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This page lists (nearly, but also more than) all asfaltics tumblr posts, beginning with the first on 9 April 2011.

Numbers at left are links to their respective posts, rebuilt in HTML. For most (but not yet all) archived posts, tags and other remarks appear in the right-hand column.

Most archived posts indicate original (GMT) dates (and tumblr URLs, if posted on tumblr, which mid-2022 is more the exception than the rule).

most recent posts (and endnotes)

1 a lull in the tumblr cycle envelope; Majalah Tempo; Tokyo
2 old views Miller River, Boston; Tokyo
3 kowloon Chungking Mansions, January 1978
4 kyobashi Tokyo ca 1983-86
5 rust Kawaguchi, Tokyo
6 vapor trail Eagle Rock, April 1974
7 typewriter Berkeley, ca 1975
8 walls rebar glyphs, Tokyo ca 1985
9 walls 2 Pasadena ca 1972, Tokyo ca 1985
10 floors Pasadena? ca 1972
11 walls 3 kiln; San Jose
12 freeway grounds ca 1971
13 play ground asphalt; hopscotch; lines; palimpsest
14 spine Holt Rd.; ruination; spine
15 walls 4 walls; Berkeley
16 metals 1 metal; ca 1971-75
17 metals 2 edges; metal; shadows; ca 1973
18 errors error; errors and wrecks; walls; Worcester; telegraphic code; Moreing and Neal (1895)
19 solitude shore; solitude; telegraphic codes; ABC 4th (1880)
20 memory dirt; memory; scraping
21 walls 5 walls; Malacca 1977
22 memory 2 fields; memory; Robert Duncan
23 waterside waterside; Funabashi
24 errors 2 asphalt; Worcester
25 waterside 2 mud; muds; waterside; Funabashi; telegraphic codes; ABC 4th (1880)
26 holt rd drift; Holt Rd.; Magic 8-Ball; vitreous floaters; ca 1993
27 stills walls; Tokyo; ca 1987
28 walking M. M. Bartholomew; hands; stenograph; walking
29 twittering Camille Prilipp; Camille Schubert; telegramme-polka; twittering
30 東京へ media; Tokyo; Geoffry Winthrop-Young
31 infrastructure infrastructure; utility poles; Tokyo
32 walls 6 / infrastructure Ginza; むら田; Tokyo; walls
33 infrastructure informal housing; Shinjuku; Tokyo
34 reading / infrastructure infrastructure; reading; Tokyo
35 walls 7 gloam; walls; Niihama
36 walls 8 patches; walls; Kyoto
37 walls 9 poor light; walls; Niihama
38 Niihama-Saijo, waterfront waterfront; Niihama
39 names alphabet; alphabets; names; Frank Lloyd Wright
40 drawing 1 drawing; scribble; Bill Flynn
41 the fibers can be traced cotton; Nathan Augustus Cobb; lines; drawing; copying
42 classification and description of cotton classification; cotton; telegraphic codes; Lehman Bros. (1875)
43 adrift in the middling latitudes clumpiness; cotton; telegraphic codes; Andrew D. M. Smith; Lehman Bros. (1875)
44 kind. any sound, keeping kind cotton; kind; kinds; telegraphic codes; James Adam, Son & Co. (1881)
45 never mind mining; telegraphic codes; C. Algernon Moreing (1881)
46 oentoeng / roegih profit and loss; telegraphic codes; Sampoerna Code (Soerabaja, 1931?)
47 djangan minta don't ask; telegraphic codes; A. Engers; Java-Code (Balai Poestaka—Weltevreden, 1929)
48 giga japan atarashii hito no terebi desu; JVC; Friedrich Kittler (1943-2011)
49 wrongs telegraphic codes; wrongs; The Missions Code (1915; 1921);
50 just a few erasures erasure; erasures; telegraphic codes; U.S. Steel Corporation (1911)
51 a few more erasure; erasures; telegraphic codes; U.S. Steel Corporation (1911)
52 as you erasure; erasures; telegraphic codes; U.S. Steel Corporation (1911)
53 frevy / or words to that effect Edmund Peycke; Paul Valéry; telegraphic codes; that words know more than we do
54 a sentence is a ghost of an idea Paul Valéry; Koganei (Tokyo); drawing
55 équilibre 4:08 alphabet; dance; A.lter S.essio; Yum Keiko Takayama
56 mores more; telegraphic codes; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (2nd edn, Shanghai, 1913)
57 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 index card; scribble; 3x5
58 hangers drawing; wire; Mitaka (Tokyo)
59 less 2 telegraphic codes; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (2nd edn, Shanghai, 1913)
60 less 1 telegraphic codes; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (2nd edn, Shanghai, 1913)
61 legibles lexicon; matter for reading; OED
62 an alphabetical list asphalt; asphaltic; structure; structureless; lexicon
63 with now and then telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
64 so’s so; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
65 oil spots, fig. 1 Paul Valéry; G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
66 oil spots, fig. 2 Paul Valéry; G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
67 oil spots, fig. 3 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
68 oil spots, fig. 4 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
69 oil spots, fig. 5 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
70 oil spots, fig. 6 G. E. Matthews and J. I. Crabtree; Eastman Kodak; oil spots
71 none noo nor nones; nonsense; nor; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
72 substantiations Ikea; telegraphic codes; IBC (1908); Frederic George McCutcheon (1848?-1915)
73 taalboek / syzygy tables; telegraphic codes; Western Union Telegraphic Code, Universal Edition (1901)
74 or, noodles and doodles of an abandoned mind; and a half; latihan; paper; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
75 the right word Words were treacherous things; ukelele; Paul Valéry; Viña Delmar; James Montgomery Flagg
76 The weather, I think, must be changing. (1) envelope; scratches; Jenny Boully
77 The weather, I think, must be changing. (2) envelope; place where there are no words... regions without words...; Paul Valéry; Michael Ondaatje
78 The weather, I think, must be changing. (3) envelope; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
79 loose ladies Anita Loos; Viña Delmar; Madeline Brandeis; Nina Wilcox Putnam
80 tokonoma / patience 忍耐 patience; tokonoma; tools; Muga Miyahara
81 A nail, to hang his thoughts on. nails; fattura della morte; Joseph Joubert; Frederick Thomas Elworthy
82 outcrop geology chance; method; outcrop geology; sedimentology; Naomi Oreskes; Francis J. Pettijohn; Oak Grove
83 a story with a hole in it diagrams; forgotten corners and angles; nomograms; L. I. Hewes and H. L. Seward; J. M. Coetzee
84 in the mountain of a room Jack Hirschman
85 a pretty fine fellow The Father and Son Library; Jules Verne, The Mysterious Island; Henry Havelock Pierce
86 first printed circuit? e-book? printed circuits; W. S. Harris, Observations on the effects of lightning on floating bodies (1823)
87 also a wild tulip Vernon Lee and C. Anstruther-Thomson, Beauty & Ugliness (1912); interesting and dull shapes
88 mortality / left hand I cannot dilute a word with meaning; Ryuichi Tamura; Westinghouse Code (1902)
89 mutilation odes, 1 mutilation odes
90 mutilation odes, 2 mutilation odes
91 mutilation odes, 3 mutilation odes
92 mutilation odes, 4 mutilation odes
93 mutilation odes, 5 mutilation odes; method; sources; signal codes; telegraphic codes
94 mutilation odes, 6 mutilation odes
95 mutilation odes, 7 mutilation odes
96 mutilation odes, 8 mutilation odes
97 mutilation odes, 9 mutilation odes
98 mutilation odes, 10 mutilation odes
99 mutilation odes, 11 mutilation odes
100 mutilation odes, 12 mutilation odes
101 mutilation odes, 13 mutilation odes
102 mutilation odes, 14 mutilation odes
103 mutilation odes, 15 mutilation odes
104 mutilation odes, 16 mutilation odes
105 mutilation odes, 17 mutilation odes
106 walls 10 fragments; tapeten; walls; J. W. Goethe (epigram); The Universal Code of Signals (1864)
107 deserts deserts; water; The Desert Rider (1929)
108 fragments of wreck, 1 fragments; The Universal Code of Signals (1864); Hans Blumenberg, Shipwreck with Spectator
109 fragments of wreck, 2 telegraphic codes; Port Charges of the World (1879); Emily Dickinson, wrecked upon the shoal of thought
110 leadlands 1 leadlands; scribble; ohne worte
111 leadlands 2 leadlands; scribble; ohne worte
112 leadlands 3 leadlands; landlines; curves; straights; scribble; ohne worte
113 leadlands 4 leadlands; scribble; ohne worte
114 points, lines, and figures mixed together. 1 diagrams; evolutions; Bigot de Morogues, Tactique navale (1763); John Wilkins, Mercury... (1694)
115 as plain as (Stramo), 1 telegraphic codes; partical prices; refined lard; The International Cable Code (3rd edn., 1902)
116 ands  
117 as plain as, 2  
118 erosions, 1  
119 erosions, 2  
120 that the sign or mark precedes the idea  
121 loose loess loss  
122 instead, 2  
123 esto es lo que hay / this is what you get Laura Chenillo; el diccionario
124 lines, 1  
125 lines, 2  
126 lines, 3  
127 insteads  
128 lines, 4  
129 nows  
130 lines, 5  
131 lines, 6  
132 commas, 1  
133 commas, 2  
134 commas, 3  
135 The Tables Francis Bacon; instances; lines; tables; telegraphic codes; Western Union Telegraphic Code (1917)
136 again circles
137 lines, 7  
138 lines, 8  
139 away lines; regrets
140 lines, 9 scribble
141 lines, 10 scribble
142 lines, 11 scribble; Jonathan Rée review of Slavoj Zizek
143 lines, 12 scribble
144 Sitti Noerbaja (1922), 1/8 Setelah sedjoeroes berajoen-ajoen itoe, tiba-tiba; sastra; J. van der Heyden; Marah Roesli
145 Sitti Noerbaja, 2/8 Djika demikian tanggoenglah oléhmu;
146 Sitti Noerbaja, 3/8 Mendengar maki nista itoe, mérah padamlah moeka Datoek Meringgih laloe diangkatnja tonkatnja dan
147 Sitti Noerbaja, 4/8 Barangkali djoega ia tiada tjinta lagi kepadakoe
148 Sitti Noerbaja, 5/8 ...terteriaklah ia minta tolong serta berkoeat hendak melepaskan dirinja
149 Sitti Noerbaja, 6/8 Setelah soedah memakai itoe, berdjalanlah meréka itoe berpegang-pegangan tangan
150 lines, 13 lines; scribble; Yannis Kyriakides, Spinoza (or I am not where I think myself to be) (2002)
151 Sitti Noerbaja, 7/8 Setelah hampirlah penghoeloe itoe, berkatalah si sakit itoe
152 Sitti Noerbaja, 8/8 maka kelihatanlah disana oléhnja lima boeah koeboer sedjédér berdekat-dekatan
153 Sitti Noerbaja, afterthoughts sastra; J. van der Heyden; Marah Roesli
154 lines, 14 lines; scribble; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
155 commas, 3 4 commas
156 My past is everything I failed to be. failure; Fernando Pessoa; Journal of a Nobody
157 parks, 1 asphalt; lines
158 thicks and thins, lines and shadows glasses; sunglasses; lines; shadows; NYT; David Shields
159 Back View of No. 505 Tailoring of the Better Class, the latest Pure Wool Fabrics & Models for the Fall & Winter Season 1921-22.
160 ugly, uninteresting, ungraceful ugliness; walls; Charles Austin Bates
161 ravelling, writing asphalt; lines; signatures James Elkins
162 storms a-weather, rocks a-lee ink; shipwreck; Robert Lewis Stevenson, Moral Emblems (1921); Hans Blumenberg
163 sands continually changing littoral; maps; Erskine Childers, The Riddle of the Sands : A Record of Secret Service (1903)
164 augusts 2  
165 Chaos, which we have abandoned  
166 to find our bearings in the chaos  
167 asphaltsee asphalt; Wilhelm Koch; Rainer Werner Fassbinder
168 (some) words liable to error, 1 waking, wanting; wasting, writing; weaving, paving; telegraphic similarity
169 (some) words liable to error, 2 least, lust; lever, river; mineral, general; miologia, geologia
170 (some) words liable to error, 3 error; jour, amour
171 (some) words liable to error, 4 error; rumination, lamination; pointing, anointing; pent, anent
172 (some) words liable to error, 5 error; digressio, depressio; prance, penance
173 (some) words liable to error, 6 error; ladder, rudder
174 (some) words liable to error, 7 since, hence; sleep, slip
175 (some) words liable to error, 8 error; sadness, saneness
176 (some) words liable to error, 9 error; true, cue, trite; Guide to the Correction of Errors in Code (and other) Telegrams (1890)
177 means little or no means; means a great deal; telegraphic codes; A. C. Meisenbach; Duo Code, Improved (1938)
178 the’s the's; about the; above the; telegraphic codes; A. C. Meisenbach; Duo Code, Improved (1938)
179 channels Concordance to the Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud (1980)
180 stick, a drawing; stick; Middlesex Fells Reservation (February 1991)
181 wrongs and yarns, a yellow pendant, with hideous yells (an array); erasures; wrongs; yarns; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
182 Becoming / Oval thimble spliced in one end. ropemaking; telegraphic codes; A. Leschen & Sons Rope Company, St. Louis, Missouri (1907)
183 all possible means means; poetics; W. Clauson-Thue, The ABC & A1 Universal International Night Signal Code (1894)
184 nude descending a staircase mechanics; Paul Richer; walking; Alphonse Bertillon; Signaletic Instructions (1896)
185 loops, vast ensembles of celestial alphabet; Jacques Gaffarel; Raul Ruiz
186 vowels : consonants, possibility : necessity consonants; current, galvanic; despair; possibility; vowels; Søren Kierkegaard; Sylvanus P. Thompson
187 stick, a (2) drawing; stick
188 stick, a (3) drawing; error; stick
189 water, a drop of lexicon; water; Yannis Ritsos
190 manglements, 1 Istanbul; walls
191 manglements, 2 Istanbul; walls
192 nude ascending a staircase failure; mechanics; Paul Richer; walking; Yannis Ritsos
193 a botanical alphabet alphabet; combinatorics; lichen; taxonomy; J. P. Bergeret; Phytonomatotechnie universelle
194 VEXNWAGEHPULÆ, VEXNUAGEHRULÆ combinatorics; taxonomy; J. P. Bergeret (1751-1813); Phytonomatotechnie universelle (1783-84)
195 october, instead of insteads; steads; Guardian Poster poems (October 2012)
196 calumniating signal books, and telegraphic dispatches calumny; jeremiads; telegraphical conveyances; Richard Ferguson; Abaddon's Steam Engine (1817)
197 conceptual writing conceptual; Kompost / Before writing; Western Union Telegraphic Code (1900)
198 upcast, downcast curves; downcasts; mining; upcasts; John Wales, on the ventilation of coal mines generally (1857-58)
199 remar / rift Samuel Beckett, I did my best to go in a circle; Jos Bewick, Remarks on the ore and ironstone... (1857-58)
200 it is principally on the western slopes of this range coal; NEIME; Henry T. Plews; Yannis Ritsos; no way forward
201 slow weather coal; mining; reves; John Rutherford
202 noisesome nothing here W. Ross Ashby; failure; machine; noise; nothing; telegraphic codes; ABC 4th (1880)
203 dry practical details coal; dry practical details; mining; Stephen C. Crone, Observations on Pillar Working... (1860-61)
204 boredom is a bottle boredom; Alejandra Pizarnik
205 wave(s) of translation curves; waves; J. Scott Russell; where they go, how they get there, if they ever return to their old places...
206 there you were telegraphic codes; the vocative; Lydia Tomkiw, The Dreadful Swimmers (1989); John Macdonald
207 bracketed Anne Blonstein; brackets; in lieu of; mining; E. Gaujot, The Use and Advantages of the Prop Screw-Jack
208 neithers needs; needless; neithers; Hans Werner Henze; Walt Whitman; John Macdonald
209 through the narrowest of slits, 1 colour; Piazzi Smyth, Colour, in Practical Astronomy (1879)
210 through the narrowest of slits, 2 colour; Piazzi Smyth, Colour, in Practical Astronomy (1879); words; one stone atop the other; Yannis Ritsos
211 in what is to come, red-ward, blue-ward color nomenclature; darkness; Derek Jarman; Piazzi Smyth, Colour, in Practical Astronomy (1879)
212 what is glare? H. P. Gage; ascertainments; glare; illumination; man in the road
213 what is glare? (2) dirt; glare; illumination; man in the road; out of place; Conrad Beck, The Microscope (1924)
214 polarised light sic erat scriptum; density; destiny; error; optics; diagrams; Conrad Beck, The Microscope (1924)
215 stress colors, 1  
216 stress colors, 2  
217 transverse faults, 1  
218 transverse faults, 1 (sectioned)  
219 transverse faults, 2  
220 stress colors, 2  
221 transverse faults, 3  
222 stress colors, 4 optics; stress; A. I. Kimball, Optical Determination of Stress in Transparent Materials (1921)
223 some experiments, 1 colour; polarised light; stress; H. E. Lance Martin
224 some experiments, 2 colour; polarised light; stress; H. E. Lance Martin; McNeill’s Mining & General Telegraphic Code (1895)
225 some experiments, 3 colour; suppression of colours; polarised light; stress; H. E. Lance Martin
226 in headeder he, less as so, that and improvements; permutations; Philip J. Messent, Description of the Improvements of the River Tyne (1887)
227 life and efficiency blue; carbon; hunch; Louis B. Marks, Life and Efficiency of Arc Light Carbons (1890)
228 into beds of killas or grauwaky, 1 contortions; grauwaky; observations; the sublime; Basil Hall; James Hutton; John Playfair
229 perhaps this fracture ancient lakes; foxing and punctuation; Richard C. Taylor, that at first sight would seem to be (1835)
230 on the spectra colour; nitrogen; spectra; vapours; J. W. Hittorf; J. Plücker
231 on the spectra, 2 colour; spectra; vapours; J. W. Hittorf; J. Plücker
232 broadening, displacement and reversal of lines iron; lines; spectra; the real world; W. Geoffrey Duffield (1879-1929); Rosaleen Love
233 condensation and rarefaction, 1 alphabet; propagation in an open space; sound; undulations; waves; Augustin Privat-Deschanel
234 condensation and rarefaction, 2 alphabet; propagation in an open space; sound; undulations; waves; A. Privat-Deschanel
235 synodical period lunatic verse; rule will serve for real motion; motion of moon; Isaac Newton
236 our daily thicket scribble; grass; hurst; thicket; Jacques Dupin
237 logwood 1, 2 bloodwood; logwood; colour; dyes; wool; W. M. Gardner, Logwood and its use in wool-dyeing (1892)
238 logwood 3, 4 bloodwood; logwood; colour; dyes; wool; W. M. Gardner, Logwood and its use in wool-dyeing (1892)
239 terminals, 1 deterioration; nickel; ruination; A. I. Krynitzky; Henry S. Rawdon
240 terminals, 2 deterioration; nickel; A. I. Krynitzky; Henry S. Rawdon
241 bolts and screws and similar small articles arrangements; corners; fasteners; hardware; lexicon; Walter Benjamin; Andrew Piper; R. R. Williams
242 terminals, 3 deterioration; eutectic; network; nickel; A. I. Krynitzky; Henry S. Rawdon
243 dada hardware dada; hardware; household wants; R. R. Williams, The American Hardware Store (1896)
244 effect of work and time, effect of stranding iron; J. H. Heck, Notes on the effect of work and time on the properties of mild steel and iron (1908)
245 piece of work about nothing about; chatter; further chatter; nothing; telegraphic codes; Ingeborg Bachmann; John Macdonald (1817)
246 it is a a, it is (plural); experimen membaca; lexicon; John Macdonald (1817)
247 experiments are dangerous danger; experiments; iron; work and time, the effect of; John H. Heck (1908); John Macdonald (1817)
248 delays are dangerous danger; iron; work and time, the effect of; John H. Heck (1908); John Macdonald (1817)
249 tissue of falsehoods spectra; A. Privat-Deschanel, Elementary treatise on natural philosophy (1893); John Macdonald (1817)
250 a complete misrepresentation colour; lines; spectra; A. Privat-Deschanel (1893); John Macdonald (1817)
251 a thing that was would, the thing again kata benda; lexicon; thickets; things; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
252 a perfect wilderness colour; lines; A. Privat-Deschanel, Spectres de diverses sources lumineuses (1869); John Macdonald (1817)
253 a scene of confusion colour; confusion, scenes of; M. E. Chevreul; John Macdonald (1817)
254 a strange) mixture of all sorts colour; sorts; strange mixtures; M. E. Chevreul; John Macdonald (1817)
255 arithmetiks asphalt; detours; paper, marbled; reves; J. E. Basedow; Walter Benjamin
256 thus the Greeks appeared to the Romans polarised light; rounds; ruination; Persifor Frazer; examination of the synetic granite (1883)
257 thus Egypt appeared to the Greeks polarised light; rounds; ruination; Persifor Frazer (1883)
258 and thus all three appear to us polarised light; rounds; ruination; Persifor Frazer (1883)
259 remington, 1 error; errors; lines; remington
260 escapement lines; scribble; somes
261 remington, 2 lines; remington; somes
262 heliotype, 1 calibrations; enough; heliotype; H. S. Uhler and R. W. Wood, Atlas of absorption spectra (1907)
263 heliotype, 2 condensations; heliotype; shadows; David Gatten
264 tables, 2 contemplations; hands; tables; trigonometry; Virgil A. Eberly (1918)
265 the piece of machinery which we call the sodium molecule; spectra; R. W. Wood (1905)
266 potential difference elbows; potential difference; small values; tables; Glenn Moody Hobbs (1905); John Macdonald (1817)
267 on the lignites and clays, to which is annexed a glossary of plans; clays; lignites; William Bengelly; John Macdonald (1817)
268 nothing planned, or plan ors; or's; plans; ruination; John Macdonald (1817)
269 bare and dry, with scrub the effect of the interposition of obstacles on transmission of signals; waves; J. A. Fleming (1916)
270 日映ひうつり light; shadows; Sachiko Yoshimiya; walls
271 rorschach planet, 3 iron; lines; rounds; J. C. Bayles, Microscopic Analysis of the Structures of Iron and Steel (1882-83)
272 running landscape rounds; Sachiko Yoshimiya
273 snowday rounds; snow; Sachiko Yoshimiya
274 he was, or were, 1 incompletion; lexicon; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
275 he was, or were, 2 incompletion; lexicon; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
276 The supreme test of any metal is a test to destruction. emblemata ferrum; faults; folds; rounds; slag; Watertown Arsenal
277 Ingotism has not been entirely removed. aesthetics of technical images; emblemata ferrum; failure; ingotism; rounds; Watertown Arsenal
278 none of these conditions may definitely be assigned as the cause of failure, but; emblemata ferrum; failure; ingotism; rounds; Watertown Arsenal
279 The universal hammer was used in the instrument. brass, cartridge; hardness; lots, good and bad; segregation; Watertown Arsenal
280 what plans, where plans, without plans plans; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
281 everies. exact. evens; everies; eksperimen membaca; telegraphic codes; toll; John Macdonald (1817)
282 also 2 locks of blonde hair, at the letter v absences; R. G. Green; hair; index rerum
283 horsefly mercury, see quicksilver deeper; diagrams; mercury; quicksilver; The New General Telegraphic and Mining Code (1907)
284 plate shears, 28:1. drafting; index; plates; structure; weather; C. T. Bishop, Structural Drafting and Design of Details (1922)
285 intake abstraction; aesthetics of technical images; infrastructure; water; Los Angeles; William Mulholland
286 just because because, just; dance; Sadakichi Hartmann
287 experimental notation notation, experimental; undoings; vapor; R. C. Carpenter & H. Diederichs, Experimental Engineering (1913)
288 experimental notation, 2 lunatics; mechanics; motion, circular; notation, experimental; water; wind; wind-mill sails; John Smeaton
289 soundings, but where densities, low; locus ignotum; soundings; Charles F. Powell
290 of sounding, of water tags: of; soundings; uses, of what; John Macdonald (1817)
291 carrying on the good work asphalt; infrastructure, P. J. M. Larrañaga
292 more the’s lexicon; telegraphic codes; Edmund Peycke, Edmund; stands; the’s; theories
293 determinations, 1 determinations; error; quartz; M. N. Short, Microscopic Determination (1940)
294 determinations, 2 determinations; silver; M. N. Short, Microscopic Determination (1940)
295 determinations, 3 determined; determinations; indeterminate; soundings; John Macdonald (1817)
296 to derive, descried descried; eksperimen membaca; sans desire; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
297 determinations, 4 determinations; indeterminate; lines; mind, states of; M. N. Short
298 crusted ores, paragenesis lithography; mining; paragenesis; symmetry; W. H. Weed
299 propellers, 1 failure; propellers; scribble
300 propellers, 2 failure; mechanics; propellers; scribble
301 propellers, 3 failure; mechanics; propellers scribble
302 cotton, 1 cotton; glide; gloom; grace; telegraph codes; Trout, Thomas, and Sons.
303 quantities and time cotton; slowness; telegraphic codes; Jim Harrison; Joseph A. D. Watts (1875)
304 walking hardware store hardware; peddler; Wide World Photo;
305 photograph of a storm mental states; meteorology; storms; telegraphy; T. B. Maury
306 and dust storms ascertained analogies; particular facts; known relations; induction; mereology; storms; P. F. Baddeley
307 etched in memory failure; incoherence; memory; repetition; rounds; Watertown Arsenal; Anne Michaels
308 just a signal jumbles; justs; signals; telegraphic codes; words; John Macdonald (1817); Hans Magnus Enzensberger
309 Mr. Francini's Pump machines, limits in the application of; philosophy, experimental; pump, Francini’s; water; T. Desaguliers
310 for I hate to see them foul. hands; micrography; experimental philosophy; experimental religion; Anton Leeuwenhoek
311 emnants, er trimmed ekphrasis; ligatures; prohibitions; semblances; stems; Margrethe Mather; William Justema
312 molar shades fibers; infrastructure; lubes; molar; Anton van Leeuwenhoek
313 cycling culture ZA! cycling; South Africa; ZA
314 which will hardly be imagined real physical entities drawing; economic geology; forms and qualities; ore; pay streak; J. M. Boutwell; Robert Boyle
315 a drift, of rivers adrifts; instances and adjacencies; rivers; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
316 but mud settles clarity; clear as mud; kalkzeep; mud; telegraphic codes; WU 1900; Gertrude Stein
317 whereas everyone understands words ambiguities; too; words; Yannis Kyriakides; Felix Mendelssohn
318 and each of the damaged books has now become a cherished object; arson; fire; Freedom Press; Londinium; Spitalfields Life; walls
319 lithography 1 drawing; limestone, magnesian; lithography; G. Scharf; A. Sedgwick
320 N, and the attendant phaenomena dislocations; on a group of slate rocks; and on the attendant phaenomena; Mesozoic; John Phillips
321 for more read mere addenda; analogies, corrigenda; mere; more; mortality
322 neither direct nor conclusive drawing; Hybodus basanus; lithography; questions, long mooted; P. M. de Grey Egerton; G. Scharf
323 neither direct nor conclusive, 2 drawing; Hybodus basanus; lithography; C. Hullmandel; G. Scharf
324 neither direct nor conclusive, 3 conclusions; drawing; Hybodus basanus; lithography; londinium; C. Hullmandel; G. Scharf
325 where is no cognition, spatial; exercises; lingodroids; toponyms; wheres
326 out of the melt, 1 rounds; willemite; Zn2SiO4; H. C. Arnold
327 out of the melt, 2 fluorescence; extinction, parallel; rounds; willemite; Zn2SiO4; H. C. Arnold
328 as, or running smooth as found; butea; researches, Asiatick; William Roxburgh
329 identity of spectral lines frames; spectra; vacuum; James Dewar
330 asphalt pat-paper test 1 asphalt; drawing; gutai; infrastructure; stains; Clifford Richardson, The Modern Asphalt Pavement (1913)
331 asphalt pat-paper test 2 asphalt; stains; Clifford Richardson
332 asphalt pat-paper test 3 asphalt; stains; Clifford Richardson
333 asphalt pat-paper test 4 asphalt; stains; Clifford Richardson
334 arcana of nature, 1 arcana; asphalt; heaviness; lightness; matures, miracles in; Desiderius Erasmus
335 war colors, 1 abstraction; color; square; invisibility; suprematisms; Henry A. Gardner, Marine Paints (1916)
336 war colors, 2 abstraction; color; square; invisibility; suprematisms; Henry A. Gardner, Marine Paints (1916)
337 this poisonous salt gradually becomes available as the film wears down; exposure; foulings; paint; salt; salts; Henry A. Gardner, Marine Paints (1916)
338 weathering 101 paint; weathering; Henry A. Gardner, Observations on Painted Lumber (1915)
339 map of W, SP, J., and A maps; Emma Swannell
340 trees, ideas, vague ideas commonplace book; corrections; ideas; index; squirrels; Rebecca Ashwell; Emma Swannell
341 Flora commonplace book; curves; flora; index; Rebecca Ashwell
342 on the trail of a ghost drawing; ghosts; lines; bifilar pendulum; seismology; Thomas Heath
343 and tables are given tables; Wyndam Beawes, Lex Mercatoria Rediviva: Or, The Merchant’s Directory (1743)
344 Sekiya’s Wires drawing; isostasy; knots; lines; seismology; wire; Clarence Edward Dutton; Sekiya Seikei
345 returns and ands; falling away; isostasy; C. E. Dutton; John Macdonald (1817); Lindley Murray; Lisa Robertson, et al.
