parking lots are threatened,
litterprone mute, repositories
of knowledge.

scratch, here.

you want a device to prick the present,
render its burthen in day-proof ink
canvass ruined declarations
trawl spawn of red seas,
call to account our watertale trade
& gain, some, discover net

the immense investment required to loose
memories of heat & light encached in brick,
in castellated lumber room, in
tarpatch splits and scribble or a
nowhen afternoon.

for this we have machines
to vent underworld occasion
crack iron from asphalt
wrest gold from base events.

the why I love asphalt loves its fundamental
underlying land a way concrete never can,
longs for curves and give to settle in.

whilst intact things suggest a
more, a here. mores a rise.
sodalities accrue. an event must
have. gear adheres
(equipage) until
uncomes come.
at end, all wears.
plots ramble, knots deplore,
gardens bewildergone.

to scratch, return.
park and settle, don't move.
let the earth burn.