Gibson, “The Topography of the Hypophysis Cerebri” (1912)
54 gathering large hummocks of earth from drifting dust... L’Origine du monde; F. V. Coville & D. T. MacDougal, Desert Botanical Laboratory (1903)
55 many trees are killed by this parasite. deserts; metamorphosis; F. V. Coville and D. T. MacDougal, Desert Botanical Laboratory (1903)
56 clearings, maybe (an aside) asides; clearings; clutter; thingly care; Katie Kilroy-Marac, “A Magical Reorientation of the Modern” (2016)
57 but all fragments should be examined T. Taylor, report on “Tea and its adulterations” and “Olive oil, lard, and their adulterants” (1889)
58 and signs so spare Nancy Willard (1936-2017); hardware
59 the time given begins at the first touch sleaves; starch; touch; Philander A. Harris, “A method of performing rapid manual dilation” (1893)
60 plants, sense-organs of. 1 flower-pot saucers; geotropism; R. A. Robertson (1909); Kristofor Minta; Herbert Pföstl
61 plants, sense-organs of. 2 curvature; flower-pot saucers; geotropism; rotation; R. A. Robertson (1909)
62 les rosaces / rosettes network; telegraphy; F. Geraldy, “Installation Nouvelle du Poste Central des Télégraphes a Paris” (1883)
63 work, on work little is much; tools; work; J. Rose, P. Benjamin, chromatic tempering scale (1878, 1892)
64 and its disorders, 3 flow of thought; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
65 and its disorders, 4 acceleration of the flow of ideas; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
66 and its disorders, 5 when he is incoherent; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
67 and its disorders, 9 and an increased flow; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
68 and its disorders, 14 increased flow; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
69 interior gardens orts; Osaka; windows
70 inex terior ruins; Miyaura
71 and dilution asides; dilution; hygiene; Riensch’s Disc Screen; Kinnicutt, Winslow & Pratt, Sewage Disposal (1910)
72 besides the main topic index; nothing; so powerful as the aggregate of small things
73 He never swallowed tacks. hardware; nails; Sig Ranana; professional glass-eating; comminution; A. H. Meisenbach, “Gastrotomy” (1898)
74 I so... on sonan care of; OCR; onsonants; Mississippi River; repairs; subsistence
75 ステンレスシンク 台所
76 ohne titel curtain; glass; language; noise; John Williams, Augustus (1972)
77 when margins approach a marginal ridge F. B. Noyes, “Structure of the Enamel in its relation to the formation of the walls and margins of cavities” (1903)
78 halo effect hardware; illumination; vacuum tube; Henry Schroeder, History of Electric Light (1923)


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26 April 2023