346 (young) ice tracks tags: ice; lines; meteorology; meteorological codes; tracks
347 level-ice, floes of brash-ice; winter-ice; winter drift-ice; ice; meteorological codes
348 if (altered) drawing; lines; memory
349 out of the melt, 3 alkaloids; precipitates; rounds; tables; folding table of reactions; Charles H. Stephenson; C. E. Parker
350 chalcocite glances chalcocite; copper-glance; metamorphosis; opacity; pseudomorphs; Joseph Murdoch
351 fractures in all directions, but outside with unwearied interest; copper; faults; fines; lines; mining; Pope Yeatman; Joseph Conrad
352 cirrus, petrified clouds; marble; metamorphosis; meteorology; storms; Ernest F. Burchard; David Mitchell
353 it would have missed the pool entirely economic geology; structure; Wirt Franklin (the farm of); Kenneth C. Heald; Carroll H. Wegemann
354 some of the more highly colored varieties color; marble; metamorphosis; natives, the; Alfred H. Brooks; Ernest F. Burchard
355 islands of ice, 1 codes; ice; ice, islands of; telegraphic codes
356 islands of ice, 2 ice; ice above; ice below; meteorological codes; signal codes; telegraphic codes; Henry J. Rogers (1845)
357 these are strange phenomena and chalcocite; economic geology; strange phonemena; photo micrographs; rounds; F. B. Laney
358 a different area aesthetics of technical images; chalcocite; economic geology; rounds; sociality; F. B. Laney
359 to say the least, ambiguous ambiguities; clarity; chalcocite; economic geology; economical prose; rounds; F. B. Laney
360 as the melt cools aesthetics of technical images; chalcocite; rounds; surmises; woods, old and rare; F. B. Laney
361 notes drawing; failing; grays; lines; notes; scribble; should’s ’n should’a’s; slipping
362 a knot of sentence parts, 1 Knock; Knot; Knotty; Kodak; Koran; telegraphic codes; Henry E. Wood. The Traveller’s Code Book (1924)
363 a knot of sentence parts, 2 elbow; Sandy Macdonald; phrases; Prohibition; Henry E. Wood. The Traveller’s Code Book (1924)
364 slow cirrus, or ice field and, and, and; even different iterations of the same; metamorphoses; rounds; F. B. Laney; David Joselit
365 foraging, 1 foraging; International Code for Polar Ice (1937)
366 foraging, 2 ice; ice scape, figures in; meteorological codes; International Code for Polar Ice (1937); shadows
367 scribble, 1 legibility; scribble; scriptura: The ABC Code (4th edition, 1881)
368 waveless, waveson, wavesworn hide & leather trade; telegraphic codes; waves; W. G. Herdman, Curvilinear Perspective of Nature (1854)
369 lines, 14 alphabet; Morse Code; lines; John Cameron Grant, L. A. Legros, Typographical Printing-Surfaces (1916)
370 lines, 15 alphabet; curves; lines; submarine telegraphy; wandering zero
371 lines, 16 curves; lines; wandering zero; Laurence Sterne, The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy (1767)
372 muds mud; muds; muddy; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
373 mind (see also matter) matter; mind; mud; telegraphic codes: The ABC Code (sixth edition, 1920)
374 mudwort, two of clarity; mud; muddle; telegraphic codes; Gertrude Stein; F. Shay & R. V. Dey, The Postal Code (1907)
375 sand decomposition; memory; sand; waves; Hortense Flexner
376 foredge flow engineering; erosion; notations; D. W. Church, “Improvement of the Missouri River” (1880)
377 canebrake whats brick; canebrakes; extracts; marginalia; scribble; whats
378 ut minima, maximum facit, 1 alchemy; combinatorics; emblemata; paradox; Achille Bocchi, Symbolicarum quaestionum (1555)
379 ut minima, maximum facit, 2 authority; authorship; bricoleur; copying; didactics; emblematics; Daniel Russell; Claude Lévi-Strauss
380 and are strange emblemata; invention; knowledge; machines; Lebbeus Woods, The New City (1992)
381 a grammar of the prairie architecture; grammar; prairie; variations; ex Frank Lloyd Wright, The Natural House (1953)
382 notes to self extreme uncomfortableness; legibility issues; recursion; scribble; stammering
383 with some unusual changes in the visual fields skiagraph; tragic narrative; C. A. Veasey, “Observation of a case of bitemporal hemianopsia...” (1903)
384 errors, diagnostic error; diagnostic errors; A. Knapp, “Subretinal exudate simulating sarcoma of the choroid” (1919)
385 it proved, however, microscopically normal a girl of four years; körper als landschaft; opthalmology; rounds; O. F. Wadsworth, “Fovea Centralis” (1880)
386 might as well think of telegraphic codes; turnings and windings; wind’s eye; John Macdonald (1817)
387 blind borrowings, bold, both alike blind; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
388 blinded blunt, bolder, both at once, both to book blind; blunt; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
389 and every case should be watched as an experiment experimental philosophy; ophthalmology; E. Jackson, “Tuberculosis of the Retina” (1919)
390 ocular manifestations G. S. Derby, “Ocular manifestations following exposure to various types of poisonous gases” (1919)
391 ocular manifestations, 2 could be mud; or sea; ophthalmology; rounds; G. S. Derby, “Ocular manifestations” (1919)
392 on sheets of lead, 1 T. M. Reade, The Origin of Mountain Ranges considered experimentally, structurally, dynamically (1886)
393 on sheets of lead, 2 down-spout; orogeny; T. M. Reade, The Origin of Mountain Ranges (1886)
394 on sheets of lead, 3 in my library; orogeny; how to drain a house; T. M. Reade, The Origin of Mountain Ranges (1886)
395 on sheets of lead, 4 butler’s pantry sink; lead; orogeny; T. M. Reade, The Origin of Mountain Ranges (1886)
396 bare ruined choirs bare ruined choirs; drawing; ruination; T. M. Reade
397 close to the flookan diagrams; dots and lines; mining; J. Carne, “An Account of the Relistan Tin Mine” (1807)
398 and few survive to enter the cavity black; blackness; survival; J. R. Powell & T. E. Botts, “Particle Bed Reactors and Related Concepts” (1982)
399 many, 1 many; superfluities; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
400 many, 2 many; signs; many signs; many sorts; map of the world; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
401 many, 3 many; reductions; representations; specimens; sums; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
402 many, 4 many; tricks; troubles; squalls; stipulations; many wrongs; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
403 other curves wave in a curious manner curves; weight; E. Wilson, “The Relative Size, Weight, and Price of Dynamo-Electric Machines” (1897)
404 many, 5 many; telegraphic codes; tumults; woulds; many yet; John Macdonald (1817)
405 reversals, 1 reverie; reversals; rhyme or reason; telegraphic codes; withouts; John Macdonald (1817)
406 folding, faulting, and brecciation, 1 C. R. Van Hise & W. S. Bayley, The Marquette iron-bearing district of Michigan, with atlas (1897)
407 folding, faulting, and brecciation, 2 emphatic intrusions; iron; jaspalite; variorum; C. R. Van Hise & W. S. Bayley (1897)
408 induration, by weathering R. D. Irving & C. R. Van Hise, On secondary enlargements of mineral fragments in certain rocks (1884)
409 may have been dissolved away dissolution; polarised light; quartz; rounds; R. D. Irving & C. R. Van Hise (1884)
410 an ample field for and; annals of history; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
411 Other Faculty Business gpoy; Fred Lynch; doodling; drawing
412 somewhere or other, somehow or other somethings; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
413 at sea flotsam and jetsam; gpoy; Moira Hahn; Sea of Japan; temps perdu
414 return. carriage return; legibilities; light; remington
415 emulsions, 1 asphalt; deserts; emulsions; Lime House; ruination; temps perdu
416 Nacis Nali Cafiu Georges Boucher de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889); mud
417 mudscape deserts; mud; muds; temps perdu; John Macdonald (1817)
418 tar sands adrifts; asphalt; notations; sand; temps perdu; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
419 mud flats  mud; muds; surface structure
420 afters, 1 afters; detritus; holt rd; mud; muds
421 afters, 2 afters; detritus; holt rd; mud; muds
422 drawings from thin sections, D rounds; J. E. Spurr, Geology of the Tonopah Mining District, Nevada (1905)
423 drawings from thin sections, B rounds; J. E. Spurr, Geology of the Tonopah Mining District, Nevada (1905)
424 drawings from thin sections, A rhombs; rounds; J. E. Spurr, Geology of the Tonopah Mining District, Nevada (1905)
425 upon closer inspection, 1 azotic particle; period; remington; rounds 
426 upon closer inspection, 2 evaporation; experimental philosophy; molecular typography; period; periods; J. Dalton
427 Lubos Lubus / Wave to Wave George Boucher de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889); cinquains; waves
428 drawn by themselves drawing; mere transcripts; J. S. Russell, The Wave of Translation (1885)
429 Gone / For the sake of cinquains; sheet of water; G. B. de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889)
430 Gocis Cocos / thence on the other side cinquains; George Boucher de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889)
431 a distraction, like any other Quatremère-Disjonval; Araneae; distractions; meteorology; spiders; Blaise Cendrars, Dan Yack (1927, 1987)
432 erotic, in lieu of. 1 double registers; the erotic; in lieu of; nonsense; telegraphic codes; Blaise Cendrars
433 and apparently “just because.” haruspicy; failure; W. D. Peaslee, “The Insulator Situation” (1917)
434 in search for a suitable haruspicy; failure; W. D. Peaslee, “The Insulator Situation” (1917)
435 erotic, in lieu of. 2 BIHYOVEPZO...; double registers; the erotic; telegraphic codes; Blaise Cendrars, Dan Yack (1927, 1997)
436 or, in other words, a limited species... congeries of objects; in other words; mereology; A. Picket; J. W. Picket
437 or, in other words. 2 classification; congeries of objects; in other words; mereology; no motives; whiteness; A. Picket; J. W. Picket
438 or, in other words. 3 in other words; worse; worse o; o worse; words of course; John Macdonald (1817)
439 Prudential, 3 asemics; prudential; runes; trawlings
440 Prudential, 4 asemics; prudential; runes; trawlings
441 Prudential, 5 asemics; prudential; runes
442 Prudential, 6 asemics; excuse me; a kind of life; prudential; runes; telegraphic codes
443 envelope, 1 aurifeous deposits; envelope; mereology; H. M. Eakin; G. Deleuze
444 no exit miasma; mud; swamp; New England Primer (1762)
445 neither here nor there here; there; neither; scribble; Tokyo
446 on sens on sens; onsense; rust; signatures; Gottlob Frege, “On Sense and Reference” (1892)
447 Musnus, Mud, Muddy cinquains; langage des nomures; mud; one-eyed females; sullen; George Boucher de Boucherville
448 only idea / only time ideas; only obstacle; open country; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
449 so that the density of such bits remains relatively constant; CCL 252/600; CCL 380/54; C. O. Carlson, US Patent 3,279,095 (1966); Simone Weil
450 the indifference of all things detachment; indifference; rounds; C. O. Carlson; Simone Weil
451 compositions of matter / and for which there is no provision; CCL 252/600; CCL 380/54; composition; relation; C. O. Carlson; Simone Weil
452 As to explanation, life is too short for that advanced thought; hands; spirit portraiture; James Coates, Photographing the Invisible (1911)
453 requires simple, routine, and non-skilled activities gpoy; full disclosure; guidance department; literary activities
454 carbon carbon; materiality of writing; Tokyo; xywrite
455 knowing as he did, that autisms; knotty points; laconics; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
456 lines, 17 lines; out of focus; shadows; unknowns
457 shoveling, 1 G. Townsend Harley, “A Study of Shoveling as Applied to Mining” (1919)
458 shoveling, 2 performance; stoping; Taylorism; G. Townsend Harley, “A Study of Shoveling” (1919)
459 shoveling, 3 performance; stoping; Taylorism; G. Townsend Harley, “A Study of Shoveling” (1919)
460 the pleasure of the text one word at a time; A. C. Lescarboura, Behind the Motion-picture Screen (1921); David Gatten
461 no force capable of producing definite results clouds; fading; signs; Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms (1905); Gilles Deleuze
462 would scarcely be possible clouds; contingency of the encounter; Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms (1905); G. Deleuze
463 another shapeless rolling cloud clouds; shapelessness; Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms (1905); G. Deleuze
464 the entire absence of any personal emotion meaning; vagueness; Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms (1905); G. Deleuze
465 such as would instantly translate itself clouds; vagueness; Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater, Thought-Forms (1905); G. Deleuze
466 missings misling rain; missings; mistakes; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
467 circular polarization along the lines of force spectra; Mt. Hamilton; C. G. Abbot, “Solar Vortices and Magnetism in Sun Spots” (1908)
468 on inland navigation, and cutting files (a grafting) cutting files; grafts; inland navigation; rivers; violence
469 Is (are) on (his) their way out by small streams; well watered; F. G. McCutcheon, The imperial and colonial telegram code (1894)
470 a blur blur; error; more blur; F. G. McCutcheon, The imperial and colonial telegram code (1894)
471 a sublimity feeding the machine; lead; paint; the sublime; E. F. Ladd & E. E. Ware, Paints : Their Service Condition (1911)
472 enigmatic relations H. von Schrenk, The Decay of Timber (1902); V. Ugazio, “withdrawing from a conversation” (2013)
473 reading matter drawing; memory; palimpsest; San Jose; stains
474 hardware men, 1 faces; hardware; Los Angeles; Union Hardware; vm
475 hardware men, 2 faces; hardware; Los Angeles; Union Hardware; vm
476 this is in accordance with what might be expected. Au; auriferous deposits; E. Hatschek & A. L. Simon, “Gels in Relation to Ore Deposition“ (1912)
477 No, never. Not water. nots and nowheres; B. L. Watson, The telegraphic vocabulary, adapted for semaphoric telegraphs (1840)
478 we’ll see orts; asphalt; G. Deleuze & F. Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus (1987)
479 unknowns, 1 error; ends and means; unknowns
480 unknowns, 2 error; ends and means; unknowns
481 unknowns, 3 error; ends and means; unknowns
482 unknowns ends and means; error; matter; unwhere; Anne Blonstein
483 unknowns, 4 ends and means; error; unknowns
484 a system of molecular actions rounds; D. Brewster, “On the Colours of the Soap-Bubble“ (1867)
485 that, 1 telegraphic codes; that language; that attitude; that log-board is false; John Macdonald (1817)
486 that, 2 telegraphic codes; that jumble of nonsense; that less would do; John Macdonald (1817)
487 figures of equilibrium rounds; D. Brewster, “On the Colours of the Soap-Bubble” (1867)
488 sometimes form a sort of network... and at other times dilute; dendritic forms; japonisme; rounds; D. Brewster, “On the Colours of the Soap-Bubble” (1867)
489 nopar king infrastructure; no; signs; Lawrence, Massachusetts
490 a few words set loose in the heat heat; words; a few words; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817); Jacques Dupin
491 as to the results metallurgy; mining; H. Lundberg, “Magnetic Surveys with Helicopters” (1947)
492 in thickness, thought telegraphic codes; thickness; F. G. McCutcheon, The Imperial and Colonial Telegram Code (1894)
493 as to the results, a few scattered spots a few small stragglers; incoherence; reaping hook; E. Walter Maunder, on Sun-spots (1896)
494 researches on, 1 cytochromes; spectra; C. A. Mac Mun, “Researches on Myohaematin and the Histohaematins” (1886)
495 researches on, 2 cytochromes; spectra; C. A. Mac Mun, “Researches” (1886)
496 researches on, 3 cytochromes; unconnection; C. A. Mac Mun, “Researches” (1886); C. S. Peirce
497 researches on, 4 cytochromes; C. A. Mac Mun, “Researches” (1886)
498 ends ends and means; grays; twilight; C. S. Peirce
499 or for themselves homonymy; lexicon; short sentences; Gertrude Stein, Short Sentences (1932)
500 context, out of lines; out of context; trawlings
501 Despinto, Desplomese matter; means; telegraphic codes; uncertain lines; The Imperial and Colonial Telegram Code (1894)
502 reading matter obstacles; things; Simone Weil
503 interruption interruption; thought forms; words; Merce Cunningham; Simone Weil
504 inflexions color; inflexions; obscurity; ornithology; Robert Ridgway
505 Here was our water. J. Smeaton Chase, California Desert Trails (1919); J. S. Brown, Routes to Desert Watering Places (1920)
506 bifocal, 1 accident; contraryes; glasses; inconstancy; John Donne
507 bifocal, 2 glasses
508 bifocal, 3 accident; glasses; levitation
509 that is a field folded accident; fields; folds; memory; Robert Duncan
510 glyphs, of sorts desert; glyphs; legibility; signs of nature
511 manzanita strips Anza Borrego; desert; memory; thickets; turns
512 parts of speech desert; glyphs; mereology; ruination
513 239. a mazefull solitarinesse found; scribble; trawlings; Sir Philip Sidney
514 exploitations desert; legibilities; rock
515 down we went into the maze Carrizo Creek; deserts; sea level; water; J. Smeaton Chase, California Desert Trails (1919)
516 patches, various colors; Montreal; patches; Cory Archangel
517 patches, fewer Montreal; walls
518 Le noir est le début de tout... black; walls; whiteness; Christian Lacroix
519 we’ll see. 2. clouds; corrections; errors; orts; sediment; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
520 where to look, 1 grays; rectangles; reference; Pitman’s Where to Look (1907)
521 where to look, 2 another; jasmine; sentences; Pitman’s Where to Look (1907); Unica Zürn
522 patterns of every shilling; patches; patchwork; patter; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
523 a thin mud. Au; metallurgy; mud; T. Kirke Rose, The Metallurgy of Gold (1898)
524 the stuff, being composed of smalls classification; conditionals; Wm. H. Borlase, “Description of the Lead-Ore Washing Plant” (1903)
525 with the eyes you had eyes; glasses; sight; youth; Stan Brakhage; Hollis Frampton
526 all these strange contradictions consolations; conatus; D. G. Thompson, USGS Water Supply Paper 578 (1929); G. Leopardi, Zibaldone
527 and neglecting those near at hand attention; A. Le Sueur, “Spectroscopic Observations” and “On the Nebulae” (1870); G. Leopardi, Zibaldone
528 the enemy of the garden, is nature. orts; philosophical gardens; Andras Korondi; Ian Hamilton Finlay
529 oppugnatus per naturam... legibility issues; orts; ruination; Andras Korondi
530 semi colons distractions; meeting; scribble; semicolons
531 “building presence” distractions; fibonacci; meeting; scribble
532 in the vicinity of the weld distortion; W. W. Webster & E. L. Patch, “Heat Treatment of Wrought-Iron Chain Cable” (1917)
533 charcoal, 1 charcoal; champion clog dancer; dance; Woods’s Bohemian Telegraph Code (1886)
534 charcoal, 2 charcoal; Standard Cipher Code of the American Railway Association (1906); L. Wittgenstein On Certainty
535 all charcoal is not alike charcoal; the seasons; F. J. Hoxie, “Spontaneous ignition” (1917)
536 new high insula insulae; lettering; Los Angeles; J. A. Kingsley & T. F. Barnes, Printers and Engravers (1893)
537 charcoal, 3 charcoal; Los Angeles; humans forming letters or numerals; humans forming punctuation
538 nor is metallurgy limited by the microscope grain growth; metallurgy; vitriol; A. E. White, “The Constitution and Properties of Boiler Tubes” (1920)
539 thus producing a beauty; shades; J. A. Ewing & W. Rosenhain, “The Crystalline Structure of Metals” (1900); Leopardi
540 of definite geometrical form cadmium; metallurgy; rounds; J. A. Ewing & W. Rosenhain, “Crystalline Structure” (1900)
541 a consequence of straining aesthetics of technical images; lead-bismuth eutectic; metallurgy; rounds; J. A. Ewing; Walter Rosenhain
542 the errors to which sight blind; blindness; braille; error; Denis Diderot; Gwendolyn MacEwen;
543 rather loose in the aspirates aspirates; grammar; Lindley Murray; Woods’s Bohemian Telegraph Code (1886)
544 interferences blocks; borders; Walter Rosenhain, An Introduction to the Study of Physical Metallurgy (1914)
545 abababal jolifanto, ababedem bambla dada; in the air; telegraphic codes; Hugo Ball; August Stramm; Bauer’s Telegramm-Schlüssel (1913)
546 The place may be in Kashmir, the sands of Tibet... asthma; deserts; escape; remedies; Sadakichi Hartmann, My Crucifixion (1931)
547 any novelty may write king of the invisible wire; sycamore; variety artistes; Woods’s Bohemian Telegraph Code (1886)
548 Abdicate / Such absurd nonsense absurdity; nonsense; Woods’s Bohemian Telegraph Code (1886)
549 aparaskeuos, – on, always thus Greek; scribble
550 after two years’ wear grays; lead; ten minutes; H. A. Gardner, Paint Technology and Tests (1911); Haruki Murakami
551 and other signs of failure; loss of color; paint; rust; structure; tectonics; H. A. Gardner, Paint Technology and Tests (1911)
552 to live inside fewer words every few minutes; fewer words; grays; years passed by; David Gatten; Haruki Murakami
553 how they will work in practice, however corrosion; natural philosophy; paint; A. H. Gardner, Paint Technology and Tests (1911)
554 contractions, 1 contractions; if then; is to as is to
555 contractions, 2 contractions; if then; is to as is to
556 contractions, 3 contractions; if then; is to as is to
557 contractions, 4 contractions; if then; is to as is to
558 importance of field tests corrosion; steel; H. A. Gardner, “Structural Paint Tests” (1911)
559 Theatrical entertainments, 873 at sea; the; telegraphic codes; theatrical entertainments; John Macdonald (1817)
560 uncommonly wrong numbers; telegraphic codes; un's; John Macdonald (1817)
561 30% off analog glitch; firewood; grass; Gumuruk; it is not as if; paper; surat kabar; NYT
562 scarcity, of detail analog glitch; detail; grass; NYT; Willa Cather
563 takeaway, 1 house of cards; lines; scribble
564 takeaway, 2 lines; notes; scribble
565 adrift, very adrift; mud; mysterious business; very; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
566 well where asphalt; local color; telegraphic codes; water; well watered; John Macdonald (1817)
567 abrasions ruination; scratches; telegraphic codes; unknowns; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
568 abrasions, other side abrasions; side; other side; telegraphic codes; unknowns; wind; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
569 Offusarum, side by side, 1 abrasions; side; telegraphic codes; weather; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
570 Offusarum, side by side, 2 abrasions; safety; side; side by side; telegraphic codes; weather; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
571 wants, 1 on the wane; wants; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908); Alejandra Pizarnik
572 stanzaic forms architecture; ends and means; clay brick; Istanbul; Bedford McNeill; McNeill’s Code (1908)
573 dinamika romantika dialektika enthusiasms; kerontjong; renungan
574 such a heap of small indistinct appearances mereology; zinc; W. Bion, “A Theory of Thinking,” (1967); J. Sowerby, British Mineralogy (1811)
575 a very noisy spark frustration; W. Bion, “A Theory of Thinking” (1967); C. C. Scheck, “Some Properties...” (1901)
576 何でも hardware; iron; tools; China
577 overneemt / if somewhere asides; errors and wrecks; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
578 old workings asides; margins; old workings; plywood; staple; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
579 sandy deposit sand; sands; see also’s; surface works; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
580 sandy deposit, 2 sand; sands; tangle; washery; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
581 due to weathering of adrifts; asphalt; ruination; substrates; weathering; Bedford McNeil, McNeill’s Code (1908)
582 but this was all very uncertain diffuse light; seemings; George Jones, Observations on Zodiacal Light (1856)
583 and may even give up without making a sign agraphia; handwriting; muddles; paresis; Emil Kraepelin, Clinical Psychiatry (1907)
584 draw cotton; drawing; fibers; rounds; J. M. Matthews, The Textile Fibres (1916)
585 draw, 2 alphabet; asemics; cotton; drawing; fibers; rounds; runes; J. M. Matthews, The Textile Fibres (1916)
586 the gross technical errors dada; disorderliness; loops, dropped; stocking; Emil Kraepelin, General Paresis (1913)
587 are too indistinct to be reproduced satisfactorily duration; Willa Cather; R. W. Wood, “On the Cause of Dark Lightning and the Clayden Effect” (1899)
588 that came to the surface only here and there fields; intervals; uncertain lines; P. H. Eykman, “A new graphic system of craniology” (1900); Willa Cather
589 on method, 1 emblematics; method; miasma; telegraphic codes; Bedford McNeill, McNeill’s Code (1908)
590 to be distorted by unreckoned-with factors handwriting; unreckoned-with factors; which bear no relation; Emil Kraepelin, General Paresis (1913)
591 the lack of decision in the writing asemics; ataxia; handwriting; Emil Kraepelin, General Paresis (1913)
592 questions. what are, where. character; falling away; Google Glass; knowledge; oceanic; scribble; smart clothes; Rachel Cusk
593 outlier scales body; mineralized scales; polypterus senegalus; scribble; smart clothes; Christine Ortiz
594 to leave old hands far behind authoriton; improvements; legibles; logotypes; Barlomiej Beniowski, Improvements in printing (1854)
595 having been heaved out from the abyss of nothingness errors; phantoms; “principle of familiarity”; Barlomiej Beniowski, Handbook of Phrenotypics (1852)
596 adrep adort adrift accident; adrifts; delays; period; telegraphic codes; Co-operative Wholesale Society Private Code
597 if wall(s), unless wall(s) Pergamum; Turkey; telegraphic codes; walls; (Bedford) McNeill’s Code (1908)
598 Sekuriteit exposure; Pergamum; ruination; threes; Turkey; telegraphic codes; walls; (Bedford) McNeill’s Code (1908)
599 a nail, to hang his thoughts on (2) mnemonics; nails; tables; J. R. Murden, The art of memory, reduced... (1818); Joseph Joubert 
600 conceptual writing grid; penetrating screen; tables; F. B. Gilbreth and L. M. Gilbreth, “Chronocyclegraph Motion Devices” (1919)
601 much strained chaos; J. A. Ewing and W. Rosenhain, “Experiments in Micro-metallurgy:—Effects of Strain” (1899)
602 This was really the weakest point in the whole work confidence; C. V. Raman, “The Curvature Method of determining the Surface-Tension of Liquids” (1907)
603 perscrutari occulta cogitation; deserts; discovery; erosions; invention; meditation; method; Hugh of Saint Victore
604 the surfaces of the oolite beds lithography; memory; G. J. Scharf; G. P. Scrope, “On the Ripple-Marks and Tracks” (1831); Harun Farocki
605 folding of the plates failure; Quebec Bridge collapse; the unlived life; Willa Cather, Alexander’s Bridge (1912)
606 angle torn to pieces alienation; failure; iron; Quebec Bridge collapse; the unlived life; Willa Cather, Alexander’s Bridge (1912)
607 torn, sheared and bent failure; iron; Quebec Bridge collapse; W. Cather, Alexander’s Bridge (1912); A. Phillips, Missing Out (2012)
608 reducer with a tuft of cotton cotton; dance; pictorialism; softness; E. R. Dickson, “The Dance” (1917); (Bedford) McNeill’s Code (1908)
609 the same pile after making a few changes M. H. Stillman, “Photographic Methods of Detecting Changes in a Complicated Group of Objects” (1921)
610 the rutile inclusions, 1 rutile; T. L. Watson & S. Taber, Geology of the titanium and apatite deposits of Virginia (1913)
611 the rutile inclusions, 2 Emblemata Ambulare (1993); T. L. Watson & S. Taber, Geology of the titanium and apatite deposits (1913)
612 what other colors have you? colors; ruination; whats; whens; whys; J. S. Kornicker, Century Standard Telegraphic Code (1907)
613 It all hung together, seemed to have a kind of composition; H. S. Rawdon & Marjorie G. Lorentz, “Metallographic Etching Reagents: I” (1921); Willa Cather
614 that I would lose the whole in the parts Rosenhain & Tucker, “Eutectic Research... Lead and Tin” (1908); W. Cather, The Professor’s House (1925)
615 a severe test Rosenhain & Tucker, “Eutectic Research... Lead and Tin” (1908); W. Cather, The Professor’s House (1925)
616 tuning the ears listening; tunings; vade mecum; H. H. Stuckenschmidt, Twentieth Century Music (1969)
617 the one on the page, and another behind that chance; Rosenhain & Tucker, “Eutectic Research...” (1908); W. Cather, The Professor’s House (1925)
618 no image with semblance of doubt; slowness; S. W. J. Smith, “Thermomagnetic Analysis...” (1908); V. Woolf, To the Lighthouse (1927)
619 errata corrigenda; errata; for north read south; mea culpa; poutin goutward
620 physical memoirs, 1 ruination; states of matter; Physical Memoirs (1888)
621 physical memoirs, 2 J. D. Van der Waals, “The Continuity of the Liquid and Gaseous States,” Physical Memoirs (1888)
622 any otherwise than by points drawing; impossible for the Painter; A. Leeuwenhoek, “Observations on the Muscular Fibres of Fish” (1721)
623 when will operations commence? asemics; fugue; telegraphic codes; John W. Hartfield (1912); WU (1900)
624 on total immersion tests ASTM; failures; immersion; iron; steel; W. A. Selvig, “Mine Water Immersion Tests” (1921)
625 trying to recover its character metallurgy; rounds; H. Baucke, “On the action of electrolytes on metals under stress” (1912)
626 being are too much deteriorated flaws; metallurgy; rounds; sic; H. Baucke, “On the action of electrolytes on metals under stress” (1912)
627 in the neighborhood of flaws aesthetics of technical images; corrosion; rounds; H. Baucke, “On the action of electrolytes” (1912)
628 dropped apart in my hands Macgregor & Stoughton, “A new method of testing the endurance of case-hardened gears and pinions” (1911)
629 bundle scribble; the unexamined life; walking; H. D. Thoreau
630 upheave, 1 accretions; New Orleans; reconstructions; upheaves
631 upheave, 2 accretions; New Orleans; reconstructions; upheaves
632 upheave, 3 a further account; New Orleans; upheaves; wheres; wrongs
633 a trellis, of sorts  
634 better thus, 1  
635 better thus, 2  
636 at each instant  
637 a piece of an old nail nails; shall-and-will-iana; the Irish difficulty; skiagraphy; G. Molloy, “Short account of an experiment” (1898)
638 and so frequently associated paper models; W. D. Conybeare, “...and Ulterior Prospects of Geological Science” (1831)
639 denudation of forges denudations; obscurities; W. D. Conybeare, “and Ulterior Prospects of Geological Science” (1831)
640 if the eye could be substituted for the ear 250 wpm; speed; C. A. Hoxie, “A visual and photographic device for recording radio signals” (1921)
641 What new-fangled notion now? You will blur the line. Will you pull the wire?       Lillie Eginton Warren
642 what new-fangled notions, 1-5 the thigh; the whole, gathered with other (earlier) derivations, available as pdf (of page spreads) here
643 what new-fangled notions, 6-10 My whip. My mouth. The arm. My whim.       Lillie Eginton Warren
644 what new-fangled notions, 11-15 The pronoun she. Pull the rope.       Lillie Eginton Warren
645 what new-fangled notions, 16-20 I rove far from home. You know both. Throw me a pillow.       Lillie Eginton Warren
646 what new-fangled notions, 21-25 We were out in deep water. A trip to the moon.       Lillie Eginton Warren
647 what new-fangled notions, 36-40 A little matter should not baffle you.       Lillie Eginton Warren
648 all within reach of his hand failings; rounds; ruination; Tokyo; Willa Cather, Death Comes for the Archbishop (1927); Artur Schnabel
649 what new-fangled notions, 31-35 Anywhere you wish. Do you know the depth of the well?       Lillie Eginton Warren
650 not exactly indifferent. ruination; 3×5; Willa Cather, The Old Beauty (1937)
651 but it is badly cut or the foam of the wave; Willa Cather; T. L. Watson, The Granites and Gneisses of Georgia (1902)
652 what new-fangled notions, 36-40 What an awkward man!       Lillie Eginton Warren
653 orderly progress “invented or ‘pathological’ language”; scribble; Lillie Eginton Warren, Defective Speech and Deafness (1895)
654 Deep(er) (see also Depth) depths; dots; drawing; encodings; glassine; telegraphic codes; Nicolas de Staël
655 what new-fangled notions, 41-45 We crossed a ridge of the mountains. We crossed a bridge over a stream.       Lillie Eginton Warren
656 what new-fangled notions, afterword cento; Lillie Eginton Warren
657 apparently in the form of  
658 dead weight, 1  
659 dead weight, 2  
660 the edge of a hat  
661 well, he had missed it, whatever it was  
662 teeth and pilcrows  
663 the lid once off  
664 the very objects  
665 readies, not readies  
666 syllables I had never heard  
667 late. late intelligence. lateness.  
