and omes then, omes and omes
omes of miles and
cottage greens
of vistas scores tween
tantamounts a
hide, an
alchemical brook
where noise none
taints but
early morning plaits of
omes fancy feints
the mean while
leys and tides, their gravities
ride and some else where
ever thus,
ever thus ever wrong,
ever other ways and
days gone
ever hunch unsensed even
there drawn

canon noise and
fugal poise,
grassy bays and
thicket lays
omes all, omes all

a ledge in fall
a mouthen lull
omes, all

(they ever spring you know, where least wont to grow)

can you water find?
dis/traction blind?

ruses hew
ruses hew

here's a seam
this here, where none belong,
and errands traffic
and decoys throng

hears the seem
the lie denies what
before you gies.

here's the seam
that any turn break might,
attention slake
dream wake
thread slight.

incuse moment
stay, while
states in
cline and
orders too involve, and

mining tongues
and parts of speech
apart of speech,

ca 1993