668 the way in which the break is made  
669 by metamorphic agencies  
670 see cross sea  
671 yet for all  
672 because  
673 by the accretion of sparse, 1  
674 by the accretion of sparse, 2  
675 entr'acte, 1  
676 entr'acte, 2  
677 entr'acte, 3  
678 on account of moonlight, twilight or clouds E. S. Holden; astronomical messages; becauses; on accounts; telegraphic codes
679 experimental reading, 1  
680 composition change of the surface layer  
681 by which the microstructure is revealed  
682 comfortless, swimming notions  
683 theory of permeability / further speculation  
684 and every / has its own  
685 no sign / binds  
686 suggestive of the margin of the great lake  
687 extreme position  
688 experiments on punching, experiments on shearing  
689 forming a layer of scoria or dross  
690 its bitter, useless waters J. Smeaton Chase; memory; mud; tire jetty; Salton Sea; memory
691 its bitter, useless waters, 2 Edith Summers Kelley; deserts; memory; Salton Sea; water
692 its bitter, useless waters, 3 Edith Summers Kelley; deserts; memory; Salton Sea; water
693 lithograph desert; erasures; faults; lithography; memory; Oak Grove; porosities; rock
694 its bitter, useless waters, 4 G. Wharton James; illusion; mirage; prospecting; salt; Salton Sea; water
695 its bitter, useless waters, 5 G. Wharton James; desert; deserts; more or less thick with; mud; playa; Salton Sea; water
696 its bitter, useless waters, 6 J. S. Russell; littoral; memory; rounds; waves; waves of translation
697 its bitter, useless waters, 7 Antony Réal; rounds; stick; sticks; Salton Sea
698 that heap of sand-atoms artefactual clouds; deserts; halftone dots; obscurity; sand; J. Smeaton Chase, Our Araby (1920)
699 this new consition. change; consition; metamorphosis; mutability; V; VM; William Van Roo
700 its bitter, useless waters, 8 rounds; Salton Sea; waves; words; Rebecca Elson
701 diffusion phenomena diffusion phenomena; ditch riding; geological reconnaissance; Idaho; rounds; J. B. Umpleby
702 their Virtues, their different Natures hot and cold; mineral waters; Virtues; water; whether; whether imitable by art; D. Friderick Hoffman
703 generally is indefinite and ill defined deserts; indefinites; salt; sand; water; Willa Cather; W. C. Mendenhall
704 an eddy, 1 excavation; laminations; plates; steel
705 an eddy, 2 excavation; laminations; plates; steel
706 cleavage plane theory / hieroglyphs  
707 slough sloughs slow, a small island  
708 showing the beginnings  
709 like a stretched string sounding its fundamental note  
710 and consequently the individuals become more  
711 seance seaside seasonage  
712 talisman talmudical tangential  
713 wherever iron-bearing waters occur  
714 with more or less distinctiveness  
715 good. bad. but. and. what kind of.  
716 that it could remain so fixed  
717 or a book of tides / and mutterings  
718 magical, obscure  
719 stress of weather, uity, ously, weather tide  
720 venture into uncertainty  
721 hands how to listen  
722 a view of the littoral, 1  
723 a few of the littoral, 2  
724 something equivalent to rain  
725 of driving forward  
726 the outer curve of which W. G. Smeeth; Spinoza; Yannis Kyriakides; curves; feeling unfeeling; pitchstone; quartz; rounds
727 a smooth workmanlike finish H. M. Hobart; Claude Glass; breathing test; steel; tests
728 then at least H. M. Hobart; Georgina Harding; at leasts; breathing test; ohne worte; steel; tests
729 nothing in themselves H. M. Hobart; Georgina Harding; William Cronon; alumina; metallurgy; steel; streaks
730 streaks and marks marks; steel; streaks; tests; Watertown Arsenal
731 streaks and marks, 2 marks; steel; streaks; tests; Watertown Arsenal
732 breaks and inclusions alumina; breaks and inclusions; defects; metallurgy; steel; August B. Wilson; Claude Glass
733 with our present knowledge alumina; inclusions; metallurgy; scratches; steel; G. F. Comstock
734 yes, no; yet a more more; no; telegraphic codes; yes; John Macdonald (1817)
735 in every instance returns; telegraphic codes; wrongs; yes; John Macdonald (1817)
736 if not in words deafness; words; words liable to error; André Aciman
737 roughly to the map of an archipelago archipelago; archipelagics; lines; Percifor Frazer, Bibliotics (1901)
738 (Bad Girl) author at home) Bad Girl; typewriter; awkward; flapper?; Viña Delmar
739 deep in the deepest part deeps; outcrop geology; quarry; Percifor Frazer, Geology of Lancaster Country (1877)
740 blebby rounded grains botryoidal structure; outcrop geology; forensics; rounds; P. Frazer, Geology of Lancaster Country (1877)
741 what is a field? fields; metallurgy; metamorphosis; H. C. H. Carpenter; Rebecca Elson
742 The Mural Quadrant, The Guardian of the Harvest north; G. Rubie, The British Celestial Atlas (1830)
743  The Owl. The Air Balloon. The Cat. The Printing Press. south; celestial alphabet; G. Rubie, The British Celestial Atlas (1830)
744 read wrong, 1 du bout de la pensée; flora; lines; scribble; trawlings; Georgina Harding, The Spy Game (2009)
745 read wrong, 2 flora; lines; scribble; trawlings; WSJ; Georgina Harding, The Spy Game (2009)
 746 read wrong, 3 lines; ruination; scribble; trawlings; Georgina Harding, The Spy Game (2009)
747 and incompletely developed halos pleochroic halos; rounds; F. Soddy, The Interpretation of radium (1920)
748 clearing, 1 bodymaps; forgetting; loose tolerances; H. M. Eakin; Georgina Harding The Spy Game (2009)
 749 clearing, 2 bodymaps; false memory; memory; words; H. M. Eakin; Georgina Harding, The Spy Game (2009)
750 memorable things lost, which were in use desiderata; lists; things lost; things newly found; rounds; Guido Pancirolli; Vera Keller
751 to sell (goods) by retail; to parcel out; to recount or tell again in detail; Rigid Model 500 pipe threader; hardware; H. Hood, Be Sure to Close Your Eyes (1993)
752 which afforded so perfect an example of graphic arrangement; alphabet; blind; labyrinthian digressions; Edward Hitchcock; Orra White Hitchcock
753 retarding all progress lost; slipping away; tailings; telegraphic codes; Peter Handke; Bedford McNeill (1899)
754 misplaced savannah palimpsest; ruination; savannah; walls
755 misplaced savannah, 2 palimpsest; ruination; savannah; walls
756 with our present knowledge, 2 alumina; birds; failure; G. F. Comstock, “A Study of Inclusions of Alumina in Steel” (1917)
757 and blue “ighest” blue; celestial alphabet; emblematics; something in the distance; S. B. Beal, Plain Directions (1868)
758 in the obscure background which were wholly irrelevant dust storm; approaching storm; irrelevance; obscurity; visual perception; Anna Sophie Rogers
759 The weather, I think, must be changing. (4) envelope; Japan; mountains; postmarked
760 26004-26006 serge; wool; telegraphic codes; Andrews Bros., Serges & Coatings sample book (1926)
761 not a place that curves; nots and nowheres; residue; scribble
762 scoured asphalt; bloom; matter; rounds; scoured; steel
763 out of the blue blue; mirror; mirrors; La France Instant Bluing; Viña Delmar
764 shuffle, 1 analog glitch; Good Housekeeping; 1957; lines; sample; shuffle
765 shuffle, 2 analog glitch; Good Housekeeping; 1957; lines; sample; shuffle
766 shuffle, 3 analog glitch; Good Housekeeping; 1957; lines; sample; shuffle; “sluggish cognitive tempo”
767 un’s, unmoored unmoorings; unmeaning; un; uns; John Macdonald (1817)
768 shuffle, 4 analog glitch; Good Housekeeping; 1957; lines; sample; shuffle; un; unmoorings
769 that any definiteness of structure appears definiteness; littoral; metallurgy; steel
770 when equilibrium is reached combinatorics; metallurgy; steel; zinc; weather
771 frame, of mind frames; mind; representations; ohne worte
 772 a cloudy effect cloudy effects; error; pictorialism; unintention; Charles Maus Taylor, Why My Photographs Are Bad (1902)
773 26019-26021 decay; deception; serge; wool; telegraphic codes; Andrews Bros., Serges & Coatings sample book (1926)
774 you pass through forests of splendid timber language of flowers; wilds; veneer of civilization; dreamscape; forests; Frederick Marryat
775 rapidly optimist, omniferious cable; cablegram; diversions; telegraphic codes; Ager’s Telegram Code (1880)
776 and those unseen aërial breakers aviation; meteorology; un; uns; Ford Ashman Carpenter, The Aviator and the Weather Bureau (1917)
777 a, b, c, d, and e alphabet; cast iron; cast-iron mud; metallography; metallurgy; mud; H. S. Rawdon; S. Epstein; Mira Schendel
778 in this case armor plate, speak for themselves oxyacetylene welding; cutting; failure; form; labor; race; steel; R. S. Johnson
779 whose atmosphere is less transparently clear Henrietta P. Keith and Eleanor A. Cummins, Practical Studies: Interior Decoration and Furnishing (1906)
780 blown out of the way cutting; steel; R. S. Johnston. An investigation of oxyacetylene welding and cutting blowpipes (1922)
781 seizing on detail, then seizing up deserts; detail; scribble; Mary Delany
782 more important than beauty as if; failure; non-ferrous metals; “Photomicrograph of Dessert Fork”; surfaces; A. McWilliam; W. R. Barclay
783 for the most part, familiar words for the most part; ink; nameless; telegraphic codes; E. B. Scott
784 again, it is not mere chance Canada balsam; Claude Glass; iron; magnetism; polarities; W. D. Francis; C. A. Kofoid
785 arrange themselves in the direction of the light chromatinic structures; iron; magnetism; and some other organisms; W. D. Francis
786 curious concretions. arms and legs. arms and legs; Lower Coal Measures; curious children; curious concretions; J. H. Everett; G. F. Pickering
787 hands could not behands, and leaped hands; more hands; Philip Meadows Taylor, Confessions of a Thug (1839)
788 curious concretions. arms and legs. 2 curious children; J. J. Everett and G. F. Pickering, “Notes on Some Sections in Elland Road, Leeds” (1920)
789 ortwerk orts; local color; nb
790 was released so rapidly that it formed a vacuum conduit; damage; failure; infrastructure; sub-architecture; tectonics; G. K. Gilbert et al
791 and therefore on the line of an old fault conduit; damage; failure; faults; infrastructure; sub-architecture; tectonics; Lewis Baltz; G. K. Gilbert et al
792  asphalt lime asphalt; decay; disintegration; lime; lines; unreal city
793 color chart #25 colleagues; color; paint; Rob Roy
794 and from it stones have been thrown empedoclean view; economic geology; Lassen Peak; G. C. Brown; Horace
795 under the circumstances cabin life; a certain class; melancholia; ruination; inventiveness; initiative; A. W. Hoisholt
796 when the ship began to sink the about; sentences; signs and symptoms; sinking; symptoms; A. Wimmer
797 deflection very irregular; too scattered deflection; code instruction; scatter; tables; telegraphy
798 the fewer intentions. indentations; intentions; fewer intentions; marks; W. T. Lee; F. H. Knowlton; Maria Lassnig
799 curves of abstraction rivers; water; C. L. Hull, Evolution of Concepts; H. J. Dean and H. D. McGlashan, Water-Supply Paper 300
800 solely of the voids in the gravel bed, 1 infrastructure; submerged dam; Los Angeles; water; J. D. Schuyler; B. O. Reynolds
801 solely of the voids in the gravel bed, 2 infrastructure; submerged dam; razor’s edge; Los Angeles; water; J. D. Schuyler
802 a decade earlier, 1 blotches; dots; enoughs; CMYK; sastra indonesia; stains; Mary Ruefle
803  a decade earlier, 2 dots; enoughs; paper; static; CMYK; looking; Kevin McColley; Mary Ruefle
804 find a difficulty difficulties; fields; filtering stones; instances; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
805 or as silent as fields; index; JeeJ; Mary Gilman; John Todd, Index Rerum
806 from the ruins of un cimetière; fields; flora; flowers; index; ruination; ZuuZ; Mary Gilman; John Todd, Index Rerum
807 or, in fewer words full of worms; in other words; telegraphic codes; work; worms; worse; John Macdonald (1817)
808 stalemate of dust and desire. construction; dust; remington; rounds; William Faulkner, The Sound and the Fury (1929)
809 walls 12 construction; marks; scratches; walls; William Faulkner
810 zone of impoverishment / among dusty shelves certitudes; dust; euphemisms; William Faulkner; T. A. Richard, “The Indicator Vein” (1900)
811 the patient deciphering of complicated systems grays; mining; vapor of words; T. A. Richard, “A plea for greater simplicity in the language of science.” (1902)
812 interference a kind of lace; glimpses; interference; noise; remington; rounds; rumble
813 submerged and barren Dallington Brook; mosses; M. J. Berkeley; H. N. Dixon, “A Preliminary List of Northamptonshire Mosses”
814 is worthy of imitation Cecile George; finding things; Beeby Thompson, “The Cow Meadow Gravel Pit.” (1904)
815 but on the whole, and for most purposes too much argillaceous matter; Northamptonshire; Beeby Thompson, “The Cow Meadow Gravel Pit.” (1904)
816 you know my method. it is a great sifting process. “the Aeolian agency;” dry-blowing; wind replaces water; alluvial deposits; method; T. A. Rickard; C. S. Peirce
817 sticks, thicket hurst; infrastructure; meander; motoring; sticks; thicket; Ian Hamilton Finlay
818 at a proper distance, 1 oak; distances; oolite; trees; R. G. Scriven. “The Trees of Northamptonshire. No. 1. Gog;” Wm. Shenstone
819 at a proper distance, 2 oak; trees; Wm. Shenstone; R. G. Scriven. “The Trees of Northamptonshire. No. 1. Gog;” Guy Davenport
820 is a very awkward one, so far as, 1 awkward; trees; willow; Journal of the Northamptonshire Natural History Society and Field Club (1882)
821 is a very awkward one, so far as, 2 damage; trees; willow; wind; Journal of the Northants. Natural History Society and Field Club (1882)
822 rusted shut apologies; hardware; pliers; retail; stress; tools
823 scuffed knees apiary; hardware; iron; knees; pliers; pollen; rust; Gelett Burgess, “The Whaup and the Whimbrel” (1906)
824 ands, ends extremities; dangling participles; hardware; iron; pliers; rust
825 that a scratch may have some curvature counters; hardware stores; mathematics; scratches; trajectories; W. H. Roever; B. C. Legans, Cerro (2009)
826 deviations of falling bodies deviations; error; hubris; night skies; premilinary [sic]; W. H. Roever, “Deviations of Falling Bodies.” (1915)
827 for I knew in general what it contain’d hardware stores; Daniel Defoe, The Life and Strange Surprizing Adventures of Robinson Crusoe (1719)
828 wanted for weft, wanted for twist cotton; hardware; O. B. Graham & Co.’s Telegraphic Code (1868); Anne Tyler, Morgan’s Passing (1980)
829 nameless what deserts; metallurgy; nameless; sands; telegraphic codes; E. B. Scott; A. K. Huntington; W. G. McMillan
830 to be confronted with things departure; detachment; post-its; things; Paul Valéry; Giacomo Leopardi; Simone Weil
831 Can you speak of hardware to me at a time such as this? human hardware store; nails; foreign bodies; R. C. Kemp, Diseases of the Stomach (1917)
832 scourings clouds; edges; scourings; water; Simone Weil
833 a stone thrown into (the) notes; poor light; scribble; Sydney; Doris Lessing
834 state of partial absorption notes; obscurity; vagaries of mental; Sydney; John Plotz; Willa Cather
835 tear us away from beauty; perspective; tears; Sydney; Simone Weil
836 marginalia cypher; drawer fic; marginalia; squares; Sydney
837 from the litter of broken words  blackboards; litter; palimpsest; Sydney; Virginia Woolf, The Years (1937)
838 overlay. afterlay. blackboards; vorticism; writing; Sydney; Lyn Hejinian
839 we are here. how we got here. experimental; marginalia; scribble; squares; walking; Sydney; Martin Harrison; Simone Weil
840 lines, 18 infrastructure; lines; marks; Kajigaya; Tokyo; Virginia Woolf
841 its own reason for dots; marks; reasons; Oz; Martin Harrison
842 abstractions abstraction; lines; Oz; veins; Virginia Woolf
843 a sail south. a sail north. bend sails. China; “for the use of the Lintin fleet;” opium; signal codes; tide; wind
844 landscape any longer blue; dirt; real estate; walking; Tokyo; Virginia Woolf
845 outlook, inlook beton; curves; ruination; slow; Tokyo; windows
846 outlook, inlook 2 sentences; Tokyo; walls; Virginia Woolf
847 atoms danced apart and massed themselves.  things; Tokyo; walls; Simone Weil; Virginia Woolf
848 that had for a moment lost their identity Tokyo; waiting; rub out the word; that kind of day; Virginia Woolf
849 directly something got together, it broke. Tokyo; walls; Virginia Woolf
850 up at the windows... it was impossible to say... crossings; rub out the word; Tokyo; walls; windows; Virginia Woolf
851 and from water soul metamorphosis; ruination; water; 大山祇神社; Heraclitus
852 camphor. change. camphor; change; metamorphosis; 大山祇神社; Heraclitus
853 the fairest order. onsense; sweepings; Tokyo; Heraclitus; Virginia Woolf
854 how things, 1 confusion; Niihama; substance; tear; torn; Spinoza
855 how things, 2 Niihama; ruination; walls; weathering
856 how things, 3 aeon; genres; mutability; Niihama; rust; walls
857 the same necessity evolutions; horizon; necessity; offing; signal codes; Bigot de Morogues; Spinoza
858 beyond bitumen, confusion. before and after; telegraphic codes; John Wills, Telegraphic Congressional Reporter (1847)
859 hurtlessly loud and clear loud; loud and clear; as loud as possible; (Russell) Hunting talking machine telegraphic code (1898)
860 wandering and mixing things mixing; unsubstantial territories; Tokyo; walls; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
861 or night, and day 電信暗号; Komatsu Keigo, Free Communication Telegraphic Code (1904); Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
862 idle thoughts. no words. idle thoughts; no words; 上田, 貢太郎; Ueda Kotaro; Ueta Kotaro
863 last heard of. luggage. lunatic asylum.  index; indexical tale; lunatic verse; Oz; police codes; telegraphic codes
864 like paper ruination; shoji; windows; Tokyo; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
865 like paper, 2, 3 real estate; ruination; shoji; windows; Tokyo
866 there I go ruination; Tokyo; walls; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
867 if you admit the violence ruination; tatami; Tokyo; walls
868 and too vaguely and vaguely; Tokyo; 台風; typhoon; winds; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
869 where there was chaos chaos; endpaper; idle thoughts; ohne worte; telegraphic codes; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
870 the box of curios endpaper; The Box of Curios Printing and Publishing; telegraphic codes; 今井 友次郎 (Imai Tomojiro)
871 yard per yard detail; deterioration; ruination; scars; telegraphic codes
872 or any exposure but the apparitions; cotton; erasure; exposure; of a greenish be; glass; mill construction; walls
873 the fogging effect F. E. Nipher, “On the Nature of the Electric Discharge. The One-Fluid and the Two-Fluid Theories.” (1910)
874 the fogging effect, 2 bark; energy fields; sycamore
875 negative line, by a luminous glow discharge; glow; negative lines; lines; F. E. Nipher, “On the Nature of the Electric Discharge” (1910)
876 and was not in contact discharge; drift; energy fields; focus; unfocus; F. E. Nipher, “On the Nature of the Electric Discharge” (1910)
877 so little to show, 1 marginalia; notes; scribble; Francis E. Nipher
878 so little to show, 2 marginalia; notes; scribble
879 so little to show, 3  marginalia; notes; scribble; thicket
880 so little to show, 4 changes; “concrete” changes; marginalia; notes; scribble
881 so little to show, 5 clouds; marginalia; notes; scribble
882 firework papers (touch paper), &.c. e; fire and explosion; paper; touch paper, Ernst von Schwartz
883 with a touch of the finger chemistry; touch
884 to each compound belongs a surface curves; variables; solids; surfaces; G. W. Morey, C. N. Fenner, “The Ternary System” (1917)
885 1e. 1f., 1 asphalt; maps; numbers; palimpsest
886 1e. 1f, 2 asphalt; cartography; maps; numbers
887 to bring in, bring out breath; breathing; brings; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
888 relative composition of waters deserts; hands; here; lakes; telegraphic codes; there; water; John Macdonald (1817)
889 and from water earth and stone change; mereology; metamorphosis; sands; stone; unkpapa; Melissus of Samos; N. H. Darton
890 as in areas of Muck and Peat ditches; indirection; muck and peat; water; E. C. Eckmann; Simone Weil
891 on a steep hillside, mining; “it crumbles under the touch”; E. S. Boalich, et al, The Clay Industry in California (1920)
892 waves, interference action of wood; blue; bodies of water; in the dark; waves; W. J. Russell
893 First, what is the nature of the flame? the boil; the blow; the Blaze of Spiegeleisen; interference; spectra; steel; yellow; W. J. Russell
894 than slight surface depressions construction; impact tests; ohne worte; plywood; tests; A. Elmendorf; Paul Valéry
895 and a pressure of 65 lb. absolute autoignition; compression waves; duration; flame movement; waves; C. A. Woodbury et al; Paul Valéry
896 and a pressure of 75 lb. absolute autoignition; duration; flame movement; the waking state; C. A. Woodbury, et al; Paul Valéry
897 inhalt inhalt; lines; ohne worte; system; words liable to error; Paul Valéry
898 is at present rather obscure eros-ian abstractions; induction; obscurity; wandering zero; waves; E. L. Nichols
899 from the blooming passes bloom; iron; steel; Watertown Arsenal
900 the sharp straight breaks iron; isms; metallurgy; nick-bend test; tests; H. S. Rawdon; S. Epstein
901 the confusion attendant upon accounting; confusion; crossings; Los Angeles; siphon; subterranean; water; W. B. Mulholland; Paul Valéry
902 an idea is presented to the mind construction; extrapolations; forests; logs; peg models; J. B. Case; H. B. Thompson; Paul Valéry
903 cirrus, sort of blackboards; chalky rain; cloudy effects; index; pedagogy; scribble
904 the same results good roads; gravel; oiled gravel; signs; T. R. Agg; Simone Weil
905 the same results, 2 good roads; gravel; oiled gravel; signs; T. R. Agg; Simone Weil
906 after the asphalt oil. thoughts are fluid. asphalt; dance; fluidities; good roads; work; T. G. Agg; Simone Weil
907 but a beginning must be made and perfection will come by degrees; chemistry; mountain side; Francis Kauksbee; Peter Shaw
908 of chemists. 1 experiment; littoral; rêve; rime/rind; these/those; writing/ruin
909 of chemists. 2 experiment; littoral; rime/rind; these/those; writing/ruin
910 of chemists. 3 littoral; rêve; revery; rime/rind; these/those; writing/ruin; Susan Howe
911 of chemists. 4 littoral; rêve; rime/rind; ruination; writing/ruin; JLG, but only to see if there’s something to see
912 it is only natural that e; H. Becquerel, “Sur la Radio-activité da la Matière” (1904); JLG, listen to the image and look at the sound
913 bzzz. 1. argumentative; distracted; interrogative; notes; scribble
914 bzzz. 2. arounds; darkness; pedagogy; plans; scribble; verbatims
915 and which have many curious forms forests; peg models; scribble; silva; Carl Störmer, “Corpuscular Theory” (1917)
916 of a sort, in the general text rebar; sentences; syntax; tangles; walking; wire; Henry James. The Wings of the Dove (1902)
917 always a question of composition; μεταξύ; perspective; rebar; sentences; wire; Simone Weil, The Notebooks of (1956)
918 neither / nor analogies; neither; nor; notes; scribble; Henry James, The Wings of the Dove (1902)
919 after the cessation after-glow; cessations; colouring; dust, effects of; Krakatoa, eruption of; W. Ascroft (of Chelsea)
920 then and there, the grey immensity grays; grey; like radio static; margins; night skies; silva; Henry James, The Wings of the Dove (1902)
921 many stories are told, of valuable discoveries clearings; grays; Little River
922 desert-mirages that I have witnessed on the level city pavements; desert; effects; mirages; palm trees; R. W. Wood
923 one thing or the other adrift; elevator? interruption; scribble; Henry James. The Wings of the Dove (1902)
924 the only visible part of the wreck errors and wrecks; skiagraphy; ABC Code (4th edn, 1883); Henry James. The Wings of the Dove (1902)
925 a third, still thicker fine shadings; H. Stansfield, “Observations and Photographs of Black and Grey Soap Films.” (1906)
926 in the thinnest grey black; gravity; grays; thin films; Henry James, The Wings of the Dove (1902); H. Stansfield
927 The Big Abide collage; desert, deserts, grays; orts; Valerie Roybal
928 The whole was left in this state all night. clouds; differences; emergences; spectra; probable reasons; G D. Liveing
929 from a simple accumulation of straggling accumulations; copying; deluge; forms and qualities; W. T. Belfield
930 as regards the dark space formed forms and qualities; H. B. Dixon, “On the Movements of the Flame in the Explosion of Gases” (1903)
931 as fine lines upon the surface     1/4 gpoy; forms and qualities; hands; handwriting; metallurgy; ruination; J. A. Ewing; J. C. W. Humfrey
932 the slip-bands are now more distinct     2/4 gpoy; hands; lines; metallurgy; ruination; J. A. Ewing; J. C. W. Humfrey
933 surfaces of weakness     3/4 flattening the sharps, and sharpening the flats; hands; J. A. Ewing; J. C. W. Humfrey; J. N. Maskelyne
934 in its abruptness     4/4 gpoy; creeping flaw; hands; lines; metallurgy; ruination; J. A. Ewing; J. C. W. Humfrey
935 distance(s) clouds; distances; doodling; notes; telegraphic codes; E. L. Bentley, Complete Phrase Code (1921)
936 leaves without fail half-words; leaves; leavings; words; Rudolf Mosse-Code and Code Condenser (1926)
937 fog world doodling; fog world; grays; lost; found; out of which; scribble; 3x5
938 might as well beʼs birds; doodling; drawing; lost; magnetism; navigation; polarised light; scribble; topography
939 on, on rotting rack, even on a moor and so on; even on a moor; leaves; on’s; on into the; quatrains
940 especially gray with a pink cast closets; dress; grays; pink; prohibitions; Mary Brooks Picken, The Secrets of Distinctive Dress (1918)
941 a single furrow plowed aggregation and flow; flow; scratches; wandering zero; G. T. Beilby, Aggregation and Flow of Solids (1921)
942 a flagrancy in the eyes change; desire; eyes; obscurity; obscurity of the heavens; restless; Francis Bacon, Sylva Sylvarum (1626)
943 and sudden gusts obscurity of the heavens; wind; Francis Bacon, A Draught for the Particular History of the Wind &c.
944 each mine will present some little individualities colors; grays; peg models; models; navigation; E. D. North, “Glass Mine-Models” (1910)
945 on some results of crossing experiments, 1 asphalt; crossings; glass; grays; holes; mud; steel; J. Cossar Ewart
946 on some results of crossing experiments, 2 asphalt; crossings; glass; grays; holes; mathematics; mud; steel; J. Cossar Ewart; Alexander Grothendieck
947 on some results of crossing experiments, 3 approximations; body; on's; orange; the smaller wild; crossing experiments; crossings
948 what, on this occasion approximations; phrases; scribble; Virginia Woolf, The Waves (1931)
949 the plication of these bands folds; hornblende schist; plications; tangle; tangles; H. Coates; P. Macnair
950 talking of tangles tales; tangible; tangles; John Macdonald (1817)
951 mis takes rebar; mistakes; tangles; things; threads; Alejandra Pizarnik
952 structureless grays, though occasionally a few patches grays; decomposition; photo-mechanical processes; G. H. Barton; S. R. Koehler
953 to speak errors and wrecks; falling; λόγος; NYT
954 to say errors and wrecks; falling; λόγος; NYT
955 to tell errors and wrecks; falling; λόγος; NYT
956 to count errors and wrecks; falling; λόγος; NYT
957 weatherwise weave grays; something or other; wear and tear; John Macdonald (1817)
958 as well as the character of the water supply as well as; boiler tubes; corrosion; grooving; pitting; water
959 and a whole set of other paths fibres; lines; paths; other paths; D. J. Hamilton; Kathryn Ko
960 and hence the singular distortion, 1 distortion; glass; rounds; Neil Arnott
961 and hence the singular distortion, 2 distortion; glass; rounds; utilities
962 save during the dark interval lines; sky; skies; lines; weather; zodiacal light
963 what perils do environ iron; low moor iron; meddles; rounds; turmoils; L. R. Pomeroy
964 threadbare fading; scribble; telegraphic codes; Rudolf-Mosse Code and Mosse-Condenser (1926)
965 is decidedly uneven erosion; ice; loess; soils; H. H. Bennett; T. D. Rice
966 but that borrowed from and condensed them. aeolian deposition; condensation; loess; David Gatten; G. F. Kay
967 where language was staging itself very, very slowly aeolian deposition; loess; slow; slowness; David Gatten; G. F. Kay
968 without shelter from phrases eddy motion; stream-line flow; phrases; S. B. Clement; E. G. Coker; Virginia Woolf
969 Unfortunately my ambition grew wild. leadlands; type; typography; wilderness; Bartlomiej Beniowski, Improvements in Printing ( 1856)
970 this rather gray interior color; grays; lines; tones; shadows; windows; John Burnet, Practical Hints on Colour (1827); Henry James
971 in which the understanding has no part deserts; lower order; paradoxes; peculiarities; John Burnet, Practical Hints on Colour (1827)
972 by the hand through the mazes of the merry dance chequered life; fortune-telling; hands; obliquities; John Burnet, The Progress of a Painter (1854)
973 left and right lines; rival lines; scribble; several lines; telegraphic codes; Rudolf-Mosse Code and Mosse-Condenser (1926)
974 of haphazard management canals; confluences; haphazardry; water; C. E. Grunsky, Irrigation near Fresno, California (1898)
975 and every object vied with each other derivations; on; on’s; Light and Shade; obliquities; John Burnet, The Progress of a Painter (1854)
976 in melting into obscurity Light and Shade; obscurities; John Burnet, The progress of a painter (1854)
977 thick or winged lines as a cloud of dust; grays; lines; spectra; thickening; J. N. Lockyer
978 the shorter lines are not reversed lines; shorter lines; wider lines; winged lines; spectra; J. N. Lockyer
979 in the desert of Lop, on the levelled line aeolian action; Central Asia; deserts; hypsometric curves; lines; S. A. Hedin (1905); M. R. Rosenau (2004)
980 practically idle for all of these years condensation; lines; meteorology; F. A. Carpenter, Photographing clouds from an airplane (1920)
981 too small to measure with any great accuracy. dots; index; index locorum; periods; Lick Observatory; C. D. Perrine, Earthquakes in California in 1895
982 I have analyzed, too, the blue colour of the sky blue, if; color; spectra; grays; David Brewster, “On the Colours of Natural Bodies” (1833)
983 deserto rosso a beautiful book bound in red; deserts; deserto rosso; red; David Brewster; Lillie Eginton Warren
984 hidden shores, 1 deserts; littoral; fore-edge littoral; open atmosphere; telephone traffic; vacuum; E. E. Clement; H. J. Ryan
985 hidden shores, 2 deserts; distances; littoral; fore-edge littoral; telephone traffic; E. E. Clement
986 hidden shores, 3 atmospheres; deserts; emanations; littoral; fore-edge littoral; telephone traffic; E. E. Clement; H. J. Ryan
987 a few lines lines; prevailing modes; scribble; tangles; Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady (1881)
988 avant la lettre, Fig. 4a. avant la lettre; grays; radiography; skiagraphy; W. P. Davey
989 avant la lettre, Fig. 5a. avant la lettre; grays; radiography; skiagraphy; W. P. Davey
990 avant la lettre, Fig. 6a. avant la lettre; frothy structure; grays; radiography; skiagraphy; W. P. Davey
991 avant la lettre, Fig. 7a. avant la lettre; grays; gross structure; radiography; skiagraphy; W. P. Davey
992 the heat of fermentation or the desire to assume desire; heat of fermentation; leaves; orts; ubi sunt; W. H. Burrell; Folds and Fissures
993 that toughness, 1 metallurgy; toughness; rapture; rounds; S. L. Hoyt, “Static, dynamic, and notch toughness” (1920)
994 that toughness, 2 cracks; metallurgy; toughness; rapture; rounds; S. L. Hoyt, “Static, dynamic, and notch toughness” (1920)
995 there is another flat summit Carrizo Creek; deserts; distances; grays; S. S. Gannett, Primary Triangulation (1904-05); Robert Smithson
996 nor was the scene devoid atmospherics; bottom side up; geology and coal resources; strange mirages; A. J. Collier, “Itinerary” (1906)
997 The Hooghly River Code, 1 breakers; Hooghly River; rounds; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. L. Smartt
998 The Hooghly River Code, 2 afloat; breakers; ditto; Hooghly River; rounds; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. L. Smartt
999 The Hooghly River Code, 3 atmospheres; breakers; compass; Hooghly River; rounds; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. L. Smartt
1000 The Hooghly River Code, 4 arrivals; answers; at sea; Hooghly River; rounds; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. L. Smartt; C. M. Tucker
1001 compiled at sea, 1 afloat; at sea; how?; littoral; more; shoals; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. M. Tucker
1002 compiled at sea, 2 appearances; are’s the’s; at sea; skies; compiled at sea; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. M. Tucker
1003 last was seen Bombay; fissures; folds; ring; waves
1004 such as they had never seen before index rerum; paper; Penang; western extremity of the northern road; Wm. H. Kimball
1005 which rose foaming in the clouds; fragments; lightning; waves; textual waves; Dr. Buist
1006 as regards the earliest times sticks; further he durst not proceed; G. B. Kempthorne, “Narrative of a Visit to the Ruins of Tahrie” (1857)
1007 abalee able ooryaz grays; cloud vocabularies; Afghanistan; Lieut. Leech; Vocabularies of Seven Languages (1838-39)
1008 succinct and somewhat imperfect on’s; on the land sides; on a cliff; somewhat; J. Caldecott, “Description of an Observatory” (1837)
1009 distant action distances; evolutions; horizon; signal codes; Bigot de Morogues
1010 cic . ic . ccc. xc reblogged page image ex Alfred Jarry. César-Antéchrist (1895)
1011 body and glaze aesthetics of technical images; memory; A. A. Klein, “Constitution and Microstructure of Porcelain” (1916)
1012 elimination of the personal factor, and the better analysis; fines; grid; residues; standardization F. W. Walker; N. A. Cobb
1013 the writer at one time held this belief corrosion; defects; interior surface defects; metallurgy; testing; W. R. Webster
1014 the writer at one time held this belief, 2 interior surface defects; meta; metallurgy; mutability; testing; W. R. Webster
1015 work to windward till tide turns. calendar; clarity; obscurity; inability; lumps; slack water; signal codes; telegraphic codes; C. W. Warden
1016 without wading too deep pneumatics; mysteries; depths; the water of science; J. W. Buell
1017 single-strike, non flaking, clean correction error; errors and wrecks; rub out the words
1018 this colossal waste, both below and above the surface this evil; coal; culm; mining; waste; new districts; water; G. W. Harris, “Anthracite-Washeries” (1906)
1019 folds. directories; facsimile; fax; folds; lists; jk; obverse
1020 should be of, should be as, should be no asphalt; concrete; cracks; mixing; should; voids; H. P. Brown
1021 from what they might be, 1 trees and shrubs; V. A. Gressent, L’arboriculture fruitière (1875); Henry James; Daniel Touchett
1022 from what they might be, 2 trees and shrubs; waiting; V. A. Gressent, L’arboriculture fruitière (1875); Henry James
 1023 no origins have been traced for many of the lines distances; mountains; J. N. Lockyer, “On the photographic arc spectrum of electrolytic iron” (1893)
1024 into a new region hitherto unexplored; ands; fluid; fluid dynamics; W. H. Besant
1025 something in view distances; lines; an event; something; spectra; J. Norman Lockyer; ABC Code (3rd, 1876)
1026 with this in view, a red red; a moment in time, quickly spent; Derek Jarman
1027 looked up, 1 dancing; figures; ice; walking; windows
1028 looked up, 2 horizon; ice; inflections; skies; sky; walking
1029 looked up, 3 distances; horizon; ice; inflections; skies; sky; walking
1030 crystalline, cellular, and banal, 1 asemics; asemic writing; iron; metallography; lamellae; line of translation; F. Osmand and G. Cartaud (1907)
1031 an aside orts; radiator; snow
1032 side asides compost box; iron; snow
1033 this, he cannot doubt the reality of dream experience; errata; errors; psyche and eros; Rational Sex Series; vagueness; W. F. Robie
1134 drift evening; library; snow; telephone junction box; windows; wire; Paul Celan
1035 not going anywhere lines; notes; scribble; where; wheres
1036 not going anywhere, 2 notes; scribble; where; wheres
1037 in lieu of, 1 barnacles; in lieu of; lieu; lines; makeready; scribble
1038 in lieu of, 2 in lieu of; lieu; lines; nowhere; red; scribble
1039 in lieu of, 3 erasure; in lieu of; lieu; lines; scribble
1040 in lieu of, 4 distribution; in lieu of; lieu; lines; scatter; scribble
1041 from the province of ornament convulsive movements; ornament; taste; R. N. Wornum
 1042 her rescue from the binding waste; paralysis; rescue; telegraphic codes; St. George Rathborne; ABC Code (4th, 1880)
1043 some sorts, how caused sic erat scriptum; dreamscape; fevers; water; plain instances
1044 eucalyptus, 1 eucalyptus
1045 eucalyptus, 2 eucalyptus; unintended consequences; N. D. Ingham; Jared Farmer
1046 eucalyptus, 3 eucalyptus; unintended consequences; Norman D. Ingham, Eucalyptus in California (1908)
1047 eucalyptus, 4 as is the fate of weeds and telegraph poles; eucalyptus; lumps; optical browning; Murray Bail
1048 eucalyptus, 5 eucalyptus; euphemisms; Western Union Telegraphic Code (Universal Edition, 1900)
1049 unbend your sails. colors; seas; R. B. Wynne, A New Code of Telegraphic Signals for Yachts and Pleasure Boats (1828)
1050 through the dust of the room. a scrap of white paper distances; heat and light; light; paper; rounds; sic erat scriptum; John Tyndall
1051 a portion of the mass, 1 iron; transmutations; Teodoro Alverado; Wirt Tassin, “The Casas Grandes Meteorite” (1903)
1052 a portion of the mass, 2 iron; transmutations; Teodoro Alverado; Wirt Tassin, “The Casas Grandes Meteorite” (1903)
1053 levels asphalt; eucalyptus; failing light; raveling and other insults; Murray Bail
1054 and fall bodily out of place longitudinal sections; metallurgy; pairings; H. S. Rawdon, A. I. Krynitzky
1055 the relative intensity intensities; metallurgy; pairings; H. S. Rawdon, A. I. Krynitzky
1056 old arrangements eucalyptus; Oz; property; rhetoric; telegraphic codes; W. G. Woodger; P. M. Bourke; Murray Bail
1057 country phrases botany; eucalyptus; geology; Oz; rapturist; telegraphic codes; W. G. Woodger; P. M. Bourke; Murray Bail
1058 clearings clearings; eucalyptus; Pasadena; Abbot Kinney; Murray Bail
1059 a fair proportion kemps; weavings; wool; H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein
1060 ought should be then seen weavings; Murray Bail; H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein
1061 colour not important, but just as well color; kemps; weavings; H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein
1062 some fault allowed, a pleasure a test faulty sorts; weavings; H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein
1063 just more than then kemps; weavings; H. Priestman; W. P. Martin, Private Telegraphic Code of (1922); Gertrude Stein
1064 cold thin ground grays; landscape; P. H. Hore, History of Wexford (1904)
1065 broken rock the dust damage; dust; fragments; gravity; vanitas; The Clothier and Furnisher (1919)
1066 at water flowing past confusion; deserts; flow; obscurity; transversals; water; V. Cornish, Waves of the Sea and other Waves (1910)
1067 and on the transport of fine mud crossings; deserts; mud; water; V. Cornish, Waves of the Sea and other Waves (1910)
1068 against a gray clouds; color; grays; local color; E. N. Vanderpoel, Color Problems (1901)
1069 or in such lines as these clouds; color; dots; lines; E. N. Vanderpoel, Color Problems (1901)
1070 and on the snow in the middle distance blind; cotton; distance; middle distance; snow; spectra; vapour; J. Trowbridge (1903)
1071 until they are again required figuring purposes; lines; one more or all; redeeming qualities; threads; F. Bradbury; Thomas Hardy
1072 of a particular hole to live in, a particular aNYThing aNYThings; particular aNYThings; habit; holes; numbers; reading; W. James; W. A. Smith
1073 by the perpetual agitation of the waves agitation; clouds; experimental reading; littoral; substitutes; the refining process; waves
1074 a substitute for all other kinds of reading clouds; experimen membaca; experimental reading; littoral; reading; the refining process; substitutes; waves
1075 to mend the matter mendings; melancholy; tears; telegraphic codes; such mixture was not held a stain; John Macdonald (1817)
1076 which almost threw him out of his chair emanations; fevers; intermittent fevers; S. Lilienthal
1077 wrong words for correct ideas answers; clouds; fields; gpoy; roaming over fields; homoeopathy; obliquity; questions; S. Lilienthal
1078 and other indifferent things dreams; emanations; fixed ideas; homoeopathy; indifferent things; lascivious amorous dreams; S. Lilienthal
1079 rather than the value of the work emanations; fancy; paper; paperwork; sinking; whirlpool
1080 Oak Grove, telescope views, 1 deserts; oak; Oak Grove; rounds; shadows; walls; C. F. Lummis
1081 Oak Grove, telescope views, 2 deserts; oak; Oak Grove; rounds; C. F. Lummis
1082 Oak Grove, telescope views, 3 deserts; oak; Oak Grove; rounds; C. F. Lummis
1083 Oak Grove, telescope views, 4 blur; deserts; oak; Oak Grove; rounds; wind; C. F. Lummis
1084 Oak Grove, telescope views, 5 hands; oak; Oak Grove; rounds; who; whom; wind; C. F. Lummis; Turbese Lummis
1085 emptied, emptied out, encamped in a fine country emotions; emptiness; encampment; ends and means; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
1086 not going anywhere, 3 deponent; gravity; notes; small latin; less greek; scribble
1087 considers the stove a tree. makes verses. dreams; excess; fancy; gpoy; homoeopathy; makes verses; walking; S. Lilienthal
1088 from and to what scribble; 62; Cameron Tonkinwise
1089 an end-unto-itself, but means and ends; scribble; wicked problems; Cameron Tonkinwise
1090 just another escape mechanism; notes; scribble; Gertrude Stein, Descriptions of Literature (1926)
1091 at the edge corpuscles; edges; littoral; rounds; stuttering; ; “or even just a single new word”; C. Bolton; Peter Handke
1092 suppuration edges; littoral; matter; mattering; mother; rounds; stuttering; suppuration; waves; C. Bolton
1093 between the lines between the lines; erasures; lines; listening; scribble
1094 a kind of wall brettstapel; curtains; matter; mimosa; soft house; scribble
1095 dots and lines asphalt; dots; lines; ohne worte
1096 vectors, mixed asphalt; confusion; dots; lines; ohne worte; vectors
1097 the denser its net, the more spacious alloys; close observation; dots; iron; unusual features; vicissitudes; H. S. Rawdon; Peter Handke
1098 fire tests cracks; fire; heat; lines; method; pyrometry; squares; waiting; S. H. Ingberg, et al; Peter Handke
1099 doubt has arisen and; doubt; correction; retraccioun; tests; typewriter; H. S. Rawdon; Peter Handke
1100 opposite point of failure failure; littoral; erosion of guns; “beyond the scope of this method”; zone of penetration; H. E. Wheeler
1101 this method is far from quantitative. austenitic appearances; erosian; light and dark cases; method; steel; weather; H. E. Wheeler
1102 no longer the surface of a dead liquid the surface, undisturbed; A. M. Worthington & R. S. Cole, “Impact with a Liquid Surface” (1897)
1103 before any particular meaning emerged nolineae; meaning; leaf tips of dasylirion; morphology; words; W. Trelease; Peter Handke
1104 however, this theory falls to the ground ends and means; knots; waves; J. D. Leechman & M. R. Harrington, String Records of the Northwest (1921)
1105 see also excessive, needless packaging; structure; telegraphic codes; Peter Handke; (Bedford) McNeill’s Code (1908 Edition)
1106 nothing neat. packaging; structure; telegraphic codes; (Bedford) McNeill’s Code (1908 Edition); Virginia Woolf
1107 at rest. see also onus. corrosion; telegraphic codes; H. S. Rawdon; S. C. Langdon; (Bedford) McNeill’s Code (1908 Edition)
1108 wickerwork consists hurst; thicket; A. Alzheimer, “Ein Beitrag zur pathologischen Anatomie der Epilepsie.” (1898)
1109 faint, trace, trace. no light. crystalloluminescence; effect of stirring; light; no light; lightlessness; H. B. Weiser
1110 deep swimming, ocean swimming littoral; swimmings; tables; unguided formulations; water; A. J. Rosanoff
1111 smooth sea, rough sea form; littoral; seas; swimmings; tables; unguided formulations; water; A. J. Rosanoff
1112 certain swimmings of, blurred swimmings of swimmings; Hero and Leander; not only slow but also hazardous; John Fowles
1113 more or less failings; floatings; more or less; tailings; tides; telegraphic codes; Henry J. Rogers (1845); ABC 5th (1901)
1114 meltings meltings, various; Memoirs of the Chemical Society of London (1843)
1115 the glass at a few points fews; glass; points; swimmings; swirlings; touch; Memoirs of the Chemical Society of London (1843)
1116 disorders of the instincts and emotions residue; all residue; contamination; disorders; parapathic maladies; Milhelm Stekel; Maggie Nelson
1117  things one waits for deserts; distances; loess; thicket; waiting; Vilém Flusser; τηλεγραφικός συνθηματικοσ κώδιξ (1925)
1118 612.6 H78 and; but; by; if; figures; susceptible; 612.6 H78; Rational Sex Series; E. H. Hooker; Maggie Nelson
1119 the dance, not the music dance; diagrams; play; Rational Sex Series; rounds; swimmings; W. Heaton; R. G. Badger; Willa Cather
1120 fallings dental; dismantlings; fallings; gravity; rounds; scribble
1121 aslant gpoy
1122 was getting well formed littoral; Rational Sex Series; reveries; waves; W. F. Robie
1123 was getting well formed, 2 hands; prophylactics; Rational Sex Series; reverie; W. F. Robie
1124 and no information as to the grain grain; horizon; skiagraphy; W. P. Davey, “Radiography of Metals.” (1916)
1125 thus giving a wedge of air could be a movie still; horizon; skiagraphy; wedge; W. P. Davey, “Radiography of Metals” (1916)
1126 maybe be disintegrated could be islands; arcs; islands; disintegration; reefs; A. B. Hendricks, “Million-Volt Testing Set” (1922)
1127 more complicated than might at first be supposed complications; corona; fields; flow; suppositions; F. W. Peek
1128 but even then the operation is very difficult difficulties; grays; obscurities; Annals of Surgery
1129 eucalyptus, (new) instances of awnderings; camouflage; eucalyptus; instances; Peter Handke; Maggie Nelson; Simone Weil
1130 and the literature on this subject distances; the time element; obscurities; rounds; E. S. Judd; F. W. Rankin; Annals of Surgery
1131 without further comment obscurities; rounds; E. S. Judd; F. W. Rankin
1132 in the most misty and obscure of terms mists; obscurities; rounds; signs and symptoms; E. S. Judd & F. W. Rankin, “Haenmangiomas” (1922)
1133 the combined effects of emotion aetiologies; combined effects; disintegration; emanations; emotion; G. W. Crile, “Military Surgery” (1915)
1134 mixed growth deserts; indications; skiagraphy; a slight hesitancy in speech; A. P. C. Ashhurst, “Indications” (1917)
1135 to develop his agricultural and gardening skills euphemisms; hurst; neurology; oblivion; thicket; A. Hill, “Further Notes on Granules.” (1897)
1136 many mistakes being made thereby mistakes; obscurities; tracks; tracks in the wilderness; thickets
1137 glitch in the system cancer; disorder; failure; failures; prophylactic surgery; W. L. Rodman
1138 passings, storm March; May; ditto; horizon; meteorology; rain; weather
1139 Find the true laws. classification; heat; meteorology; storms; W. H. Blasius, “Has the Weather Service Degenerated?” (1889)
1140 and some words were altogether lost asphalt; bitumen; cover; too much sepia and leather of late; lost; scratches; worten; S. F. Peckham
1141 slightly sonorous when struck asphalt; interruption; pitch; more sepia; sonority; waves; S. F. Peckham; L. A. Linton, Simone Weil
1142 sentinels of a realm eucalyptus; skiagraphy; J. E. Brown, Under the City of Angels (1981); R. H. Ivy, “Ununited fractures” (1920)
1143 exit 2 Islip Saddle; Los Angeles; ruination; water; J. E. Brown, Under the City of Angels (1981); Lou Feck
1144 only the line atmospheres; cathode rays; lines; between the lines; shadows; skiagraphy; A. W. Wright; Simon Weil
1145 under certain conditions of resonance discharges; nature avoids a unidirectional discharge; oscillations; resonance; sibilant flame; J. Trowbridge
1146 only the drill can determine this asphalt; evidence; landschaft als körper; seeps; W. B. Phillips, Sulphur, Oil and Quicksilver (1901)
1147 but a frontispiece and ruin rounds; rudiments; ruins; telegraphic codes; wreck; Hester Lynch Piozzi (Mrs Thrale), Retrospection (1801)
1148 your kind of hides worth eggs; hides; peristaltic writing; rot; wrongs; Private Telegraphic Code of Swift & Company (1931)
1149 viscous liquid, or true solid dots; particles; pseudosolids; twisted prisms; G. F. Becker; A. L. Day
1150 and the water water concrete; holes; infrastructure; local color; rain; water; Gertrude Stein
1151 until you dust it every day dust; reading; not reading; stains; J. Hutchinson; Gertrude Stein
1152 of the back of the hand(s) color; mere colors; examples; hands; peristaltic writing; J. Hutchinson; Gertrude Stein
1153 was an affair of much difficulty hands; difficulties; touch; J. Hutchinson
1154 The window is thickening. thickening; windows; Gertrude Stein
1155 damaged temporary / t excavation; infrastructure; rounds; T. A. Bingham, “Improvement of Tennessee River etc.” (1895)
1156 lettuces and greens less; less you do, the less you will be noticed; more; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
1157 by turning and bending crooked lines; curves; signature inscribed in Nature; the jagged style; G. C. Lichtenberg; J. Adler
1158 differences, digressions diffuse; digressions; dilatory; dimness of light; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
1159 the air, held there by the Eagle Rock; memory; rounds; sky; skies; wire; wires; Susan Howe
1160 this held a day or two, and then began Eagle Rock; memory; rounds; sky; skies; wire; wires; Susan Howe
1161 about the axis of the main fold curves; economic geology; folds; Los Angeles; oil districts; G. H. Eldridge; R. Arnold
1162 archaeology of concentration pencils; Patti Digh; J. F. Ptak
1163 the confused language of disordered nature disorder; in the woods; in the spot where he had falled; spots; Western Lancet; Professor Harrison
1164 and of course it shared the common ruin destruction; fire; misfortune; ruination; Western Lancet; Mr. Wrightson’s Printing Office
1165 and, as it were, “psychic” bloom; clouds; dots; psychic; stigmata; E. E. Southard; A. S. Haber
1166 had an attack of “confusion” in March 1896 clouds; confusion; dots; sadness; stigmata; suffering; E. E. Southard
1167 awnder wander awnderings; asunderings; erroric findings; wander; wanderings; wandlon to change
1168 σχίζειν / schistosity crystallization; rounds; schistosity; stress; F. E. Wright
1169 substance of a minute clouds; littoral; mutability; substances; system; T. S. Raffles
1170 periods of folding economic geology; foldings; folds; W. Lindgren
1171 outside inside clothespins; dots; drapery; findings; losings; windows; Peter Handke
1172 last hiding spot of vagueness tools; vagueness; windows; Peter Handke
1173 this group means nothing, 1 trench codes; nothing; Front Line Code (1918)
1174 this group means nothing, 2 craters; nothing; trench codes; Front Line Code (1918)
1175 this group means nothing, 3 left; nothing; range; trench codes; Front Line Code (1918)
1176 this group means nothing, 4 no; north; trench codes; Front Line Code (1918)
1177 of hearts the seat of dissociation, 1 ends; fragmentation; lines; segmentation; L. Hektoen, “Cardiovascular and Hemapoietic Systems” (1898)
1178 of hearts the seat of dissociation, 2 disarrangement; ekphrasis; fragmentation; hemapoietic systems; segmentation; L. Hektoen (1898)
1179 this group means nothing, 5 thick; thicken; trench codes; Front Line Code (1918)
1180 this group means nothing, 6 trench codes; Front Line Code (1918)
1181 this group means nothing, 7 trench codes; Front Line Code (1918)
1182 that gave rise to the ancient name cancer; chromolithography; dots; lines; seas; seascape; waves; H. Dürck; L. Hektoen
1183 into pigment, which chromolithography; corpuscles; dots; wandering; wanderings; H. Dürck; L. Hektoen
1184 and lead, perchance chromolithography; deserts; dots; lithography; topography; H. Dürck; L. Hektoen; F. Reichhold
1185 indistinct, eccentric in position eccentric; indistinct; rounds; F. E. Batten, “Further evidence” (1899)
1186 closed glass; ruination; sartor resartus; signs
1187 minor experiments and excursions in belief, 1 experimental reading; form; lines; Lisa Robertson
1188 minor experiments and excursions in belief, 2 experimental reading; form; lines; Lisa Robertson
1189 which will go down into, 1 at sea; submarine; waves
 1190 which will go down into, 2 at sea; submarine; waves
1191 cross purpose(s) archives; asphalt; FT; local color; cross purposes; rhetoric; Karl Lagerfeld
1192 In No Man’s Land, preface digressions; trench codes; telegraphic codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918); Gertrude Stein
1193 In No Man’s Land, 1/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1194 In No Man’s Land, 2/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1195 In No Man’s Land, 3/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1196 In No Man’s Land, 4/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1197 In No Man’s Land, 5/25 decimal point; probable; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1198 In No Man’s Land, 6/25 cast iron; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1199 In No Man’s Land, 7/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1200 In No Man’s Land, 8/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1201 In No Man’s Land, 9/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1202 In No Man’s Land, 10/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1203 In No Man’s Land, 11/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1204 In No Man’s Land, 12/25 lines; loss; trench codes; turns; whether; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1205 In No Man’s Land, 13/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1206 In No Man’s Land, 14/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1207 In No Man’s Land, 15/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1208 In No Man’s Land, 16/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1209 In No Man’s Land, 17/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1210 In No Man’s Land, 18/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1211 In No Man’s Land, 19/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1212 In No Man’s Land, 20/25 trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1213 In No Man’s Land, 21/25 invisible; writing; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1214 In No Man’s Land, 22/25 commas; wind; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1215 In No Man’s Land, 23/25 mud; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1216 In No Man’s Land, 24/25 touch; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1217 In No Man’s Land, 25/25 disorder; trench codes; The “Mohawk” Code (1918)
1218 In No Man’s Land, afterword method; trench codes; Yannis Kyriakides; Jackson Mac Low; Gertrude Stein; Hannah Weiner
1219 lusus naturae fragments of the house tumbling over and around her; mal formation; J.S. Wilson, “Lusus Naturae” (1851)
1220 due to the altered composition of alteration; “Anoci-Association”; kinetic theory of shock; rounds; trauma; G. W. Crile
1221 finished his sentences and all that glass; local color; sentences; unfulfilled promise; Virginia Woolf, The Voyage Out (1915)
1222 only as a last resort desperation; method; rounds; telegraphic codes; Adams Cable Codex (1894)
1223 only as a last resort, 2 chromatic; clouds; clouded; cloudy; rounds; telegraphic codes; Adams Cable Codex (1894)
1224 (sundry) breakdowns) error; metaphysics; telegraphic codes; (Willis Vernon) Cole’s Complete Code for Metaphysicians (1923)
1225 canned goods, hardware, universal language hardware; hugging and kissing by telegraph; telegraphic codes; A. Hallner, The Scientific Dial Primer (1912)
1226 near, far. nothing. nowhere. far; near; nothing; nowhere; telegraphic codes; windows; A. Hallner, The Scientific Dial Primer (1912)
1227 a pure mistake. körper als landschaft; R. Koch, “Zur Untersuchung” (1881); The Salvation Army Telegraph Code (1925)
1228 said and done openings; thicket; R. Koch, “Zur Untersuchung” (1881); The Salvation Army Telegraph Code (1925)
1229 signs, and sings of all the signs; signs; signs of; differential signs; but whatever he felt; too many signs
1230 cuneiform, 1 cuneiform; indentations; rounds; scribble; windows
1231 red of a different tinge from the normal color; copper; luminosity; red; W. Lindgren
1232 the masses always lay kidney; lakes; landscape; transference; G. T. A. Gaffky, “On the Etiology of Enteric Fever.” (1884); R. Koch
1233 from other rod-like forms chaos; clouds; storms; transference; G. T. A. Gaffky, “On the Etiology of Enteric Fever.” (1884); R. Koch
1234 and disappeared and disappeared in Canada; ditto; meteorology; rain; storms; Monthly Weather Review (1873-1887)
1235 lines and dots, and dots dots; lines; streaks; washing; H. F. Yancey and Thomas Fraser. Coal-Washing Investigations (1929)
1236 whatever may be the analogy of composition analogy; belles lettres; insoluble matter; specific character; T. G. Clemson
1237 by studied neglect, &c. boots; father and son; studied neglect; telegraph wires; rounds; T. S. Clouston; J. S. Clouston
1238 he makes the illustrious dim and brings the obscure to light; hardware; lines; signs; windows; Horace
1239 corrections, 1 curves; dotted lines; rounds; J. K. Young, “The Treatment of Functional and Lateral Curvature.” (1896)
1240 corrections, 2 dotted lines; W. Truslow, “The Non-Operative Treatment of Scoliosis” (1921); J. C. Wilson; Josephine Miles
1241 and one day day; days; ramble; thicket; threads; J. Krishnamurti
1242 rders and owing to inattention; color; disorder; dreams; intermediate shades; order; W. H. B. Stoddart
1243 she was unable to say the alphabet correctly alphabet; development; retrogression; T. S. Clouston, The Neuroses of Development (1890)
1244 one incident on the road to mindlessness anecdotes; emptiness; incidents; mindlessness; rounds; T. S. Clouston, Clinical Lectures (1904)
1245 and they far from exhaust the list being a fish; suicide of the soul; unseen agencies working; T. S. Clouston, Clinical Lectures (1904)
1246 which it words, Sommer, liable to, words as to, to one dark; deeps; soft; flow of ideas; tables; G. H. Kent; A. J. Rosanoff
1247 but two and wo(men) one eith(er) the distractions; fear; salt; tests; G. H. Kent; A. J. Rosanoff
1248 as shown by the ergograph, 1 flow of ideas; scribble; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
1249 as shown by the ergograph, 2 flow of ideas; scribble; W. H. B. Stoddart, Mind and its Disorders (1908)
1250 inseparable prepositions, 1 alphabet; order; rounds; W. H. Green, Elementary Hebrew Grammar (1882)
1251 coagulate, coagulum cooperage; declensions; dots; loss; telegraphic codes; V. U. Leonard
1252 a kind of incomprehensible, vague order of expression... a temperate mirth; dance; fields; littoral; orts; savannah; terpsichore; R. E. Brown
1253 good field for the display of dance; fields; flora; orts; terpsichore; R. E. Brown, A Treatise on the Elements of Dancing (1891)
1254 special encore, sneak preview grain; NYT; telegraph; William Cronon
1255 all kinds of ridiculous things dreams; if reason and judgment are weak; of time / moments / events; rounds; W. H. B. Stoddart
1256 wrong directions, wrong moves deeps; distances; horizon; littoral; rounds; wrong moves; W. H. H. Murray; Peter Handke; Anna Kamienska
1257 Let us not be deceived by words... let us probe this question; deception; distances; horizon; indirection; rounds; W. H. H. Murray; Peter Handke
1258 a blow-sand country. the width deserts; sand; sands
1259 as the distance aura; body; distances; New Thought; W. W. Atkinson, Astral Colors and Thought Forms (1916)
1260 suggesting blood mixed blood; mud; or barnyard soil; red; New Thought; W. W. Atkinson, Astral Colors and Thought Forms (1916)
1261 walls to correspond red; sky; New Thought; thought forms; walls; W. W. Atkinson, Astral Colors and Thought Forms (1916)
1262 the view from the farm, and getting out of one’s (own) way.; invisibility; Oz; scunge; sprawl; tone; Alan Jacobs; Les Murray (1938-2019)
1263 aids to diagnosis diagnosis; education of the eye; else error may arise; σήμειον; semeiology; J. M. Fothergill
1264 who recall the frenzied wave blind photography; waves
1265 well ditsributed. slab failed. concrete; failure; beside the point; sight; tests
1266 completed, to a point, to the point where it began circularities; points; beside the point; weaving; willow
1267 vast, unformed, uncertain. but I refrained. chaos; mistress of the tricks of the acting trade; queen of spasms; telegraphic codes; C. Morris; P. C. Boyle
1268 or vide letters, or doubt doubt; openness of heart; opinions differ widely on the subject; or; telegraphic codes; John Macdonald (1817)
1269 or true, once or twice method; or; telegraphic codes; wrong; John Macdonald (1817)
1270 of aNYThing coherently any casual object; holy shrouds; in certain lay journals; doubt; evidence; margins; Hugo von Hofmannsthal
1271 the varying results are self-demonstrative a piece of gradation; disintegration; grays; tests; H. von Hofmannsthal; “Fac-Sim, by an Art Editor” (1901)
1272 but lack in having the horizon line too far any casual object; disturbance; horizon; method (my); swimmings; water; C. Vandervelde
1273 and the technical work any casual object; birch; chaos; repair; rounds; shadows; snow; R. E. Weeks
1274  and the want of abrupt terminations curves; maxima and minima; open arc; spectra; white flame; A. J. Bull; W. Smith
 1275 o o; afloat; aging; duration; horizon; method; of my method; Peter Handke
1276 and as in the case of chaos; order; lines; rounds; silence; walking; Gilles De La Tourette; Simon Weil
1277 études, genres de marche dance; interruption; la marche dans les maladies du système nerveux; rounds; walking; Gilles De La Tourette
1278 year-in, year-out duration; oak; order; tanbark; tanning; W. L. Jepson; H. S. Betts; C. Dissinger; Peter Handke
1279 and with copious explanatory text wood; stains; R. B. Hough, The American woods (1888); George Loudon, Object Lessons (2015)
1280 or they may be used for writing, artistic drawing flora; geometry in gardens; lines; rounds; R. B. Hough, The American woods (1888)
1281 aurem obscurator ear; faces; latihan; obscurity; rounds; A. G. Curtin; A. K. McClure
1282 line of admixtures. but such a line. corrugation; eclectic medicine; fields; folds; hollow earth; line of the true calumba; J. U. Lloyd
1283 eclectic medicine apis; ash; bees; corrections; eclectic medicine; rounds; J. U. Lloyd (1911)
1284 memorial minute alphabet; glass; lettering; scratches; signs; typography; Umgebung
1285 memorial minute, 2 glass; lettering; sky; skies; windows
1286 absentia, 3 absent; absence; clouds; elsewhere; notes; scribble
1287 absentia, 5 clouds; elsewhere; notes; scribble
1288 absentia, 7 clouds; elsewhere; mostly; notes; scribble
1289 on the weather side, washed erasures; erosion; horizon; Oz; “gilgai country”; storms; weather
1290 frottement, intérieur lines; mesures des amplitudes; C.-E. Guye; V. Fréederksz; Nasreen Mohamedi
1291 absentia, 6 absent; absentia; notes; scribble
1292 through lack of time and space able; unable; un; uns; rounds
1293 winged forms / with the parachute expansions able; unable; un; uns; rounds
1294 one great conformable system, 1 change; folds; metamorphosis; radiolaria; rounds; Oz; T. W. Edgeworth David; W. Howchin
1295 one great conformable system, 2 change; folds; metamorphosis; radiolaria; rearrangement; rounds; Oz; T. W. Edgeworth David; W. Howchin
1296 scored lines drawing; lines; score; sound; touch; Enrique Tomás
1297 toolmarks, which would experimental; glacials; marks; sandstones; tools; toolmarks; Oz; H. Howchin; Novalis
1298 morainic islands distances; eccentrics; horizon; islands; moraine; Oz; rounds; H. Howchin
1299 must in the nature of things disappear drawing; lithography; “must in the nature of things disappear“; rounds; swimmings; tracks; E. C. Stirling
1300 far away in the Southern Ocean ascension; atmospherics; distances; horizon; obscurities; rounds; south
1301 a waif upon these shores, a refined asphalt asphalt; erasure; flow; latihan; method; pitch; shores; R. Tate
1302 why? seem the is so that. meteorology; rounds; W. A. Cooke, “A Few Remarks About Weather Forecasting for South Australia.” (1885)
1303 the better results fractures; models; paraffin; Pearl G. Sheldon, “Some Observations and Experiments on Joint Planes” (1912)
1304 but seldom at night night; rounds; scratches; skies; sky; surfaces; Experimentelle Didaktik (1905)
1305 fabrics construction; fabric; local color
1306 while I wasn’t looking blind; carbon; lines
1307 oyu oza ozo police codes; suppositions; International Police Telegraph Code (1930)
1308 ensamhet, 1 ensamhet; horizon; night sky; signs; sky; J. R. Stilgoe; Z. Topelius
1309 ensamhet, 2 ensamhet; flora; flowers; horizon; night sky; signs; sky; Z. Topelius
1310 ensamhet, 3 berries; ensamhet; more questions than answers; sand; wagtail; waves; J. R. Stilgoe; Z. Topelius
1311 Definitions of Place. certainty; definitions; edges; police codes; wheres; International Police Telegraph Code (1911)
1312 xea xeb xec hows; interrogatives; police codes; wheres; whys; International Police Telegraph Code (1911)
1313 and is propagated toward the poles air; clouds; luminosity; metallic vapours; poles; sparks; vapours; A. Schuster and G. Hemsalech (1900)
1314 kepler 5 kepler; kepler space; noise; naturtekt; notesfromaboveground
1315 “O” Plaza South Omaha Union Stock Yards, Grain Elevator; lines; o; rounds; wires
1316 his work was rough appearances; latihan; marks; rounds; weight; work; F. H. Marsh
1317 secondary undulations, 1 fluid pendulums; horizon; mareograms; rounds; seas; undulations; waves
1318 secondary undulations, 2 fluid pendulums; horizon; mareograms; rounds; seas; undulations; waves
1319 change the full stop to a comma commas; errata; littoral; periods; A. Tanakadate, A Magnetic Survey of Japan (1904)
1320 beneath the fold(s) mareograms; dreamscapes; folds; Krakatoa; seas; tides; upheavals
1321 asphalt morning asphalt; local color; rounds
1322 ruins to the second power curves; folds; indirection; ruination; G. C. Lichtenberg; Simone Weil
1323 through the old holes deserts; glimpses; holes; water; G. C. Lichtenberg
1324 at sea canals; at sea; observations; rough weather; waves
1325 and about twenty-seven minor lakes distances; faults; J. E. S. Moore, “The Molluscs of the Great African Lakes” (1899)
1326 and a leave at o leaves; ochre; o; o’s
1327 somelse wher were enoughs; leaves; o; in lieu of explanation; savannah; wheres
1328 confirmation of spectral terms corpuscles; gougings; interference; W. F. Meggers & C. J. Humphreys, “Infra-red spectra” (1933)
1329 maybe I’m slowly finding a way findings; ivkel; lines; scratches; threads
1330 the usual phenomena appearances; striations; waves; weather front; T. Kikuchi, “On the Moving Striations in a Neon Tube” (1921)
1331 (and) others peculiar to places where atmosphere; canals; emanations; J. B. Bladon, “Remarks on the Theory of Spontaneous Generation” (1840)
1332 rose on the / gad-fly calendar; commas; orts; porosity; rivers; rounds; typography; J. C. Loudon
1333 see also countershading and iridescence color; obliterative coloration; G. H. Thayer, Concealing-coloration in the animal kingdom (1909)
1334 evidently the sediment of immense bodies of muddy water; darkness; floods; gravel; inversion; mud; rounds; shores; hydraulic mining; hydraulics
1335 sometimes more or less coherent canals; lacanian canals; lichens; more or less scattered; trees; B. Fink, The Lichens of Minnesota (1910)
1336 general remarks on motions of the body body; drift; period; periods; rarely straight; J. F. Meckel
1337 spread in all directions canals
1338 Implanted auricular; canals; collage; ilium; noms nouveau; orts; Valerie Roybal
1339 back. in many ways backs; latihan; Herbert Eugene Ives, Airplane Photography (1920)
1340 ugly and deformed lines... beauty; deformed; lines; picturesque; ugliness; waves; J. C. Loudon
1341 lines, wavy and crooked lines; dictionaries, drawings blindness; clouds; dictionaries; drawings; iridiagnosis; iris; lines; waves; wavy and crooked lines
1342 seen, but maybe ink; obscurity; rounds; NYT
1343 all those meetings levitation; mirage; notes; rounds; sands; scribble; shifting sands
1344 /1 fields; notations; rounds
1345 /2 remington; rounds
1346 in place of the paper margins; palimpsest; Santa Ana River; slow; Peter Handke
1347 /3 metamorphosis; rounds; rust; staple; Peter Handke
1348 the interruption of picture making H. S. Rawdon & H. Scott, “Microstructure of iron and mild steel” (1919); Alva Noë, Strange Tools (2015)
1349 the interruption of dancing H. S. Rawdon & H. Scott, “Microstructure of iron and mild steel” (1919); Alva Noë, Strange Tools (2015)
1350 geodesy, probably lost geodesy; Los Angeles; A. L. Baldwin & Miss Lilian Pike, Geodesy : Triangulation in California (1904)
1351 these objects which were difficult deserts; difficulties; passages; rounds; C. Cochelet, Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Sophia (1822)
1352 of ill-defined character / fresh south aloft aloft; asterisks; meteorology; rounds; south; NYT
1353 obscure spring clouds; incidents of travel; obscurities; springs; Sepphoris; desert, obscurity, and darkness
1354 folds and close crumples amplitudes; dance; folds; S. R. Capps, Geology of the Alaska Railroad Region (1940)
1355 closely folded, perhaps many times adjacencies; folds; mutability; S. R. Capps, Geology of the Alaska Railroad Region (1940); Lorine Niedecker
1356 and various mixtures of the two theory; thoria; V. B. Lewes, “Lecture on the Theory of the Incandescent Mantle” (1906); Bridget Riley
1357 under color of tangle construction; local color; orange; tangle
1358 erratics / 1 body; erratics; outcrop geology; W. Howchin
1359 erratics / 2 erratics; gravity; index; isostasy; L. V. King; A. E. H. Love
1360 aNYThing can happen epiphenomenon; marginalia; matter; NYT; rounds; Aristotle; D. W. Sciama
1361 erratics / 3 adjacencies; erratics; index; striations; H. Howchin; Pearl G. Sheldon; L. V. King; A. E. H. Love
1362 “sheltering error,” which in the bridled form does not exist.; errata; meteorology; noise; obscurities; rounds; Isabelle Stengers; McKenzie Wark
1363 nado cloud clouds; gpoy; meteorology; mind; nado; W. H. Dines
1364 distants distance; color; meteorology; lightning; wanderings; wind; yellow
1365 made upon a point, while speculations; John Ruskin, “Remarks on the Present State of Meteorological Science” (1835)
1366 imperfectly filtered light light; local color; paper; windows
1367 to baffle every description clarities; clarity; lightning; invisible lightning; meteorology; thickness; invisible
1368 a certain interlacing confusion, 1 confusion; drawing; hailstones; meteorology; obscurity
1369 a certain interlacing confusion, 2 confusion; drawing; hailstones; meteorology
1370 this extraordinary freedom from decay alkaloids; decay; laurel; C. D. Mell & W. D. Brush, Greenheart (1913)
1371 more obscure deterioration; obscurities; river birch; vessels; xylotomy; H. P. Brown, Pith-Ray Flecks in Wood (1913)
1372 admissions report notes; scribble
1373 admissions report, 2 notes; scribble
1374 how to apply arranging things; blue; ceramics; china; color; difficulties; method; overqualification; C. Lispector
1375 out into the field curves; exaggeration; faults; fields; lines; straights; subterranean channels
1376 were as a body body; curves; flora; ornament; turns; The China Decorator (1893)
1377 three whys I like (printed) newspapers Canada; error; gutter; offset; whys; NYT
1378 four more whys Canada; error; gutter; offset; whys; NYT
1379 it is pretty hard to say calorization; listening; metallurgy; method; rounds; W. E. Ruder; H. Lachenmann; Yannis Kyriakides
1380 reds bloom; iron; red
1381 example(s) composition; examples; squares; variations
1382 rock with fragments, rubber tube The Essential Ambiguity; rubber; skiagraphy; The Journal of the Röntgen Society (1907)
1383 distant signal, and distant hills   1/3 distance; distant weather; grays; horizon; ice; rounds; spirit leveling; weathering
1384 distant on the east   2/3 clouds; distance; distant weather; rounds; spirit leveling
1385 more distant   3/3 across; distant weather; rounds; spirit leveling; thence over the divide; water; weather; weathering
1386 910 N Tacoma E. H. McVey; place machines; time machines; Mary Ruefle; for my mind wanders as I age
1387 bad knots, waste. two-threads, nibs. classification; cohesion machine; defects; knots; lines; silk; uncleanness; W. P. Seem
1388 waste or slugs, doubt classification; defects; doubt; scribble; silk; waste; W. P. Seem
1389 more hardly can we find, of some others celestial alphabet; legibles; skies; spatulamancy; Jacques Gaffarel, Curiosités inouyes (1637); Sarah Kay
1390 but rather from buts; confusion; local color; prosthetics; windows; Goethe; Adam Kirsch
1391 the line of auricular attachment auricular; deserts; lines; ravines; rivers; stammering
1392 detritus 1 detritus; latihan; ohne worte; pipe; plumbing
1393 detritus 2 detritus; latihan; ohne worte; pipe; plumbing
1394 what conjectures and what your science? confusion; delsarte; expression; imitation in art; method; wordless poems; M. T. Magill
1395 iacecereaciergiri, and lavish bounty color; colour; iacere; states of corruption; throw; Emma McNally; Lucretius
1396 night sky, jun(s) iacere; June; rounds; skies; sky; Horace
1397 the important ideas are to have fixed places arrangement; ideas; order; rounds; signals; surgery; J. W. Henson
1398 only to make signals instruments; rounds; signals; surgery; wire
1399 as in a strange conjugation chronophotography; cinema; conjugations; strange conjugations; R. Matas
1400 tints and tones, 1 film; tints; tone; tones; uranium; Eastman Kodak
1401 tints and tones, 2 deterioration; film; ruination; tints; tone; tones; uranium; Eastman Kodak
1402 no beauty for the eye to rest upon     1/3 blue; folds; lines; FT; Elizabeth Strout, My Name is Lucy Barton (2016)
1403 latest of very many     2/3 blue; clues; dots; folds; lines; FT
1404 the setting for this frustratingly simple hand     3/3 blue; fold; hands; FT
1405 recipe didacticisms; orts; poetics; Jon Schueler
1406 white noise elsewhere; noise; notes; scribble; vacance; white noise
1407 dark noise elsewhere; dark; grays; latihan; lines; noise; notes; scribble
1408 away itinerating in the district what counts, in poetry, are the “pauses”; China Inland Mission Private Telegraph Code (1913); Jim Joyce
1409 language and a little broken Alviso; San Jose; broken lines; lines; non sequitur; J. H. Braly, Memory Pictures (1912)
1410 whether, pleasant homonyms; lunacy; sky; weather; whether; Jack Cox, Dodge Rose (2016)
1411 ign languages awndering; gpoy; reading; signs; silence; wandering; G. T. Buswell and C. H. Judd, Silent Reading (1922)
1412 latin, laugh, laughter. steam side, language air compressors; latihan; machinery; rounds; Telegraphic Cipher Code (The Norwalk Iron Works, 1899)
1413 interference as a factor interference; interruption; oz; repetition; rivers; J. Schillinger
1414 from the photograph of a duck the aging process; change; vanitas; E. Metchnikoff, The Prolongation of Life : Optimistic Studies (1908)
1415 and shook the living daylights out of them     1/3 facts; ideas; method; shaking; The Living Newspaper; E. Lavery; P. R. McVey
1416 mostly uncatalogued except     2/3 facts; a friendly colored chap; memory; personal investigation; The Living Newspaper; P. R. McVey
1417 black and white and read all over     3/3 The Living Newspaper; P. R. McVey
1418 a (blue) breather.       1/2 blue; breath; clouds; pause; polar light; rounds; Francesco Niosi
1419 later that same evening.      2/2 blue; breath; distances; evening; horizon; rounds; pause
1420 under favourable circumstances in the clouds also accidental exposure; clouds; distances; mastic; useful dodges; avoidance of monotony; P. N. Hasluck
1421 petty accounts and petty items, treatment of accounting; gpoy; W. M. Cole, Accounts, their Construction and Interpretation (1915)
1422 and then often in ruined words       1/2 derelict; ruinous; en passant; non sequitur; fore-edge glitch; J. R. Stilgoe
1423 there are almost no surprises       2/2 in the absence of lacunae; en passant; fore-edge glitch; Jack Cox
1424 berlin blue. mirage. with corresponding dilations. blue; dilations; mirage; rounds; sepia; J. B. Sanderson, Handbook for the Physiological Laboratory (1884)
1425 weren't there long asphalt; local color; confusion; strapping; tangle
1426 weren't there long, 2 conjugations; the mixed mood; strange conjugations; local color; neglect; windows
1427 on doubts, and certainties       1/2 certainty; doubt; dreams; evaporation; exhalations; fore-edge; vanishings
1428 buried by lacustrine sediments and loess       2/2 dreams; evaporation; lacustrine sediments; loess; mirage; Norseman District; sediment; W. D. Campbell
1429 came under my care cancer; care; clavicle; excision; intensity; pain; presence; N. B. Carson
1430 and the act of waiting when hope, expectation — were all the same thing; typewriting; Viña Delmar, Anatomy of Spanish (1973)
1431 just a bare record record; records; rounds; shadows; turns; of literary style there is no shadow of a trace; Evelyn Fox
1432 or in looking at words printed on paper memorable tho’ unhappy words; method; words printed on paper; Viña Delmar, Anatomy of Spanish (1973)
1433 scattered about the papers of other authors copper; corrosion; dreams; oneiros; pseudomorphs; scattering; G. D. Bengough; O. F. Hudson
1434 recrystallization round scratch, 1 confusion; crystallization; recrystallization; metallurgy; H. C. H. Carpenter; C. F. Elam
1435 recrystallization round scratch, 2 crystallization; recrystallization; metallurgy; silence H. C. H. Carpenter; C. F. Elam; Rebecca Elson
1436 subtl. prfccy. grays; sky; skies; subtle prophecy; M. W. Redding; Jon Schueler
1437 and what dust there is precipitates       1/2 blue; circulation; lines; salt lake
1438 into the atmosphere would become       2/2 blue; circulation; lines; salt lake
1439 this arrangement, however, proved useless. howevers; phaseograph; phaseography; representation; useless; variable currents; M. Siegbahn
1440 and an empty one taken       1/2 empty; endless chain; the chain on the empty train; NEIMME
1441 all the work. the full and empty.       2/2 empty; full; The Haswell Mechanical Coal-Getter; method; NEIMME
1442 itution of origin       1/2 exaggeration; signs; some inconsistencies; symptoms; R. A. Witthaus; Tracy C. Becker
1443 and cause anom time no       2/2 exaggeration; signs; some inconsistencies; rounds; symptoms; R. A. Witthaus; Tracy C. Becker
1444 but rather the shape of our motions form; motion; notes; scribble; Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing, The Mushroom at the End of the World (2015)
1445 cloud strata clouds; illegibility; peg models; scribble; slate; teaching
1446 all maps have resigned       1/2 asphalt; lines; local color; rain; Gwendolyn MacEwen
1447 it comes down cuneiform       2/2 asphalt; lines; local color; rain; Gwendolyn MacEwen
1448 the linguistic taste once acquired clouds; latihan; lost; riddling descriptive language; tanah mati; W. Wright; T. H. Reid
1449 mistake in the proportions of the flux elm; hands; method; a kind of method; Lisa Robertson, “Thus she arrives at the idea of the mistake.”
1450 a little more of the flux difference; flux; hands; listening; mathematic; method; Alexander Grothendieck; Bernard Palissy
1451 Word(s), see also; not a word to say knots; tangles; words; see also; telegraphic codes; McNeill’s Code (1908 Edition); Rachel Cusk
1452 none, see also offering       1/2 corrugation; none; see also; telegraphic codes; McNeill’s Code (1908 Edition)
1453 nor, see also neither       2/2 corrugation; none; see also; telegraphic codes; McNeill’s Code (1908 Edition)
1454 anecdotes anecdotes; lines; shadows; walls; Rachel Cusk
1455 another anecdote anecdotes; apparitions; figures; rounds; Rachel Cusk
1456 yet obscurity adhesions; commas; obscurity; obstructions; C. H. Mayo
1457 paper barometry barometer; purpose rain; rounds; The Practical Druggist and Pharmaceutical Review of Reviews (1915)
1458 terminology adjacencies; anomalies; dots; teaching; whiteboard
1459 lost. the words falling; lost; words
1460 how incessantly they flow and fall away from things curves; falling; flow; local color; thin; wood; or the matter of wood; Lucretius
1461 to let fall an expression falling; rounds; thesaurus; Robt. Ainsworth, Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Compendiarius (4th edn., 1752)
1462 and still oftener out of words cobwebs; falling; method; spinning; words
1463 To fall into, as one river into another falling; rounds; thesaurus; Robt. Ainsworth, Thesaurus Linguae Latinae Compendiarius (4th edn., 1752)
1464 . falling; rust; sediment; stammering
1465 stills slow; still; NYT
1466 would almost be blind; obscurity; rounds
1467 for the semisighted class blind; obscurity; rounds; specimen of printing
1468 ffr       1/2 The Suffragist; Nina E. Allender; E. H. Reede
1469 ra       2/2 between; betweens; legs; letter space; The Suffragist
1470 [m]ake stuff, hand it out, talk to people] opening; shadows; Derek Beaulieu; Billy Mills
1471 other figures, afterwards coruscations; tenuities; D. Blackader, “Account of an Aurora Borealis, observed at Edinburgh” (1827)
1472 somewhat at a point in this locality bending and contortion; interruption; mud; H. T. De la Beche, “On the Formation of Rocks” (1846)
1473 sans ampersand ampersand; notes; scribble
1474 machine etc machinery; notes; scribble
1475 otherwise, could, and should not be AuH2O; difference; tercet
1476 another way commas; errata; After the word branch, insert a comma.; M. G. Agnesi
1477 yet all       1/2 entry; light; rounds; walls; whens
1478 light / all       2/2 entry; light; rounds; walls; whens; Sappho
1479 mundum esse caecum blind; dreams; marbled paper; mouth; musings; Lucretius
1480 Valerie Roybal, Overcome Valerie Roybal; Air-plants of the Orchis family.
1481 orderlands a heap of things; hide; körper als landschaft; lines; A. Caputo; Alejandra Pizarnik
1482 Mark Walton, Stoke Newington Mark Walton; orts; windows; flora
1483 by sea-water, which very quickly decomposes characters; fish; decomposition; iron; letters; nails; piscine; unseen agencies; swimmings; M. Sage (1798)
1484 a new thing when finished method; rounds; skies; stitches; Amina Cain, “Two Dimensional War” (2009)
1485 ruin well difficulties; orts; ruination; G. F. Dutton
1486 ciel local color; rain; water
1487 till they come into the proper form method; water; The Repertory of Patent Arts and Manufactures (1798)
1488 which, so mixed, will take fire fire; mixed; water; The Repertory of Patent Arts and Manufactures (1798)
1489 by way of a third thing emblematics; indirection; melancholy; stains; Peter Handke; C. Ripa
1490 and the water, ever friend to thought lists; philosophical minds; water; Sarah Fielding, The Adventures of David Simple (1744); Francis Spufford
1491 poesing kepala local color; carapace; poesing kepala; pusing kepal
1492 from the sand. these are useful guides     1/2 damage; folds; sands; tears; white chalk 1; A. W. Rowe, “The Zones of the White Chalk” (1899)
1493 two or three uncertain lines     2/2 damage; folds; sands; tears; tests; white chalk 1; A. W. Rowe, “The Zones of the White Chalk” (1899)
1494 º º     1/2 asphalt; lines; local color; º; 20160607
1495 * *     2/2 asphalt; cracks; lines; local color; orts; *; 20160607
1496 that are meaningless and full of detail windows; Marion Milner
1497 and a recent iron cap follies; orts; shadows
1498 or swimmings therein / find it true swimmings
1499 as delivered       1/3 e; folds; lines; rounds; AandL; NYT
1500 a kind of runnel       2/3 clarity; lines; rounds; runnel; water; AandL; NYT; Francis Spufford
1501 ridges       3/3 across; deserts; dunes; lines; ridges; rounds; sands; AandL; NYT
1502 identified at last Arisaema dracontium; identification; orts; a survivor
1503 hadnʼt seen that before damage; metals; scars; sycamore
1504 bending. straightening. shaping. miscellaneous. types of power.; classification; shearing; Eleanor. H Frick and Esther Raymond, “Proposed Classification” (1916)
1505 unsatisfactory, on account of the large variation / 2451 blue; method; motionless; obedience; variations; Simone Weil
1506 leftover lines lines; local color; variations
1507 leftover lines, 2 damage; depths; scars; surfaces; sycamore
1508 infiltrations blank pages; edges; infiltrations; vac.; water
1509 too. some very important blank pages; vac.; Virginia Woolf
1510 between the blank page and the poem blank pages; blindness; intermediary; vac.; Simone Weil
1511 blank pages, cloud of blank pages; clouds; doodling; vac.; Virginia Woolf
1512 the tele head af heard to blank pages; clouds; doodling; vac.; Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room (1922)
1513 a corner of the day construction; diggings; local color; rust; yellow
1514 meanwhile, in the basement deserts; elsewhere; local color; meanwhile; runes
1515 witnesses local color; orts; stress; trauma
1516 a (later) corner of the day construction; local color; local color; windows
1517 no opium in lettuce magnetism; purgation; rounds; A. and H. Lindlahr, The Nature Cure Cook Book and A B C, &c. (1917)
1518 or stayed unbroken broken; dust; moulding; Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room (1922)
1519 porch-through windows; Yves Bonnefoy
1520 commas clothes pins; commas; distraction; Virginia Woolf
1521 except those which had been submerged and all were destitute of cortex; desiccation; indentations; Salton Sea; M. A. Brannon
1522 fasciation, 1 / turgor fasciation; turgor; M. A. Brannon
1523 fasciation 2 / traumatism fasciation; transition; traumatism; M. A. Brannon
1524 fasciation 3 / the question of monstrosities fasciation; monstrosities; M. A. Brannon
1525 11:32.05 lines; shadows; solarium; timelines; Goethe
1526 11:34.44 lines; shadows; solarium; timelines; Goethe
1527 Shiftless / West Harley Coals, generally. coal; quatrains; Singapore; Bousted & Co., Shipping Code (1882)
1528 Tetrarch, Textuary; Theory: Thumb: When opportunity offers.; coal; quatrains; Singapore; Bousted & Co., Shipping Code (1882)
1529 night and day hands; night and day; F. V. Coville, D. T. MacDougal
1530 we couldnʼt make an image for this result blank pages; hands; none; F. V. Coville, D. T. MacDougal; S. Orgel
1531 markup lines; markup; trench box; trench shield; walking; walls; Adam Harrison Levy, Tag Lines (2016)
1532 more, from Bousted. coal; quite unintelligible; Singapore; telegraphic codes; Bousted & Co., Shipping Code (1882)
1533 markup, mud. local color; markup; mud; trench box; trench shield
1534 overl    ing ok; lint; Rebecca Reilly, Repetition (2015)
1535 markup, more. eccentric; lines; local color; markup; Singapore; Bousted & Co., Shipping Code (1882)
1536 of one turn of thick mobility cotton; quiet days; ripple-mark; sands; turns; vacuum valves; waves; Hertha Ayrton; Alice M. Waller
1537 two exiles exile; metamorphosis; NYT; C. Close; W. S. Hilton; R. Reilly; E. Said
1538 of the world no longer accounts rendered; certainties; doubt; finalities; ruination; J. Y. Buchanan
1539 or or; marks; vagueness; scribble; elision; Y
1540 a fragile, blurred, vague blindness; blur; Istanbul; vagueness; Sophie Calle. Blind (2011)
1541 shifts repetition; shifts; wall; Laura Mullen; Gertrude Stein
1542 الربع الخاليي asphalt; deserts; empty quarter; local color
1543 foreign material E. O'Toole; coal; drama; fields; misconstruals; sand; skiagraphy; spots; waves; worried landscape
1544 Fig. 8, from “C” coal seam abstraction; coal; skiagraphy; tables; E. O’Toole
1545 Fig. 6, from “C” coal seam abstraction; coal; skiagraphy; tables; E. O’Toole
1546 rounds and rounds calcium chloride; circles; local color; rounds; scribble
1547 interruption interruption; meanwhile
1548 Luminous names, or words ex A Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical Instruments... (1817)
1549 re/wind, 1 drawing; rewindings; windings; wire
1550 re/wind, 2 drawing; rewindings; windings; wire
1551 amnen amnesia amnestial amnesia; declensions; telegraphic codes; R. V. Dey, The Postal Code (Telegraph-Cable, 1907)
1552 the behaviour of twisted wires W. A. Ayrton; Chair of Natural Philosophy and Telegraphy; earthquakes; twisted wire; wire
1553 re/wind, 3 drawings; rewindings; windings; wire
1554 and that the proper course of action fatigue; instruments; intoxication; proper course of action; W. A. Ayrton
1555 out of connecting words blue and white; china; dredging drafts; inconsequentia; odd volumes; Jack Cox; A. T. Hollingsworth
1556 pending asphalt  
1557 in lieu of, 5  
1558 infernal zone  
1559 that cross in the air  
1560 e.g., and such as  
1561 a blue line against the sky  
1562 uww toc clearings; experiential learning; toc; UWW; University Without Walls Handbook (1975); vanitas
1563 room, in a  
1564 (accountability, also)  
1565 Mark Walton. Fitzrovia. August 13, 2016  
1566 amnesia, four instances of. weather cloudy, track muddy.; ex Morning Telegraph’s Racing Chart Book 18 (1906)
1567 the bird that flutters last almanac; amnesia; birds; memory; slow; that speed along the nerve cells
1568 in my own incomprehension amnesia; local color; orts; windows; Clarice Lispector
1569 like tides Gwendolyn MacEwen; Caroline K.; adrift; drift; expirations; tides
1570 straights and a promised curve curves; fret; inadequate vocabulary; lines; local color; orts; overthinking; Don Buchla
1571 covered the book with her hands, 1 couplets; damage; hands; Caroline A. Huling, Letters of a Business Woman to Her Niece (1906)
1572 covered the book with her hands, 1 couplets; damage; hands; Caroline A. Huling, Letters of a Business Woman to Her Niece (1906)
1573 on the other hands  
1574 all this is charming, but  
1575 via negativa, 1 this is not a; fancy; timber; via negativa
1576 via negativa, 2  
1577 via negativa, 3  
1578 via negativa, 4  
1579 via negativa, 5  
1580 via negativa, 6  
1581 via negativa, 7  
1582 William Flynn Torn, see Tear Hallspace (October 8 – November 12, 2016)
1583 in lieu of a mirror, 1 mirrors; in lieu of a mirror; Louise Gluck; Nico; Fernando Pessoa; Jacques Lacan
1584 in lieu of a mirror, 2 mirrors; in lieu of a mirror; Clarice Lispector
1585 in lieu of a mirror, 6 mirrors; in lieu of a mirror
1586 in lieu of a mirror, 4 mirrors; in lieu of a mirror
1587 via negativa, 8  
1588 via negativa, 9  
1589 via negativa, 10 safety; this is not a; uncertainty; Laurence Sterne; Ludwig Wittgenstein
1590 via negativa, 11  
1591 via negativa, 12  
1592 at least one  
1593 your hopes in your avocadoes  
1594 brought together, pulled apart  
1595 amn esia, 1  
1596 amn esia, 2  
1597 of which the subject is usually not aware Frederick Peterson; Morton Prince; blue; co-consciousness; figures; latihan; split-off dissociated ideas
1598 bobbing up and down, as many do deserts; findings; J. Van Denburgh & J. R. Slevin, “A List of the Amphibians and Reptiles of Arizona” (1913)
1599 of our past moments iteration; scribble; solitude; Gaston Bachelard
1600 first tide, second tide repetition; scribble; telegraphic codes; tides
1601 or exclusions holes; repetition; scribble; Anne Blonstein
1602 shifting. sorting blur; duration; repetition; scribble; telegraphic codes
1603 and their relation to resting periods diagrams; rest; resting periods; rubber; trees; Hevea Brasiliensis; L. E. Campbell (1915)
1604 out side out local color; reflections; rounds; water; windows
1605 Nowe bus me wende. amnesia; bus; buss; etymologies; latihan; Sarah Manguso; Mary Ruefle; The Firesign Theatre
1606 an experiment error; experimental reading
1607 262468 error; experimental reading
1608 of a very curves; design; dust; lines; ravine; ruffles; J. Chrisopher Jones
1609 ruffles, further south evaporation; hair; incongruous setting; method; porosity; ruffles; J. Chrisopher Jones; Roget’s Thesaurus
1610 the philosophy of the tree ephemera; seams; shadows; Lisa Robertson
1611 and sometimes folds; records; scribble; Lisa Robertson
1612 mosaic ad infinitum; at libitum; mosaic; post-its; Margaret Fuller; Laura Mullen; Gertrude Stein
1613 whilsts, 1 afterglow; scribble; whilsts
1614 whilsts, 2 afterglow; scribble; whilsts
1615 olds and folds asphalt; folds; hands; olds
1616 le ciel ceiling; le ciel; skies; sky; Pierre Reverdy
1617 where the tide stands very high chalk; tides; A. W. Rowe
1618 hope a hollow; a valley; an inlet; a small bay; a haven; hope; lexicon
1619 the hikers, accustomed to the dark blind; crossings; dark; horizon; night-blind; Albrecht von Haller; Peter Handke
1620 while nothing but a cloudy line of dust clouds; islands; lines; several lines; unwillingly traced; G. P. R. James
1621 mud being mud, or whether industrial accidents; mud; whether; J. R. Sutton, “An Inquiry of the origin of the mud rushes” (1898)
1622 the weather but to a much greater degree horizon; marshes; marshing; tides; weather; A. E. Jewett; Peter Handke
1623 noise noise; walking; Great Marsh, Essex; Peter Handke
1624 a Geometric Joy geometry; grays; lines; scratches; skies; sky; theories; Emily Dickinson
1625 in the driftless area blue; drift; edges; loess; lost; sky; skies
1626 or, a derivative dictionary change; erosion; etymologies; failure; perched on his etymological dunghill; Rachel Cusk; G. W. Lemon
1627 viz. asphalt; high water mark; local color; strandline
1628 the quick : the life       1/2 flesh; Couch-grass, and other field-grasses and weeds; quick; tenderness; NYT; lexicon; Calvin Klein
1629 ascension declension ascension; declension; notes; scribble
1630 rearrangements change; curves; lines; rearrangements; swimming; how many hours spent thus
1631 of things seen; of paces, or times       2/2 flesh; curves; quick; quickenings; steel; tenderness; NYT; lexicon; Calvin Klein
1632 in an actual racket clearings; noise; notes; scribble; Peter Handke
1633 and then migrate into finer grasps accidental findings; metamorphosis; notes; scribble; tools; John Peck
1634 comma which, dash see corners; dance; folds; numbers; openings; (East African) Government Telegraph Code (1933)
1635  without any cause known to us alphabet; rounds; rupture; tears; Spinoza
1636 both insofar, 1 both; clarity; clouds; conatus; confusion; notes; scribble; Spinoza
1637 both insofar, 2 both; notes; ohne worte; scribble
1638 both insofar, 3 both; clouds; notes; ohne worte; rectangles; scribble
1639 not even a question of reading caesura; hiatus; listening; mathematics; notes; A. Grothendieck; M. Merleau-Ponty; F. Zalamea
1640 content with salt marshes dilettantism; marsh; marshes; spine; Sarah Orne Jewett; John R. Stilgoe
1641 of rain as simply the decay of a cloud clouds; decay; margins; stillness; waves; Amy Liptrot
1642 something about space above; floor; homasote; margins; sky; waves; M. Merleau-Ponty
1643 am trying am going       1/2 mindwander; scribble
1644 pushing that have yet       2/2 mindwander; scribble
1645 also enquired, without birds; trees; wandering; Woolhope Naturalist’s Field Club
1646 to blossom out, the change which began change; familiar ground; trees; Woolhope Naturalist’s Field Club
1647 in. a line, on a floor       1/3 confusion; draughting; lines; William Laister, A Treatise on Ship Draughting (1866)
1648 for it is in the nature of a curve       2/3 curves; glim; grays; W. Laister, Treatise (1866); J. R. Stilgoe (on “glim,” 1994)
1649 the fairer the curve curves; distortion; error; fairing; lines
1650 of the water lines       3/3 curves; horizon; lines; philosophy; skies; weather; W. Laister, Treatise (1866)
1651 CD M d diagrams; geometry; laying off; on the hard; words; John Fincham, Directions (1822)
1652 and of yod to 10 asphalt; interference; Hyde Clarke, “Male and Female Numbers and Letters” (N&Q, 1871)
1653 \ \\ \ \\ \ \ notes; ohne worte; scribble
1654 his sign language remains untried, 1 remains; signs; Tom Zavalani
1655 his sign language remains untried, 2 remains; signs; Tom Zavalani
1656 side 2 difference; listening; notes; ohne worte; scribble
1657 6 listening; notes; ohne worte; scribble
1658 a language of sounds. Their misfortune centone; fear; language of; a language of
1659 orward forward; froward; scribble
1660 orward, 2 dots; dreams; helicopters; horizon; lines; NYT; rêve; tone; under
1661 ‘The Right Tone’ forward; ohne worte; scribble
1662 outside, and just touches ...; birds; from pencilled jottings, which awaited the touch outside; touch; thigmotropic irritability
1663 when the swallows fly in such a manner touch
1664 curious inventions doodles; gpoy; scribble; withdrawal; E. Hazen, “Verbs, with their participles and gerundives, applied” (1851)
1665 The Ferry Boat and how to supersede; impure dipthongs; horizon; sky; E. Hazen, The Speller and Definer (1845)
1666 lit from below breeze; clouds; latihan; NYT
1667 sous marine blue; deeps; ohne worte; seas; sous marine; Annales télégraphiques 10 (1883)
1668 green, earlier horizon; inversions; littoral; paradox; Sarah Manguso; Annales télégraphiques 17 (1890)
1669 & ampersand; &; and ands; mathematics; nomadisch; scribble; Paul Valéry
1670 after the test concrete; detours; tests; water; Watertown Arsenal
1671 the perfect mobility of a liquid clouds; hardness; softness; metallographic examinations; rounds; sky; Watertown Arsenal; G. T. Beilby
1672 of a land and groove horizon; rounds; surface erosion; three theories seem plausible; Watertown Arsenal
1673 in the light of / two states the existence of two states; ideas; vagueness; Donald McLean; Paul Valéry
1674 some mixture of ink; method; NYT; Paul Valéry
1675 but to return. To what couplets; latihan; returns; ; stammering; what; one of the most dangerous errors
1676 probably paler when in life birds; feathers; horizon; Andrew Murray, “Contributions to the Natural History” (1859)
1677 a most picturesque ceremony Calgary
1678 it was under this tree Choctaw; here; latihan; place; places; topoi; trees; under
1679 pencil, penumbra latihan; neglected of late; pencils; penumbra; place; scribble; telegraphic codes; ABC Code (4th edn, 1883)
1680 the place of the Sum in the place of degree latihan; place; Augustine, Confessions; John Foxe, The Acts and Monuments of
1681 , commas; damage; local color; trees
1682 long exposure astronomy;; exposure; fax; ruination
1683 flower and feather man the velvet hat game; feathers; flowers; inflections; millinery; Millinery Trade Review (1915)
1684 practical geometry blur; feathers; flowers; help and situations wanted; Millinery Trade Review (1906)
1685 conclusions bit by bit acquiring; experimental; index; method; subtraction; NYT
1686 Count. Your words blue; blue summer evening; count; words; memory; Thodore Martin
1687 fadings ceilings; fadings; shadows; waking; Ruth Kalmar Wilson
1688 φύσις arcs; cracks; φύσις; records; rounds
1689 the philosophy of images; 300 unconnected words emblematics; flood; flow; grounded theory; ruination; Emanuele Coccia; Claude François Ménestrier
1690 and analogous subjects       1/3 obscurity; W. H. Brown, A Treatise on the Law of Trade-marks and Analogous Subjects (1885)
1691 where line has been piled upon line       2/3 all sorts of visionary conceptions; cotton; latihan; lines; the vague idea; W. H. Brown, Treatise (1885)
1692 whether a bare numeral can be turned       3/3 latihan; lines; turns; numbers; numerals; whether; W. H. Brown, Treatise (1885); Augusta Browne Garrett
1693 counterclockwise arrows; follies; glimpse; industrial zoned; local color; orts
1694 originally abstract, denoting dreams; rêves; found; lastery; lost; telegraphic codes
1695 beam, horizontal addition; follies; horizontal; orts
1696 fluctuate, contrive to redraw contrivances; floscule; flowk; W. S. Wetmore, General Commercial Telegraphic Code (Shanghai 1875)
1697 moss, to be more, 1 acanthus; euphorbia; flora; flowers; ranunculus; telegraphic codes; W. S. Wetmore (Shanghai 1875)
1698 moss, to be more, 2 althea; belladona; flora; flowers; hyssop; telegraphic codes; W. S. Wetmore (1875)
1699 moss, to be more, 3 abecedary; flora; flowers; lilac; lily; oleander; telegraphic codes; W. S. Wetmore (1875)
1700 moss, to be more, 4 aconite; agrimony; bloom; flora; flowers; oleander; telegraphic codes; W. S. Wetmore (1875)
1701 moss, to be more, 5 auricula; dittany; flora; flowers; hyacinth; madder; telegraphic codes; W. S. Wetmore (1875)
1702 moss, to be more, 6 convolvulus; flora; flowers; moss; weeds; telegraphic codes; W. S. Wetmore (1875); Kate Greenaway
1703 only always always only, 1 only always always only; o; only; latihan; George Lillie Craik; Lindley Murray; Mary Somerville
1704 only always always only, 2 only always always only; only; latihan; S. T. Coleridge
1705 terminology in doubt hands; rounds; terminology; turns
1706 bayangan dapur bayangan dapur; local color; shadows; skiagraphy; walls
1707 stubborn(n)ess, without stubbornness; stubborness; vagueness
1708 more emphasis deserts; emphasis; empty quarter; NYT
1709 a variety of hands, 1 biography a branch of natural history; hands; motives so inconsistent; so; Robert Scott
1710 a variety of hands, 2 bone; classification; hands; time; Cervantes; Henry A. Lugrin
1711 a variety of hands, 3 elementary type; hands; orts; whist; Calvin A. Watson, Indicator for Duplicate Whist (1899)
1712 a variety of hands, 4 a concise but just account; hands; hiding; immutable forms
1713 a variety of hands, 5 hands; literature of square hands; mind formed by the body; mind-body problem; F. C. Lambert
1714 a variety of hands, 6 hands; pacinian corpuscles; painters of spatulate type
1715 a variety of hands, 7 blind; hands; emblematics; sticks; Simone Weil
1716 treework, 1 local color; ohne worte; trees
1717 treework, 2 local color; ohne worte; trees
1718 treework, 3 local color; ohne worte; trees
1719 and ings andings; a science of parade; chemical amusement; ing; meadow; noise; static; swimmings; Miss Edgeworth
1720 blue springs, purple drills chromatic; classification; tools; yellow; Park Benjamin; Joshua Rose
1721 a.m. local color; ohne worte
1722 masa silam gpoy; Moira Hahn
1723 º notes; ohne worte; scribble
1724 ºº notes; ohne worte; scribble
1725 asten astenings astenings
1726 isten istenings but she was not blind; istenings; telegraphic codes
1727 and it being the day names; shade; windows; Claire-Louise Bennett, pond (2016)
1728 any suspension enough; hair; NYT; suspension; torn
1729 a line that lines; a line that... stood in no need; a line that counted
1730 lines that lines; glory or gravity; shades and shadows
1731 and things like that, 1 psychical research; J. H. Hyslop, “A Case of Veridical Hallucinations” (1909); F. L. Thompson
1732 and things like that, 2 J. H. Hyslop, “Veridical Hallucinations” (1909); F. L. Thompson: He never half did what was in his soul.
 1733 ºº º cartography; scribble; Shannon Mattern
1734 º ºº cartography; scribble; ologies; Shannon Mattern
1735 meanwhile diminished judgement; local color; meanwhile; windows
1736 which the asphalt had long forgotten asphalt; difficulties; dust; sky; B. M. Bower, The Thunder Bird (1919); Nicole Krauss
1737 empyrean bluely blue; mosstobemore; Nicole Krauss; W. S. Wetmore, General Commercial Telegraphic Code (1875)
1738 one or two, onerous onions only onions; scribble; telegraphic codes
1739 the same, reverse view — The Albatross albatross; horizon; littoral; night; skies; sky
1740 embarrassments, as too too many birds; embarrassments; lines; Annie Besant; J. F. Cooper; Maria Edgeworth; Mrs. Oliphant
1741 1307 envelope; ohne worte; postmarked; scratches
1742 a flock of sails furrows; ruffles; sails; waves; Soren Kierkegaard
1743 ºººº º clouds; dance; knuckles; molecules; scribble
1744 or in read on errata; A. Hodgkinson, “Colour and its relation to the Structure of Coloured Bodies” (1889); Yves Bonnefoy
1745 climate change hits the olive industry change; error; fleurons; ink; NYT; scribble; can such accidents be copyrighted?
1746 ocation envelope; ere; erosion; postmarked; scars; tears; weathering
1747 orme, ormes and orms can of orms; error; errors; orms; worms; Kathryn Schulz
1748 when it emerged above; deeps; hands; s; B. Martin, The Philosophy of Sounds, Music, and the Organization of the Ear (1781)
1749 and all experiments testify coincidence; experimental; incidence; mathesis; B. Martin, A new and comprehensive system (1764)
1750 19 different / jumps caesura; half-lines; jumps; NYT; Is the sky the limit? focused on come?
1751 just so local color; so; windows
1752 a mediocre power of visual imagery least favorite word; Alma Bell & Loretta Muckenhoupt, “determination of ideational type” (1906)
1753 words, waiting on ohne worte; waiting; walls
1754 if that ain’t a something of paramnesia; something; somethings; Havelock Ellis, The World of Dreams (1916)
1755 here a dot, a mark, a sign dots; flora; glossary; this worldliness; other worldliness; ERIC ED066065 (1972)
1756 unbending words etymological research; glossary; method; seams; ERIC ED066065 (1972)
1757 as one thinks of it, haphazardly clouds; critical and waning moments; glossary; mumbling; Yong Xue; 咏雪詞; ERIC ED066065 (1972)
1758 in a trice, with a whurry, and to the confusion lexicon; whurry; Randle Cotgrave, A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues (1632)
1759 in aggregate, they form crossings; deluge; emblematics; Tom Conley; J. L. Schefer
1760 instead of words instead of, 1 canals; holes; rock; words; Horace Traubel
1761 instead of words instead of, 2 meadow; merely skimmed the surface; orts; wire; uttered by shapes and wires; Simone Weil
1762 to the above list, add “scatter” airborne; scatter; scribble
1763 strike anywhere airborne; reading notes; scribble; Anne Michaels
1764 instead of wheres airborne; reading notes; scribble; insteads; wheres
1765 erosion of colors       1/2 folds; local color; Miyaura; windows
1766 as well as their matteness       2/2 folds; a constant impoverishment; local color; Miyaura; windows; J. L. Schefer
1767 nor the philosophers, 1 NYT; Ali Smith, Winter (2017)
1768 nor the philosophers, 2 NYT; Ali Smith, Winter (2017)
1769 interior aside asides; incandescence; interior
1770 whose lands touch the sea experimental; touch; water; F. B. and L. M. Gilbreth, “Chronocylegraph motion study devices” (1915)
 1771 entrances and exits action; asides; entrances and exits; indirection; W. T. Price, The Analysis of Play Construction (1908)
1772 CC  AA  SS  GG clouds; shadows; John Haygarth, “Description of a Glory” (1789)
1773 reprints and separata, 1 separata
1774 reprints and separata, 2 eucalyptus; separata; severals; silt; the less reliable and more variable; withes or wicker
1775 reprints and separata, 3 curves; horizon; separata; is that rain?
1776 reprints and separata, 4 separata; in gas or vacuo indefinite; whether
1777 of those signs bayangan dapur; shadows; Ali Smith, Winter (2017)
1778 reprints and separata, 5 separata; whether; whether or no you desire it to throw a shadow; Tom
1779 reprints and separata, 6 separata; weather; whether; water’s edge; R. W. Schufeldt, “Scientific Taxidermy for Museums” (1894)
1780 spe ci men answers; ellipses; holes; questions; rounds; scribble; whiteness; James Baldwin; Claudia Rankine
1781 [ ] brackets; ohne worte; scribble
1782 istance distance; haze; scribble
1783 istance, 2 asemics; istance; nonstance; stance; Anne Blonstein
1784 to which is added Enquire Within upon fancy lint, various forms and uses of; index; vade mecum; R. K. Philip, Enquire Within Upon Everything (1869)
1785 demonstration, 1 demonstration; scribble
1786 Nyuhx 07165 / Broken open ruination; spine; telegraphic codes; Bohlmann’s Chemical Code (1922)
1787 twine and needles, sea phrases; signal codes; weather permitting; Abraham A. Leggett, The telegraphic dictionary (1828)
1788 upon the ebb, upon the flood signal codes; Abraham A. Leggett, The telegraphic dictionary (1828)
1789 dreamless discoloured, iceland autumns wool; yellow; Fred Towler & Co., Wool, Bradford, England, Private Telegraphic Code (1899)
1790 Lapidary lately, Nous now or never. A book of rules. lapidary; nous; telegraphic codes; W. J. Sutherland, K.K., the complete code (1888); Anne Boyer
1791 womar wybuf wuvez, wyhox wodir wozen Supplement to Wieger’s Blitz-Code 1908 (Düsseldorf, 1914)
1792 another, later marginalia; scribble; something to look forward to
1793 = scribble; suspension
1794 much hidden by sea-weed, only found in this bed bituminous blae; couplets; horizon; only; Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society (1901)
1795 at two or three horizons atmospherics; only; Transactions of the Edinburgh Geological Society (1901)
1796 swimming in the air dance; indirection; lines; swimming; teaching; NYT; Lar Lubovitch
1797 a mutiny in the mildest thoughts enough; latihan; loess
1798 another something corrugation; recyclings; scars; something
1799 something another else shadows; soft; something
1800 that other scene swimming; water; windows; Iris Murdoch, The Bell (1958)
1801 a burlesque perhaps, a weaver’s shuttle another; method; something
1802 (at) a loss for words blur; ohne worte; scribble; wanderings
1803 significant delays in unfinished projects blur; gpoy; NYT
1804 further melting ampersand; local color; meltings; between Nails & Spa and Shangri-la; windows
1805 a further anecdote anecdotes; scribble; Michael Ondaatje
1806 a few clauses falling away scribble; Michael Ondaatje
1807 ommencement alalia; aphasia; ohne worte; scribble
1808 drawing in the air air; dreams; in-between-ness; lines; palimpsest; to let the air in; FT; Chiharu Shiota
1809 enough to see the way damage; postmarked; stains; Rachel Cusk; Stevie Smith
1810 disconcerting irregularities button-downs; ohne worte; skies; sky; NYT
1811 any data at all had been an error error; latihan; NYT
1812 intent on uncertainty clouds; lines; wire; Michael Ondaatje
1813 song of the shuffling-feet dance abecedary; “meaningless syllables”; ohne worte; Frances Densmore, Teton Sioux Music (1918)
1814 mystorient scroll local color
1815 aside from the, 2 asides; scribble; Hernán Diaz
1816 aside from the, 6 asides; scribble; Hernán Diaz
1817 onsonants dropped initials; onsonants; shadows
1818 nonsonance dropped initials; nonsonance; onsonants; shadows
1819 and eafless. densely eafless; leaves; onsonants; Anna Botsford Comstock, Butterfly Acquaintances (1912)
1820 in on sonance with the evidence ð error; ð; nonsense; onsonants; Peter Handke
1821 as usual scribble; Peter Handke
1822 so too in sense lists; sense; nonsense; stains; Josephine Miles
1823 discuss paradise, disembody providence couplets; latihan; mining; telegraphic codes; Last Chance; Oro Denoro; Rambler; X.-Ray
1824 roseate, water works latihan; meander; oceanic; sensate; sense; telegraphic codes; water; water works
1825 jury duty corrugation; paths; Paul Celan
1826 notitia notitia; walking; Rachel Cusk; Peter Handke; Merve Emre
1827 only the betweens apropos of nothing; between; betweens; latihan; non sequitur; orts
1828 奈良, a wall anymore; mirrors; walls; Clarice Lispector
1829 more betweenage betweens; ohne worte; scribble; shaping
1830 あすなろ floor japan; ohne worte
1831 どうでもいいのに box; horses; japan; うま
1832 wireic runes ohne worte; ruination; runes; wire; Niihama
1833 pole wrap orts; poles; Miyaura
1834 another pole mono no aware; ohne worte; orts; poles; Miyaura; Michael Ondaatje
1835 rimoné lines lines; obscurity; ohne worte; yellow; poles
1836 the o-céan are; and o-céan, the e; é; ocean; onsense
1837 and all asides, if we may call them so all asides; asides; latihan; onsense; so; Mrs. Oliphant
1838 as there was between objects drift; landschaft; non sequitur; paper; too much space between; David Malouf
1839 a weed called slaugh arrivals; borders; drift; driftage; frames; sky; weather; John Bryan, Narrative of (1768)
1840 driftage might, and the driftage of drift; driftage; latihan; oceanic; G. H. Kinahan
1841 was not, or less so less; less so; so
1842 glimpse of land, and clearing; clearings; glimpse; Charles Henry Eden; David Malouf
1843 chatter chatter; ghosts; ohne worte; 1chome10
1844 chatter (on the other hand) chatter; ghosts; ohne worte; on the other hand; 1chome10
1845 as soees seees; ’ow, if ’orses be horses; lists; off ’is ’orses; nonsense; onsense; George Moore; Robert Seethaler
1846 atangle horses; orange; tangle; うま; wire
1847 clement clumsy, cluster latihan; telegraphic codes; tercet; wool; Telegraphic Cipher Code of Brown, Adams (ca 1900)
1848 dotage 1 dotage; scribble
1849 dotage 2 dotage; scratches; scribble
1850 syllable, through shearing; tarbosh, the same couplets; this plot of land; method; syllables; telegraphic codes; wool; Robert Seethaler
1851 as if the stitch was passing errata; homoeopathy; insteads; instructions; nails; as from a pressing nail
1852 ɛðərings, tentative notable nothing; nothing; ohne worte; weather; weathering; weatherings; ɛðərings
1853 came and went atmospheres; then leaves unbent; birds; departures; returns
1854 wave action, zone of coal; littoral; un; waves; David White; Reinhardt Thiessen
1855 the altered character of light light; nil; telegraphic codes; Hamburg-Amerika Linie & Norddeutscher Lloyd, Telegraphic Code (1935)
1856 wratchet werds the cuts tell the story; latihan; umquhile; wratchet; ad; this wratcheit lyfe
1857 titration fracking; method; NYT; offset; titration
1858 22 count; lines; littoral; ohne worte; stichometry; un; 22
1859 would it be green or dry dark; dark sound sunk; lumber; sound; telegraphic codes; un; unsound; Henry Piaggio
1860 this distrust of any clouding and yet; clouds; drift; flagging & fumbling; littoral; a sail; Virginia Woolf, The Pargiters (abandoned 1932)
1861 two ships, three ships failure; ruination; telegraphic codes; Henry Piaggio
1862 between wind and water rivers; telegraphic codes; wind; Henry Piaggio
1863 unc, unca, see unco ghosts; lexicon; mutability; rosettes; un; unco; Abram Room; Joseph Wright
1864 66 ɛðərings; ohne worte; postmarked; 66
1865 co lisions accident; dots; interference; ohne worte; postmarked
1866 adows, ow interference; shadows; slow
1867 cuneolis, tins of at a stand-still; on the lines of; scribble; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1868 delitori, on the hills ɛðərings; obscurity; relief; terrain; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1869 beyond a radius of tide tables radii; tables; tides; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1870 luting. light. figura; filament; filing; incandescence; light; luting; 200 watts; W. W. Will, Prescription Reading (1898)
1871 water, and water; cell after cell a certain erratic course; decay; lumber; method; timber; water; Francis Ernest Lloyd
1872 fragmente der moral adrift; afloat; margins; mistakes' telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1873 placente pleroticum betweens; interruption; seas; telegraphic codes; Word Code for Foreign State Telegrams (1903)
1874 S, a land edges; margins; mere; water; CPW
1875 waiting for rain notes; rain; scribble; waiting; Xu Bing
1876 from ευ well; τήκειν to melt bloom; eutectic; latihan; melt; metallurgy; quiet
1877 Salon des Boiseries Salon des Boiseries; slow; un; windows; FT
1878 unindations excess; un; Jessica J. Lee
1879 undermer deeps; un; under
1880 reduced to an intuition graphite; rust; scratches; scribble; Marilynne Robinson
1881 order in any form lexicon; order; rust; scratches; scribble; temporary; Marilynne Robinson
1882 and even that difference apropos of nothing; dust; non sequitur; rust; Ruth; scribble; usts; water; Marilynne Robinson
1883 thing thought, write today cinema; film; latihan; lists; Motion Picture Classics
1884 islands, or lakes. roulette. apropos of nothing; archipelago; islands; roulette; telegraphic codes; Passenger's Cable Code (1895, 97)
1885 graphitic matter. matter-fangled, extirely. graphite; matter; muddles; in incipient dotage; muddle-headed, confused.
1886 ø dust; hemispheres; ohne worte; rust; scribble; usts; ø
1887 øø detritus; margins; ohne worte; rust; usts; ø
1888 I caught myself staring at nothing. evening; littoral; waves; 6; Alexander Cozens, Principles of beauty relative to the human head (1777, 78)
1889 the whole problem of punctuation commas; dark; punctuation; semicolons; stenography; J. D. Logan, Quantitative Punctuation (1907)
1890 / non sequitur; remington; rubbing; scribble; plans; North German Lloyd Passengers’ Cable Code (1907)
1891 rounds, spills, blots asphalt; blots; rounds; scribble; spills
1892 meanwhile, a accident; horizon; leakage; meanwhile; ohne worte; rounds; stains; 3x5
1893 Loutré non sequitur; scribble; Shadowland; Loutré; Lisa Ysaye Tarleau
1894 may antoms at brighton reach, through antoms of alliteration; an; atoms; e; ignis fatuus; matter; antimatter; OCR misreads; un
1895 weathering weathering; swimming; blue
1896 in extent, a few a few; digital processes; method; transitional characters; water; Clara Langenbeck
1897 elaborate shapes all over drawing; non sequitur; shapes; Clara Langenbeck; Marilynne Robinson
1898 or later it floats down colloquial scientific discourse; mycetozoa; kleinsten erblicken; Clara Langenbeck; Goethe; couplets
1899 blue steppe, two step adrift; dark; mutability; seas; steppe; Marilynne Robinson
1900 a well known Engine us’d both on Land and at Sea at sea; engines; glossographia; hard words; method; to land at sea
1901 very faint at first; steady but woolly abandoned; difficulties; faint; latihan; neptune; observations; precision imprecision; abandonment
1902 and a piece of cheese, the weeds latihan; ness: nonsense; quatrains; shoulds; shouldness; subjunctives
1903 aught water water
1904 and not the true sheer wouldness ness; optatives; quatrains; would; woulds; wouldness
1905 could ness and diarnot see ness; could; coulds; couldness
1906 Oldness (ould'-ness) ould; ness
1907 for a, sora lyric; ohne worte; sora=sky; stumped; Anne Boyer
1908 ひも, noth. ing but ひも; ness; non sequitur; OCR misreads; string; American Railroad Journal (1833)
1909 劇場 rust; signs; theatrics; 劇場; Osaka
1910 viewt mirrors; motoring; sky; Viewt; Kyoto
1911 the tyranny of structurelessness media; structurelessness; Jo Freeman; The Tyranny of Structurelessness
1912 kind of a non sequitur frost; non sequitur; tone; typography; windows; Peter Saville
1913 un-words, sad-words, uncomely cloudburst words happenings; rot; telegraphic codes; un; Arnold's Code No. 20 (1903)
1914 or even the apropos of nothing; littoral; nonsense; 84; The Treasury of Knowledge and Library of Reference (1836)
1915 eventually ever, every now and then latihan; poles; telegraphic codes; James Edwin Dempsey, The Southwestern Telegraphic Code (1919)
1916 oies arenthetical arentheticals; curves; latihan; OCR misreads; tercets
1917 some instances arentheticals; hands; instances; sometimes the pieces don't quite fit together; ntheticals
1918 drawings, nowhere arrivals; latihan; remington; Henry Harvey's A.B.C. Domestic Code (2nd ed., 1885); Elizabeth Hardwick
1919 soft, years inimal; minimal; notes; orts; scribble; soft
1920 soft, years 2 archives; orting; scribble; soft; sorting; years; shadows; Hollis Frampton; David Gatten
1921 ólios Aparri; impulse of light; scribble; Elizabeth Hardwick, Sleepless Nights (1979)
1922 COMWT / We are communicating with dots; interference; mimeograph; periods; telegraphic codes; Farm Credit Administration (1934)
1923 the same side, the opposite side and somewhere in between; apropos of nothing; offset; NYT
1924 shadowland asides; littoral; shadows; Shadowland; Sunset Magazine
1925 in the air allegorical became, because allegory; latihan; telegraphic codes; J. M. Coetzee; Fairchild's Illustrated Women's Wear Code (1921)
1926 cockle one code among many, coiffure hair; telegraphic codes; J. M. Coetzee; Fairchild's Illustrated Women's Wear Code (1921)
1927 across water across; non sequitur; plains; scratches; water; Gerald Murnane
1928 and offset anymore; blotches; marginalia; NYT; offset; Gerald Murnane
1929 an altogether different task current reading; indirection; scribble; Gerald Murnane
1930 cochineal coffee; indigos, many co-conscious; indigo; nonsense; OCR misreads; rhubarb
1931 autology autology; fishing; found; lost; old papers; pshaw; roy used to say; tautology
1932 pneumatic theory breath; CLUI; horizon; mereology; mixture; pneuma; Emanuele Coccia
1933 vert cartography; post-its; vert; whelm; whelve
1934 the ghost in the machine dance; dots; ghosts; ink; leakage; the ghost in the machine; カラオケ
1935 which is not, however cable; deflection; indirection; local color; method; windows
1936 º º ohne worte; rounds
1937 lease each end, plenty of water a continuous coherent sequence; lease; near; telegraphic codes; yarn; yarp; Gerald Murnane
1938 out of the water currents; odic currents; odic theory; mirrors; non sequitur; telegraphy; Latham Smith
1939 for help in drawing up this index, 1-4 index; escape; not; Rachel Alcock; AC
1940 for help in drawing up this index, 5-8 index; romance; wheat; Rachel Alcock; AC
1941 for help in drawing up this index, 9-12 a prize; index; Rachel Alcock; AC
1942 for help in drawing up this index, 13-16 confraternity; index; Rachel Alcock; AC
1943 for help in drawing up this index, 17-20 index; spurious second part; uncooperative texts; Rachel Alcock; AC
1944 mesalignment mesalignment; scribble; Tanguy Eeckhout; Ilse D'Hollander; Raoul De Keyser
1945 screbblings awnderings; missings; nonsense; points; screbble; scribble; OCR misreads
1946 the psychology of color approximate poetry; fresh water; grays; greys; psychology of color; turns; whys
1947 ten tative answers ten questions to ask when creating a visualization; method; scribble; visualization
1948 c aught apropos of nothing; caught; eucalyptus; grays; walls; Gerald Murnane
1949 1949 a lull in the tumblr cycle; 1949
1950 thumbdrive 2 scribble
1951 thumbdrive 3 scribble
1952 thumbdrive 5 scribble
1953 thumbdrive 10 scribble
1954 3x5 bookmark, damaged in book (inverted) 3x5
1955 3/4 Qt. f 93 fragment
1956 magenta spill across halftone edge, detail magenta; NYT
1957 cmyk+, 1 cmyk
1958 cmyk+, 2 cmyk
1959 ain’t rep (inv) windows
1960 scratches; windows
1961 ain trep windows
1962 rather :::::o: antangle both antangle; the Great Ejection; :; Joseph Caryl; Rosmarie Waldrop
1963 transportation by water great walls; transportation by water; un; unwhere; walls; wheres
1964 fleuron ceiling inward answers none agriculture; ceilings; fleurons; flora; inward answer; no
1965 Sandstone agriculture; inward answer; no; onsense; nonsense; nosense
1966 eascape clouds; inward answer; littoral; mirage; shadows; thalassa
1967 warm\cool above below; cool and warm; etro; subject to change; warm and cool; windows
1968 wip (types of sleeve lengths) scribble; sleeve lengths; Fairchild Illustrated Women’s Wear Code (1921)
1969 sleeve lengths (and an accidental leg) scribble; sleeve lengths; sleeves; Fairchild Illustrated Women’s Wear Code (1921)
1970 lines (sleeve lengths, continued) parataxis; scribble; sleeve lengths; Fairchild Illustrated Women’s Wear Code (1921); Iris Murdoch
1971 ghosts in the matrix beach scene; clearing the queue; dots; ghosts; mathematics; sand; Alexander Grothendieck; Simone Weil
1972 screen time a.m.; walls
1973 well, I can’t locomote Li’l Gus; locomotion; movement; personality; puppets; NYT; Gus Solomons Jr.
1974 under th belated reading; e; marginalia; photocopy; under the lash; C. S. Peirce
1975 fallen leaf, 1-4 cento; fallen leaf; just-plausible verse; latihan; George Herbert Palmer; Homer
1976 fallen leaf, 5-8 idem
1977 fallen leaf, 9-12 idem
1978 fallen leaf, 13-16 idem
1979 fallen leaf, 17-20 idem
1980 fallen leaf, 21-24 idem
1981 fallen leaf, 25-28 idem
1982 fallen leaf, 29-32 idem; source and discussion
1983 tackings lack; latihan; tack; tacking
1984 tacking, a scrap cactus; non sequitur; orts; tack; tacking; A. F. Hopkinson
1985 imeline. timeline. board; chalk; ohne worte; slate; political actually
1986 but we must pause       1/2 believe it or not; latihan; marrow-men; niche; not; of every absurdity; or; whether
1987 I read somewhere       2/2 believe it or not; latihan; not; or; telegraph
1988 I hauled it back. behind the behind; latihan; onsense; trees; misc; miscellaneous information; John Macdonald
1989 43F74 chalk; day job; scribble; teaching
1990 as though for scribble; slow; Peter Handke
1991 laputan, vaguely fields; findings; laputa; ohne worte; scribble
1992 levels 0 .70 255 good things are three; onsense; photocopy; threes; Friedrich Hölderlin
1993 would that account chit-chat; onsense; tack
1994 with their mutilated music, cento; mutilation; Simone Muench
1995 a hollowed out nap, whose sort of angling; isry them out into the water; latihan; onsense; whose sort of corkscrew path; Alfred B. Street
1996 on water. then non sequitur; reading; scrunch; waves; NYT; Ben Lerner
1997 sleevage ohne worte; poor light; blindsight; scribble; sleeve lengths; Ben Lerner; Rosmarie Waldrop
1998 numerous of porosity; reading; windows; Emily Dickinson; Ben Lerner
1999 unknown and, 7 ohne worte; scribble
2000 the simplest letters no; no where; nowhere; two Persons of Quality; brain rambles; Matthew Carter
2001 satsuma Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre (1847)
2002 Signs from the East, transformed into Running Hand entences; 162708; Frederic George McCutcheon (1885)
2003 broken, disjoint d, and mix’d curious anecdotes; isoperimetric problems; broken disjointed metaphors; spherics; tercets
2004 un some u ns Rays Fro Th’ Loominary; tercets; un; unsome
2005 unsome awnder awnderings; littoral; un
2006 else, el swither elsedock; Anne Dufourmantelle (on risk); Thomas Wright, Dictionary of Obsolete & Provincial English (1857)
2007 keeps getting lost in the index, 1 index; index card; scribble; Jenny Offill, Dept. of Speculation (2014)
2008 keeps getting lost in the index, 2 index; index card; scribble; Jenny Offill, Dept. of Speculation (2014)
2009 forget-s-ting-got-ten stammering; Thornton A. Jenkins, Code of flotilla and boat squadron signals (1861); Alejandra Pizarnik
2010 just in case microglia; scribble; why write; Alejandro Zambra, Not to Read (2018); José Santos González Vera
2011 awayget adscribam latihan; memory; onsense
2012 the numerous kinds of asphalt; approximate poetry; enjambment; latihan; onsense; tercet; wearing the same clothes
2013 ilterings, alterings blur; close misreadings; margins; NYT
2014 the narrative arc arcs; plots; recent reading; scribble; Miranda Popkey, Topics of Conversation (2020)
2015 the error of (eltering) dirt; kneading; lexicon; method; quatrains; rustic adornments; working in the ground; Joseph Wright
2016 perhaps casting a sideways glance alphabet; blackboard; method; sideways glance; slate; vizpo; windows; Clive Cussler (1931-2020)
2017 lentina o anguage oetry; essening; onsense; stressening
2018 a certain error insinuated dubious colors; error; latihan; scribble; uncertain scaffolding
2019 wayfinding, 1 desert; ohne worte; scribble; wayfinding
2020 the solitudes, 1 scribble; solitudes
2021 the solitudes, 2 scribble; solitudes
2022 the solitudes, 3 scribble; solitudes
2023 broken down by the side of the road, 1 scribble; side of the road; Rachel Cusk
2024 broken down by the side of the road, 2 anguage; scribble; side of the road; William Cobbett
2025 etym gy orgotten; pedoman; scribble; Davide Del Bello
2026 a creamery means a red book; fews; interference; onsense; poetry of pedestrianism; Jane Austen, Mansfield Park (1814)
2027 crosswalk round the rooia, lieu crosswalk; a few; onsense; scribble; R. S. Surtees, Handley Cross; or, the Spa Hunt (1843)
2028 and the sky had the appearance of being so overcharged clouds; rereading; sky; spine; weather; Jane Austen, Emma (1816)
2029 etheO HK; obscurity; orward; spine; Thomas Hardy, Jude the Obscure (1896)
2030 flotsam flotsam; spine; Erich Auerbach Mimesis (1953)
2031 exercises exercises; latihan; spine; The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
2032 without a capital g; spine; Virginia Woolf, Moments of Being (1978)
2033 of of’s of; the
2034 right down the alphabet alphabet; anguage; orange; spine; Christopher Isherwood, Prater Violet (1946, 1961)
2035 Connective- and supplementary words onsense; Salerno; P. H. Winter, Private Code (1931); Jane Austen, Emma (1816)
2036 in this atmosphere. those onsense; those were days; R. E. O’Connor (Elections Bill, NSW, 1893)
2037 and those days were not like these approximate poetry; couplets; oddness; those were days
2038 spring, scenes of those were days; N. C. Bochsa; John Clay; George Eliot, Scenes of Clerical Life (1858)
2039 D, at sea at sea; D; desert; deserts; spine; Reyner Banham, Scenes in America Deserta (1982)
2040 bars, sudden archipelago; ink; islands; NYT; tortuous path
2041 EB111 ohne worte; orona; NYT
2042 about. the word about. about; latihan
2043 see alsos, 1 MWF; see also; telegraphic codes; (Margaret Winifred) Keegan’s International Code (1917)
2044 see alsos, 2 MWF; see also; telegraphic codes; (Margaret Winifred) Keegan’s International Code (1917)
2045 see alsos, 3 MWF; see also; telegraphic codes; (Margaret Winifred) Keegan’s International Code (1917)
2046 see alsos, 4 MWF; see also; telegraphic codes; (Margaret Winifred) Keegan’s International Code (1917)
2047 the watery part of the world spine; water; Herman Melville, Moby Dick (1851)
2048 langen langsam lexicon; slow; spine; Madeline Kripke
2049 flew in the old way latihan; ornithology; sambil lalu
2050 puing-puing punggung lexicon; punggung buku; ruination; spine
2051 no any part was more derivation; latihan; onsense; salvage; Thomas Heaphy
2052 213 littoral; Los Angeles; ohne worte
2053 frays ohne worte
2054 ampaswim out of context; spine; swimming; Lewis Carroll; White Rabbit
2055 _ orts
2056 words : too many, 1 small bones; too many words
2057 words : too many, 2 too many words; Jane Lodeman
2058 words : too many, 3 derivations and derivatives; too many words; W. E. E. Conwell; Henry Kirke White
2059 words : too many, 4 clean-cut views; too many words; Gerald Murnane; Dorothy Tudor Owen
2060 fdefa asphalt; fdefa; ohne worte
2061 fdefa, highly necessary to be read fdefa; onsense; tercet
2062 ▢ ▢ ▢   ▢ ▢ ▢ spine; tides; v; Blaise Pascal
2063 gleys γλαυκός; gley; spine
2064 fdela, folded folding nonevasive complexes; onsense; Jacob Jonsson; Francisco de Osuna; barely anything let alone poetry
2065 tangents and asides asides; tangents; NYT
2066 2bb, inv, fallen and a blue haze accident; blue; blue haze; hangers; non sequitur; onsense; whatsome
2067 the list seemed cento; tercet
2067a the list seemed (experiment: sortable table rows) cento; tercet
2067b the list seemed (experiment: sortable list) cento; tercet
2068 skein of lint; mesh; skein; weir
2069 abletop andscape andscape; Dorthe Nors
2070 distance, near Africa; distance; near; onsense; scission; south
2071 words. 300 plays, where, see commonplace book; index; nails; sandstorm; shake; waywardness; Mrs. Henry Pott, Obiter Dicta (1900)
2072 what words pass the residue as soon as; onsense; residue; Sidney Perley, Adjudicated Forms (1895)
2073 was called the sea very early onsense; seas; Sidney Perley, “Beverly in 1700” (1920)
2074 waste paper wait paper; tenor and vehicle; waiting; waste; Paul Valéry
2075 and of, property of istortion; ohne worte; wip; W. B. Weeden, Economic and Social History of New England, 1620-1789 (1890)
2076 someni so’s. the question of direction. ȝ; bitumen; couplets; onsense; someni; Francis Bacon, Sylva Silvarum (1670); N.F.D.
2077 \ \\ accretions; lines; Charles Portis, Masters of Atlantis (1985)
2078 tl;dr cmyk; tl;dr; NYT
2079 an aside asides; steel wool; wool
2080 of words, as if spun approximate poetry; cobwebs; onsense; out of words; prolations; tercet
2081 erratics; rocks; scribble; Dorthe Nors; Vicki Laveau-Harvie
2082 usts abrasure; dust
2083 nunquam theory, alphabet nil lists; names; wip
2084 Em He onsense; 3x5; 意味がない
2085 ors or; scribble
2086 orss more; or; scribble
2087 adge accident; edges; ohne worte; sludge
2088 onginnen begins; couplets; ends; onginnen
2089 d cu metamorphosis; remington; repurposings
2090 aul, 10 scribble
2091 glaes glass; water
2092 ungoings, 1 ungoings; gpoy, awnderings
2093 m y yp nyt; book your dream getaway now
2094 un going aside does not; per-curtness; tercet; un; ungoings; The Land War; Chief Red Eagle
2095 il deserto rosso; littoral; spine; George Eliot, Daniel Deronda (1876)
2096 eninsula repurposings
2097 idling; scribble
2098 idling; scribble
2099 ∿∿∿ idling; scribble
2100 idling; incandescent light off graphite; scansion; scribble
2101 40eab ohne worte; reconnoitre; scribble; unwhere
2102 as if, if. Pinks. dili rain. fives; ifs; Horace Traubel
2103 spine; Alejandra Pizarnik
2104 fixture, now a rarity ink; NYT
2105 givings away Daisydingle; heartsease and rue; sleepy, uninteresting sentences; David Milch
2106 subfluence, 1 subfluence; under the direction of; Eduard Suess; Hertha Sollas
2108 subfluences, of quatrains; subfluence; Kazlitt Arvine
2109 ascesis; deserts; 庵点, Geoffrey Galt Harpham, The Ascetic Imperative (1987)
2110 ascesis; deserts; 白ゴマ; Geoffrey Galt Harpham, The Ascetic Imperative (1987)
2111 subfluence merged in an ornamental lake cinquain; cotton; error; subfluence; unterströmungshypothese; Otto Ampferer; Jack Hirschman
2112 ohne worte; scribble
2113 ohne worte; race
2114 around a trace tercet; nuts & volts
2117 ardwar δίδωμι; Ardwar, sasine of compiled with great care and accuracy; tercet
2118 scribble; sonder; 3x5
2119 dust cover, 1 clouds; dust; it depends
2120 dust cover, 2 clouds; dust; it depends
2121 gespu cosaasi thread; thready; threadbare; Georges Boucher de Boucherville, Dictionnaire du langage des nombres (1889)
2122 blue; spine; subduction; subfluence; Paul Valéry)
2123 in later light or in any wise recorded; scribble; Murray Bail
2124 hdwe, asphalt eagle rock; hardward; hdwe; 1971 Cadillac Coup Deville
2125 ƾ now, for now; subfluence
2126 and swerving legend now, for now; tercet; Helen Kate (Rogers) Furness; Sarah Ann Jeffreys; Susanna Winkworth
2127 Ϛ ohne worte; remnant protective wrap, under chair
2128 Ϧ clutter, again
2129 littoral; loess; Gordon S. Haight, George Eliot : A Biography (1968)
2130 ⁽₎ ohne worte; scribble
2131 amblings (1 through 10) forest; scribble
2132 sky; red sky; Larry McMurtry
2133 ₀₀₆₇ ohne worte; scribble
2134 ₀₀₇₄ ohne worte; scribble
2135 other weaves, I think sparrows you never know; Eliza Jane Cate; Constance Cotterell; May Isabel Fisk; Eliza Lynn Linton; Elizabeth Paschal
2136 bluings index card; 3x5
2137 angua geost alphabet; expiration; window
2138 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 lecture notes; rocks; scribble
2139 A brown moth fluttered. breath; breathing; cento; couplet
2140 by nat u orts
2141 leavings 1 oplets
2142 leavings 2 oplets
2143 a piece of furniture, the hen steps in; Ase natmen breathing; onsense
2144 dust; Hugh Thomson
2145 ohne worte
2146 a lumber room, a few quacks... a fundamental principle of; breathing; cento
2147 out into breathing; a more scientific taste; and a deal of Latin in it too; Mrs. Gaskell
2148 ∷∷ ∷ ∷ dots; ∷; lost color method; Sara Haardt / Little Blue Book 375
2149 birch end borke; ohne worte
2150 igures in un igures
2151 scribble
2152 scribble
2153 ˳ ondensations; orts
2154 ˚ ondensations; orts
2156 ologies
2157 neither here nor there scribble; deserts
2158 breathing; orts; papaver orientale; red; Clarice Lispector, An Apprenticeship (1968, 2021)
2159 scribble
2160 ¸ orts; papaver orientale
2161 could be Atlanta clouds; Reconstruction; thoughtness; tumult; weather; wip; Mary E. Bryan
2162 n. cushion for the 1868; thoughtness; Rhoda Broughton; Isabella Fyvie Mayo
2163 looking doubtfully at the paper; ness of roofs onsense; unthought; thoughtness; un; 1874; tercet
2164 sambil lalu; horizon
2165 last unsalable same extremities; onsense; tercet; thoughtness; 1911; end on a scatter; veneer men
2166 ink; linotype; littoral; sky
2167 ink-bottle. quickness, I guess aphasia; cento; couplets; thoughtness; Thomas Davidson; John Grote; A. W. Hoisholt; Clarice Lispector
2168 . windows
2169 . apropos of nothing; ohne worte; Spitalfield’s Life
2170 on the analogy between analogy; margin; sociality of thinking; thoughtness; John Grote (1813-66)
2171 . mechanical memory; Belfast, Maine
2172 .. mechanical memory; scribble; Belfast, Maine
2173 ... clutter; desktop
2174 .... littoral; plywood; slippage
2175 any good yarn; any yarn just for the sound; knots; twists; William Whitman Co. Telegraphic Code (1922)
2176 ...... weather; weathering; raked sand; littoral; sky
2177 . alewife near; side of the path; Sarah Moss, Summerwater (2020; 2021)
2178 . HVAC; today’s walk; today’s solitude; alewife near; side of the path; Sarah Moss, Summerwater (2020; 2021)
2179 . non sequitur; scribble; semmerwater; Sarah Moss, Summerwater (2020; 2021)
2180 to those trees over there desperation; linguine; river; Sarah Moss, Summerwater (2020; 2021)
2181 attended to his letters; a course of reducing exercises contested elections; couplet; swamps; time, none; waste; Poplar Inquiry; Giuseppe Caccavale
2182 slightly ever so accident; folds; in the murky depths; the delicate gloom; weather; Claire-Louise Bennett, Moss (2016)
2183 some about about; and which gave occasion; conceptualism; e; eealism; error; nominalism
2184 .. estuary.est; O; Organics® Linguine; windows
2185 s S; polarities
2186 n N; polarities
2187 𝍡 𝍢𝍠𝍣 that imbroglio of mind merely all obs oft times; aug; dispersion; a distempered melanchology; distrait; obs; scattering
2188 Mistakes and accidents will occur. blur; catarrh; error; mistakes; movement; Glyco-Thymoline; Edgar Cayce
2189 littoral; windows
2190 and we went on reading cento; flim; flimsy; tercet; Mary Healy Bigot; The Black Dwarf; Rachel Cusk; Mary Du Deney; J. Ralph Pickell
2191 sozio; Rachel Cusk, Second Place (2021)
2192 —— sozio
2193 ▞▝ code day; curves; prep day; slate; water
2194 For Theoretical read Calculated. errata; fluid dynamics; nomogaphy; pulsations; water-hammer; Miss O. Simin; H. C. Vensano; J. Joukovsky
2195 openings, adiabatic onsense; openings; desperation; pasting device; system for the destruction of refuse; white control
2196 paper; windows
2197 ‷ ‶ clutter; from which; horizon
2198 ▖▞ scribble
2199 curves; edges; telephone; this mortal coil
2200 senesations, to hang intonations on error; onsense; magic words; vocalization; Joseph Agassi; Jan A. Rigler; Ludwig Wittgenstein
2201 4/ red; scribble; Claire-Louise Bennett, Checkout 19 (2021)
2202 e il cielo molto sereno night; night sky; sky; Carlo Matteucci
2203 works, annontated in the soggy trails error; onsense; Virginia Woolf
2204 accident; red; urfaces; walked away unhurt
2205 .. . while looking for something else; Istanbul; Turkey
2206 folds; offset; out; wrinkles
2207 01, 02 onggi; scribble
2208 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 onggi; scribble
2209 a onceing thing among; dingen/ hacceity; onceings; method; nerve food; something
2210 . crumple
2211 lenticular distance distance; distances; onceings
2212 off course islands; night sky; onceings
2213 meet remnant of the onceing place couplets; onceings; May Agnes Fleming
2214 on going a journey horizon; temporizing; William Hazlitt
2215 onceing dll dll; onceings; boeat penggarapnja tanah merah miring; couplets; John Wilkins
2217 onceing, your inquiry regarding onceings; amongso rothers; chicken sandwich; not backward in bind-period
2218 littoral; storm; Stendhal
2219 ent ack breaks; float; foam; obverse; Claire-Louise Bennett, Checkout 19 (2021)
2220 ack ent foam; ohne worte; reverse
2221 ⧸⧸⧸/⧸ blind; blinds; P. R. McVey
2222 ohne nada; confluence of events
2223 . haha; minimalism; minimalism so-called; dirty screen made visible; night; noise; dirt
2224 slate; ohne worte
2225 missings; 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 missing pieces; scribble; what ensues from walking into a used book shop; Henri Lefebvre
2226 non sequitur; window; Thomas Hardy, The Woodlanders (1887)
2227 upon the slate
2228 .  
2229 C . LIB apropos of nothing
2230 . coffee wash; glass; glasses; jm; stubborness; too concentrated to be concentrating; Moira Hahn
2231 along the today’s reading; today’s walk; Friederike Mayröcker
2232 found for completeness’s sake
2233 dommage damage; dommage; cento; Sumner Locke; Stella G. S. Perry
2234 jute, 1 jute; sowing; a return to an earlier mode; A. C. Sen (comp.), Private Jute Code (1910)
2235 jute, 2 jute; rain; sowing; A. C. Sen (comp.), Private Jute Code (1910)
2236 jute, 3 jute; quiet; sowing; water; A. C. Sen (comp.), Private Jute Code (1910)
2237 jute, 4 jute; missings; sowing; A. C. Sen (comp.), Private Jute Code (1910)
2238 jute, 5 jute; sowing; wrongs; A. C. Sen (comp.), Private Jute Code (1910)
2239 jute, 6 jute; landings; sowing; A. C. Sen (comp.), Private Jute Code (1910)
2240 . homasote; memory; rectangles
2241 notes 01 – 16 scribble
2242 ┍┍ geranium; homasote; imperfect join
2243 bibav bibev bibew / as desired and find bibav; λ; lower bounds; onsense; place; vines in a narrow border; swaged teeth
2244 undra onundra conundra; non est idem; sense and reference
2245 a comparative blank. defective parts; defective wholes; difficult reading; Martin W. Barr, Mental Defectives (1904)
2246 paths, forgotten A4; Davide Del Bello, Forgotten Paths : Etymology and the Allegorical Mindset (2007)
2247 umbonulate, umdraengen don’t here is no confusion; here no cholera; telegraphic code; Anundjee Roognathjee; Anandji Raghunáthji
2248 dapur
2249 in a simple opera-glass, but demo; でも; demolition; onsense; shudderings; shudderaction; situ-things; Octave Uzanne; A. Robida
2250 in the middle of the Salt Market unfixedness; onsense; Robert Craighead; Robert Craghead
2251 an un-one scum, the unfixity of un; unfixedness; thought-multiplying lists; 入定不定印經; lubricity; and various other strange matters
2252 scribble
2252a scribble
2252b scribble; Wichita Falls
2253 at how reading works clearances; ergodic; former lives; reading; ruination; ruins
2254 sound end squares, from The Official Vocabulary telegraphic code; Anundjee Roognathjee; Anandji Raghunáthji
2255 vaicus bygone blue; scribble; telegraphic code; Anundjee Roognathjee; Anandji Raghunáthji
2256 Ja-Itoe, Jang-Soedah. Jang-Matjem-Apa. The Hap Thay’s Private Telegraphic Code / Singapore, Ampenan, Amoy, Soerabaya (1926)
2257 tidak oentoeng, tidak oeroes The Hap Thay’s Private Telegraphic Code (1926); ditto; ditto ditto; disorder
2258 in one the or another. the ness the; theness; the-ness; Helen Kendrick Johnson; Whitley Stokes
2259 shelves, sentences. scribble; Claire-Louise Bennett, Checkout 19 (2021)
2260 joins, 1, 2, 3 Baedeker’s Southern Germany (13th revised edition, 1929)
2261 joins, 4 clearances; salju
2262 ., .., ... Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; Gary Snyder, “Mid-August at Sourdough Mountain Lookout” (1965)
2263 Zn folds; ore; rock; rocks; seams; zinc; McNeill’s (Mining & General Telegraphic) Code (1905)
2264 5. b. clouds; puttering; walls; weather
2265 || ||| | puttering; windows; woods words; Porter Emerson Brown
2266 pulau kuning asphalt
2267 in the dark, 1 and 2 bridge; dark; diversions; finesse; FT
2268 le blues de l’ouest blue; calendar; à propos of nothing; puttering
2269 each wasted move hinge; glasses; puttering; twists; unsightly; Edmund Vance Cooke
2270 ough rough; sky; Donald Evans
2271 , return flotsam; pause; ripples
2272 to walk slowly or feebly; to halt, hobble Allston; pause; puttering; rust; table
2273 a.m. homasote; orts
2274 ˚◌◦◦◯º◦ₒ˚◌ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 puttering; scribble
2275 putterings, 27-1 Caroline A. Soule; Helen R. Hull; Mary Stanbery Watts; Edith Wyatt; Mrs. G. H. Adams; M. A. H.; et al.
2276 zoom notations 1, 2 criticism; scribble
2277 .. . brutalism; demolition; local color; Tobin School
2278 afternoon walk, light
2279 afternoon walk, light; in der nähe niemandsland
2280 inkstand . a few words more tables; words; no more words; Hyacinth R. Agnel
2281 .... .... .... . wortbandstempel; buchstaben; ohne worte; zahlen
2282 º▞ ohne worte
2283 2, 3a, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 scribble
2284 pollen NYT; pollen; spring
2285 . . ... horizon; night sky; Mary Hunter Austin, Lost Borders (1909)
2286 . icecap
2287 putterings, 97–27 Mary Austin; Elizabeth Frances Corbett; Louise Closser Hale; Fanny Fern; Ruth Cameron; Sara Sylvester...
2288 sill dust corrugation; inv.
2289 errata Celia Paul, Letters to Gwen John (2022)
2290 01, 02, 03, 04 scribble
2291 06, 07 scribble
2292 08, 09, 10 scribble
2293 11, 12, 13, 14 scribble
2294 wondering in way-stations horizon; night sky; puttering; Gerald Stanley Lee (1862-1944), ed., Mount Tom (1917-18)
2295 . windows; obstructions
2296 putterings, 117-97 Kate Gannett Wells; Lizzie W. Champney; Clarence Edward Mulford; Jennette Lee; Eve Babitz; et al.
2297 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 scribble
2298 . exhaust
2299 01, 02, 03, 04 scribble
2300 duplex offshore weather, 01, 02 scribble
2301 02, 02 scribble
2302 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08 scribble; zoom notes
2303 01, 02, 03, 04 scribble
2304 . .. ... sky; walls; weather
2305 putterings, 124-116 Edith Summers Kelly; Caroline Lockhart; Chicago Dry Goods Reporter; et al.
2306 putterings, 130-125 Charlotte Perkins Gilman; Mary Gail Clark (Gomez); Charles Finlay Simmons; Gerald Stanley Lee; et al.
2307 . cellophane; linguine; windows
2308 . windows; shadow of the law
2309 putterings, 133-131 Sara Baume; Miss Fanny Juda; Albert Langerstedt; Herman Melville; Charles Olson
2310 01, 02, 03, 05 scribble
2311 06 scribble
2312 scratches, dents, and divots; a few pounds of coal little things become big; cultural cringe
2313 . scribble
2314 .., ... .. scribble; the bottom of boredom; reading notes; Hernan Diaz, Trust (2022)
2315 01, 02, 03 scribble; test
2316 ditto scribble; test
2317 folds; screen; side of the greenway
2318 putterings, 136-133 Alice Adams; Frederic Beecher Perkins; Charles Gilman Norris; Hernán Diaz, Trust (2022)
2319 . Financial Times
2320 an ambushed trifle; islands; rocks; Marion Harland, Breakfast, Luncheon and Tea (1875)
2321 . orts
2322 putterings, 145-137 M. B. Levick; Peter Handke; Virginia Tracy, Florence King; David Seabury
2323 02, 04 scribble
2324 putterings, 151-146 Gorky State Pedagogical Institute; Theodora Du Bois; William Pène du Bois; W. E. B. Du Bois; et al.
2325 putterings, 155-152 Robert Storr; Al Taylor; Henry Hames Forman; Carol J. Clover; Audio-Visual Education Center
2326 putterings, 159-156 Frontier Bees and Honey; John Humphrey Noyes; Pierrepont Noyes; Charles Johnson Noyes
2327 temporary sea; Mooney St.
2328 putterings, 163-160 Farmers’ Review; Rose Emmet Young; Prentice Mulford; Antoinette Brown Blackwell; William E. Leach
2329 02, 03, 04, 05, 07 puttering; scribble; Florida Pier (1883-1979)
2330 can’t recall dust; memory; Dorthe Nors, A Line in the World (2022)
2331 putterings, 167-164 Florida Pier; Grace Boteler Sanders; Louise Closser Hale; Harper’s Weekly
2332 03, 04 scribble
2333 . walls; inv.
2334 . 3x5
2335 putterings, 172-168 Florida Pier; Wilfred E. Seymour; John K. Lageman; Marjorie Skubik, et al.
2336 an iota of the iodine Od desert; Odic Force; weather; Gustav Fechner, Professor Schleiden und der Mond (1856)
2337 orts; shards, rail, rain
2338 . .. dust
2339 putterings, 174-173; 169c Florida Pier
2340 the light of, an alphabet of alphabet; Eire; emptom; of; The Dublin Review (October 1909)
2341 orts; blackout
2342 𐑠 𐑡 𐑗
2343 putterings, 177-175, 169d Florida Pier; Ronald Casanova; Gerald Stanley Lee; Edward Noyes Westcott
2344 scribble; zoom notes
2345 . ..
2346 putterings, 182-179 asphalt; Theodore Eichhorn; Héctor Tobar; Florida Wildlife
2347 scribble; second light
2348 y nunca entraba en el edificio “This is what the lady said”; verbs; Viña Delmar, Anatomy of Spanish (1973)
2349 ╙╖ slate; something about mesostics
2350 ᢊᠭ scribble; puttering; Walter Benjamin
2351 putterings, 185-183, 178 Walter Benjamin; Katherine Blackford; Mary Bledsoe
2352 putterings, 189-186 Frederick Anderson; Robert P. Crease; Larry Ebmeier; John Lutterbie
2353 s.t. moved bokeh; error; slate; thicks and thins
2354 review notes 02, 05, 06 scribble
2355 putterings, 193-190 Bruce J. Caldwell; Felix Herzog; J. Harvey Howells; Peter P. Plasencia; Carolyn Wells
2356 of two, of two Blair Pond
2357 of one, of two Blair Pond; 30; leaves above leaves below
2358 putterings, 194 Asa Gray; Andrew Denny Rodgers, American Botany, 1873-1892 (1968)
2359 Galen Street pause, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 windows
2360 . scribble
2361 putterings, 198-195 Rupert Hughes; G. Stanley Hall; The School Journal; Frank Leslie’s Pleasant Hours
2362 and not just, but, and too far reading notes; scribble; Hanne Ørstavik, The Pastor (2004; Martin Aitkin trans., 2021)
2363 putterings, 204-199 Rupert Hughes
2364 ., .. homasote; clock; a.m. light
2365 light. chance. the assistance of heat.
2366 . scribble; 3x5; Hanne Ørstavik, The Pastor (2004; 2021)
2367 up to, as far as unto; or perhaps; perhaps; walls
2368 . ink
2369 ., ,.,, ; ., ,.,, , slate; Lichtenberg
2370 putterings, 209-205 Frederick Douglass; Rupert Hughes; Immanuel Kant; Will Payne; Florida Pier
2371 . door
2372 ans Henry J. Rogers, The Telegraph Dictionary, and Seamen’s Signal Book... (1845)
2373 putterings, 211-210 , wool gathering; Gail Hamilton; Jack E. Hauck; Will Payne
2374 .. .., . scribble
2375 –—- scribble
2376 putterings, 216-212 Elizabeth Frances Corbett; W. J. Dakin; Muriel Molland Jernigan; Dikken Zwilgmeyer
2377 the usual fate erratics; staurolite schist; Sidney Powers, “The Geology of a Portion of Shelburne Co...” (1915)
2378 putterings, 220-217 dance; Boot & Shoe Workers Union; Leon Nelson Flint; Frank R. Paul; Science and Invention
2379 putterings, 224-221 grooves; visibles; Rowland Haynes; American Lutheran Survey
2380 undra walls
2381 . .. .. . .. cuaca campur; cuaca kamus; PPPB; ruination; Kamus Umum Bahasa Indonesia (1976)
2382 . .. ,. 3x5; scribble[s]
2383 putterings, 228-225 diagrams; dust; stars; Mary Loos; Naillil Remitrom; Alexander Black; The College Courant
2384 .... ... , ... insula; insulae; scribble
2385 .. ,. ... islands; insula; insulae; scribble; Roy Jacobsen, The Unseen (2013; 2016)
2386 shades of knowings climatology; grays; meteorology; nothings; Roy Jacobsen, The Unseen (2013; 2016); xPropaganda
2387 putterings, 231-229 Agnes Repplier; Frederick William Christian; C. M. Flandrau; Harold Titus; The Critic
2388 . NYT
2389 scribble
2389a scribble
2390 putterings, 238-232 Aase Berg; Inez Haynes Irwin; C. P. K.; Herbert Watson; Bernard Wolfe; apiary
2391 putterings, 240-239 Carol Muske-Dukes; Moses “Victor” Safford
2392 scribble
2393 putterings, 242-241 P. T. A. Magazine; Stephen Rosenthal
2394 ᄼᄽ scribble; mtns
2395 ᄿᄾ scribble; 3x5; reading notes
2396 notices
2397 Barrøy subfluence; weather; Roy Jacobsen; Stephen Rosenthal
2398 putterings, 247-243 Photo-Era; John J. Enneking; Kathleen Norris; Sue Augustine; Alexandra Stoddard; Brenda Ueland
2399 putterings, 250-248 Rosamunde Pilcher; Sadakichi Hartmann; Graham’s Illustrated Magazine; Albert Pinkham Ryder
2400 . scribble; dust cloud
2401 ., jute; orts; sisal
2402 a baker’s dozen blue, sort of, to see puttering; Kathleen Norris; extinguishing what fire there was
2403 / ceiling; ciel; langit biru; horizon
2404 ., .. scribble; reading notes
2405 putterings, 253-251 blubblub pfft; at sea; Heinrich Hauser; Kathleen Norris; Kathleen Norris (poet, essayist)
2406 Tie your bouquet more accurately. Captain Marryat [?], The Floral Telegraph; or, Affection’s Signals (1850?)
2407 4294 scribble
2408 4296 scribble
2409 putterings, 256-254 Frederick Hardman; Jennifer Dunning; Captain Marryat; Frederick Marryat
2410 .. Reclamation Art installation; Boston Big Dig Scheme Z; 1992
2411 .. scribble
2412 ... scribble
2413 putterings, 259-257 Frank Capra; Robert Riskin; Charles B. Davenport; Hamlin Garland; Halliwell Hobbes; Robert Williams
2414 scribble; debris field
2415 creases; NYT
2416 putterings, 261-260 lyrics; Alexa Borden; Mary Greenway McClelland; Lisbeth Scott; Stephen Sondheim; Dar Williams
2417 autotone; risings; scribble
2418 sawwords, some E. C. Atkins & Co.; hardware; saws; saw tools; machine tools; telegraphic code
2419 roadside; rules
2420 putterings, 264-262 derivation2; desert; deserts; typewriters; typewriting; Zane Grey; Stanley Newton; David D. Seltz
2421 stack pkg; blue
2422 ridge line scribble (composite)
2423 putterings, 268-265 Sarah H. Porter; Ovid; George Sandys; John M. Tyler; Charles Dudley Warner
2424 . .. scribble
2425 01-08 while I wasn’t looking . details, post-its (spent in making recent drawings)
2426 ⏙; 4467 scribble; hill roads; scansion
2427 4488, 4489, 4490 reading notes, rough; post-its
2428 putterings, 271-269 C. G. Jung; Christian Gottlob Knauss; Philip Kuberski; Stanley Kubrick; R. C. Stevens; Amos Russel Wells
2429 ire, indow w; here; not; windows; wire
2430 ,’ 4504; walls
2431 .. 4512; scribble; subfluence
2432 putterings, 274-272 Almon Henry Gardiner; Rufus King; William Davies King
2433 putterings, 276-275 E. J. Rath; Permelia Corey Thomson; Estelle and Adelle
2434 . 4542; scribble
2435 ... 4571; scribble; a cloud chamber perhaps; seeming legibility; Esther Kinsky, River (2014, 2018)
2436 . .. 4582; second sight
2437 putterings, 279-277 Louise Closser Hale; Fannie Hurst, via Blanche Colton Williams; Isabel Ostrander
2438 . 4591; scribble; through a glass
2439 ., .., 4600, 4601; scribble
2440 putterings, 281 George Barr McCutcheon; gardening; museum pieces
2441 . a.m.
2442 . a.m.; transit; FTWeekend
2443 putterings, 280, 282 Fannie Hurst; Sherlock Holmes; assimilation
2444 laminae, débris coal; combustion; fields; F. K. Ovitz
2445 . iron
2446 . a Here and a There; borderlands; march; the Oder; ridge; scribble; Esther Kinsky, River (2014; 2018)
2447 .,. . .. 4727; scribble
2448 . 4741; scribble
2449 318 / so slight a doubt, but I have learned to rely on them; JAMA; 262468
2450 / 4769; scribble
2451 putterings, 286-283 Alexander Black; Charles N. Crewdson; George Johnson; Gerald Stanley Lee
2452 4771; scribble
2453 4761; scribble; jump
2454 4791; walls
2455 putterings, 288-287 The Christian Diadem and Family Keepsake; Hardware World; John Dowling; Zephaniah Paton
2456 onsonant river, allotrope place sheddings; shedone
2457 wis fin join NYT
2458 ⏗ , aswim; NYT
2459 putterings, 290-289 Faith Baldwin; Rupert Hughes
2460 ., .. blue; indelible blue; endpaper; puttering; trapezoids; Rupert Hughes, Love Song (1934)
2461 putterings, 293-291 Susan Hale (1919); Nancy Hale (1955), Coast Banker and California Banker (1918)
2462 . .. 4893; blue; scribble
2463 weathers littoral; Nancy Hale, The Empress’s Ring (1955); Jeanyee Wong
2464 putterings, 298-294 Justus Miles Forman (1906); Edwin Markham (1912); Martha Ostenso (1926); Flynn Wayne (1912); &c.
2465 . 4940
2466 , .. 4946
2467 putterings, 301-299 Leo Braudy; Alfred Hitchcock / Ernst Hofer; Vachel Lindsay; Helen F. MacMillan / Christopher La Farge
2468 mint, &c. 4963
2469 avoided the depths hardware; sky; weather; Laura E. Richards, Pippin, A Wandering Flame (1917)
2470 putterings, 302 Martha Ostenso, The Wild Geese (1925), The Young May Moon (1929) i.a., (omnium gatherum)
2471 whetherwall 5023; dents; holes; walls; Private Code of Georg v. d. Busche, Hamburg and Beckér & Co. Ltd., London (1911)
2472 putterings, 304-303 dust; knots; “confusion of identities”; Bertita Harding and Laura E. Richards (both omnium gatherum)
2473 putterings, 308-305 C. M. Breder; A. S. Greenber and Simon Broder; Jay Bryan Nash; Al Purdy; C. F. Schönbein
2474 . .. 5046; reading notes; scribble; Henry Marsh, And Finally: Matters of Life and Death (2022)
2475 otost 5057; lost-the-plot; scribble
2476 putterings, 311-309 Alex Berman (1980); College Journal of Med. Science (1856); Douglas Durkin (1920); Anzia Yezierska (1919)
2477 / 5087; sundial; walking; meanwhile puttering; Joanna Hall
2478 ., orts; velodrama; wires
2479 putterings, 319-312 Jean Lyon (1938); Jean Webster (1909); JLG; Walter “Hi” Sibley (1917); Georgia Brown (1994); et al.
2480 e 5118-1; e
2481 the qualities of which, with some remarks folds; paper; Cedric Chivers, The paper of lending library books, with some remarks (1909)
2482 putterings, 322-319a Jean Lyon; Guy Coffette; Marilyn Hacker; Steven Lasswell; Roger L. Morrison; Central Alaskan Yup’ik
2483 , 5186-1; scribble; 3×5
2484 milky rustway, W, E 6251
2485 putterings, 324, 323, 319b Jean Lyon (1920); L. Sprague de Camp, “Summer Wear” (1953); Ruth Sawyer, Gladiola Murphy (1923)
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2488 .. , . 5238; scribble; weather
2489 \\ \ 5249; scribble
2490 /⟋ 5248; scribble
2491 𝕼 5268; scribble
2492 ʆ 5264; reading notes; scribble
2493 ; 5279; 5273; scribble
2494 .. 5277; Penguin English Library orange
2495 Cumbrous Cumshaw, in lieu of Agate fitted Y’s Cuneiform Cunning; Prism to Eye-piece; Modern Surveying Instruments and their uses, A. Lietz Co. (1911)
2496 putterings, 333-331 Edwin W. Fifield (1897); NYTimes (2011); Molly McCloskey, “On getting paid to read the TLS” (2002)
2497 Whereupon she began to form a picture... Rachel Capen Schauffler, The Goodly Fellowship (1912); missionaries; Persia
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2500 5564; cereus; window; wire
2501 . accidental; blue; littoral; Classics Pamphlet Collection / v.78-A FORS-FRANC
2502 . in der nahe; ceiling
2503 . 5374; scribble
2504 putterings, 346-344 Hometown Daily Newspapers (1945); Richard Hunt, “The Phonetics of Bird-sound” (1923); &c.
2505 .. 5387; sozio
2506 putterings, 351-347 The Maritime Farmer (1923); Henshaw Ward, Thobbing (1926); F. W. Noyes (1907); Huck Fairman (2007)...
2507 heart-rot south and encautive; Lyle Wendell Redverse Jackson, A Study of the Heart-Rot of Aspen in Minnesota (1927)
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2509 rosion ravinery 5581; coffee; packaging; Domestic Telegraph Code, Hard & Rand (January, 1915)
2510 distant rock, scatterings near 5582; scribble; προαισθάνομαι
2511 .. . 5584; files; mind wanders
2513 . scribble; wit’s end
2514 est homasote; ceiling; shadows; walls; windows
2515 putterings, 357-356 Gelett Burgess. “Fashion’s Fantastry” (1906); Rasmus B. Anderson. Norwegian Immigration (1821-1840)
2516 years 5638; windows; undesign, with type
2517 .* scribble
2518 .. scribble
2519 driva lite först scribble; Sally Salminen, Mariana (1939; Barrows Mussey, trans., 1940)
2520 up in the apricot tree thing things over; Sally Salminen, et al. (cento); typographic errors
2521 ɕ 5675; scribble
2522 rusks scribble; collisions; reading notes
2523 ooney oor Mooney St.; afternoon walk
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2525 5741 asphalt; blue; Mooney St.
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2527 putterings, 368-367 R. B. Anderson, The Younger Edda (1880); V. V. Anderson & W. M. Kennedy, Psychiatry in Education (1932)
2528 hue, an accident scribble; an accident of hue
2529 putterings, 370-369 Grace Dickerson (1910); Kim A. Anderson, Analytical Techniques for Inorganic Contaminants (1999)
2530 . scribble; synonym
2531 ill time, illustrated General Signal Book of the Navy of the United States of America (1876); PEM
2532 at night General Signal Book of the Navy of the United States of America (1876); PEM
2533 triatic stay, trough of the sea General Signal Book of the Navy of the United States of America (1876); PEM
2534 luft scribble
2535 1 – 10 scribble
2536 putterings, 373-371 Hortense Calisher, False Entry (1961), &c.; Abraham Flexner (1939); Robert S. Weiss on retirement (2005)
2537 as if scribble; Susan Glaspell, Brook Evans (1928)
2538 . .. 5795, 5796; scribble; as if
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2540 .. . 5805; scribble; dents
2541 .. .. 5799; le ciel
2541a .. ... 5799; le ciel (inv)
2542 .. .... scribble; working (code) notes; non photo blue
2543 , ; 5818; walls
2544 . .. 5829; 5827; scribble; words; Susan Glaspell, Fugitive’s Return (1929)
2545 . .. 5837
2546 01, 02 scribble; Susan Glaspell, The Glory of the Conquered (1909)
2547 colour / eel oh H. Atkinson, his Revised and Enlarged Edition of Exercises in the Yokohama Dialect (Yokohama 1879)
2548 . window, and partial door
2549 putterings, 381-378 Barbara W. Ellis (2003); Edna Ferber (1927); Edwin H. Stuart (1971*); The Investment Dealers’ Digest (1943)
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2553 room for improvement adjustments; deserts; P. & J. Dollond, Directions for using the new improved Hadley’s quadrant (1772)
2554 . scribble; an improving literature, having given up on; the sideways glance; at this late date
2555 putterings, 395-392, 230 Jonathan Wright, “Critical & Desultory Remarks” (1921); Meredith Nicholson, Hope of Happiness (1923); &c.
2556 . 5905; shade; shadow; window
2557 . 5935; suddelbuch scribble
2558 wire-ro-green 5944; ceiling; houseplant scribble
2559 putterings, 401-396 Kim Stanley Robinson (1992); Ruth Suckow Cora (1929); Dorothy Parker (1922); Jeffrey Walker (1991); et al.
2560 putterings, 404-402 Jeannette Phillips Gibbs (1929); A. Hamilton Gibbs (1925); Gibbs v. Gas Co.; Crane v. Ross (1912)
2561 infor- stuff
2562 tool-side, scribble-side scribble
2563 putterings, 406-405 M. C. Williamson, “Puttering Is an Art!” (1939); A. C. Eveland (2022); “The Science of Literature” (1907)
2564 . scribble; reading notes; Anne Michaels, Held (2023)
2565 of Providence and Deliverance cento; smallings; vicissitudes; “Well then, out of all this;” Thomas Manton (1657); Eliza Leslie, Amelia (1848)
2566 . ghost sign iLoveK][ickboxing
2567 putterings, 411-407 Michèle Burdet (2007); James Kennedy (2008); Lauren Willig (2010); Calvin N. Mooers (1959); et al.
2568 A. C. Haeselbarth 1 : Women Writers of American Press series of profiles in The Editor and Publisher (1913-15)
2569 7 Mooney St., windows abstracted/subtracted
2570 Winifred Gray (Newaygo, Michigan), found writings Here I found a man; Here I discovered a professional dancer who never had worn a hatpin; Down by the river
2571 dust storm ex Editor and Publisher vol 49 (1917), front matter no matter
2572 01-06 scribbles; Hannah Carlson AAS presentation Pockets : An Intimate History of How We Keep Things Close
2573 in primary color / An hermaphrodite bearing children. Hetty Cattell Parker, “Sensorial Sketches of Women” (1920)
2573a Hettie Fithian Cattell (1887-1976), writings directory; some transcriptions
2573b Hettie Fithian Cattell (1887-1976), life and career sources; what I can find
2574 01-04 scribbles
2575 . 6074; blue; shade; roof at dentist’s
2576 A. C. Haeselbarth 2 : writings and about
2577 . 6091; Houghton
2578 . 6110; scribble
2579 putterings, 414-412 E. J. Rath, “The Inventor & the Wasteful Process” (1911); Jenks Cameron (1928); Robert W. Chambers (1911)
2580 mt auburn pause 6114; walls
2581 Lines of Business. ex “Telegraphic Code” in Commercial-Rating Reference Book. Standard Mercantile Agency (Toronto, 1899)
2582 “Honest?” repeated Grayson. “Certainly — of course... It’s business.” / Jacques Futrelle, “The Silver Box; An Odd Problem for The Thinking Machine” (1907)
2583 putterings, 418-415 The Rocky Mountain News (1868); Howard Fielding (1892); Julia Peterkin (1928); Donald Davie (1991)
2584 . 6138; scribble; river navhaz afterimage
2585 . 6141; mt auburn polescape, inv
2586 . 6144; scribble; Elspeth Barker, O Caledonia (1991; pb 2021)
2587 .. 6145; scribble
2588 Fireblight, in a sticky matrix blossom blight; oozes; R. Waters, “Fireblight. Nature of the Disease and its Control” (1927)
2589 . 6181; scribble; Olga Tokarczuk, Flights (Jennifer Croft, trans., 2017)
2590 putterings, 420-419 Margaret Cameron, Johndover (1924); Virginia Tracy, The Moment After (1930)
2591 Grace / Peggy Van Braam Gray writings by and about
2591a if she is rich, if she is poor Grace Van Braam Gray, “Divorce Causes in Philadelphia Are of Eleven Brands” (August 9, 1915)
2591b the Italian father; out to the wheat fields west Peggy Van Braam, “The problem of the Latin Immigrant” (February 11, 1910); Giovanni Preziosi (1881-1945)
2592 hard to say Christina Henríquez, The Great Divide (2023); Margaret Tait, “Film-poem or Poem film : A few notes”
2593 . 6204; seas; unrest; Ladies’ Home Journal (1920); Lily Lykes; Margaret Tait
2594 putterings, 421 / all ready now Samuel Merwin, various (1901-25)
2595 . scribble; irrigation; Susan Straight, Mecca (2022)
2596 traffic, 1 The Traffic Telegraph Code (1905)
2597 traffic, 2 The Traffic Telegraph Code (1905)
2598 a1, 2a scribble
2599 .. 6220; scribble
2600 traffic, 3 ampersands; fricatives; obtritions; thinking about ornithons; The Traffic Telegraph Code (1905)
2601 traffic, 4 driftland; gloaming; onsense; The Traffic Telegraph Code (1905)
2602 . 6229; scribble
2603 . 6234; holes; negative holes
2604 .. 6243; scribble
2605 putterings, 423-422 Willametta Preston, “Experiment Mills” (1912); Della Thompson Lutes, “Things” (1912)
2606 . 6269; scribble
2607 still, still what . 1 still, still what; The Gospel Watchman (1881)
2608 . 6272; 6273; scribble
2609 putterings, 425-424 Marietta Minnigerode Andrews, Memoirs of A Poor... (1927); Meade Minnigerode, Laughing House (1920)
2610 .. 6735; crumple
2611 .. 6740; door, Smith Place
2612 still, still what . 2 still, still what; The Companion (1868); Wilkie Collins, The Dead Alive (1874); The Maccabean (1903)
2613 putterings, 428-426 H. L. Wheeler (1923); Charles G. Wheeler (1899); J. P. Mowbray [A. C. Wheeler] (1901)
2614 . 6293; horologies
2615 . 6323; episodes
2616 a matter of taste, on a windmill still, still what; Henry Spicer (1811-91) “Hermit Bob” in All the Year Round (September 30, 1865)
2616a visiting cards and a piano score still, still what; Eugène Brieux (1858-1932), “The Three Daughters of M. Dupont” (1912)
2616b a faint smell of beeswax still, still what; Richard Pryce (1864-1942), Romance and Jane Weston (1924)
2617 still, still what . 3 interiors; taste and personal comfort; Henry Spicer (1865); Eugène Brieux (1912); Richard Pryce (1924)
2618 failings 1, 3 6334; 6336
2619 putterings, 432-429 Geo. W. French (1922); Octave Thanet (Alice French; 1893); Sylvia Chatfield Bates (1921); Willard Price (1941)

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